Ok I've been thinking on getting Arsene Lupin. Which is a book series made back during the time that Sherlock Holmes was being made (even had a cameo of Sherlock Holmes in it under the name of Herlock Sholmes). And I was wondering if anyone here has read it or possibly know someone that has read it. I want to know if its a good book to get and read.

Basically.. Yes this does relate to Lupin the 3rd. See Arsene Lupin is a French Gentleman Thief, and quite possibly the best thief in the world. Lupin the 3rd, is his grandson, though cause of him being Japaneses instead of being called Arsene the 3rd, the last name is more of a first name there for being Lupin the 3rd. Most consider Lupin the 3rd as cannon to the series.

Anyhoo back to what I was saying.. Has anyone on this forum read the book? Or know someone that may have read it?

I'll probably end up getting it either way anyways since I would like it to get it since it sounds like it could be a good book series to get into, plus it may help me when it comes to doing that Lupin the 3rd inspired webcomic (for those who dont know about the first preview of the comic, the script for the first strip.. hehehe.... many will tell you to not look...for it will require you to gouge your eyeballs out)