Have a Heart!

Is anyone by the chance experience with designing graphics and picture editing and such? I would do it myself, but since I don't have the porgram that was on my last computer since my house burned down, I really need some help on forums pictorials for proboards so I can rebuild a forum that might make an old friend happy sicne they were hacked. So please someone mind helping me out with a design?
Your house burned down? Owch. That must really sting. (v.v)

So, uh, what do you mean by "pictorials"?
Don't worry, old news!

Anyway, I need some designs for a proboards website. Like an average banner for one thing for a RP forum.
Well, what's the RP about?
Oh yeah! I should post the link to give an idea what's the banner going to be on for the page. It's still in progress, and I just started today since it seemed likely to be the opportune moment seeing I'm not busy.

Your friends forum was hacked? Owch. That must really sting. (v.v)

Sorry, I'd love to help, but I barely have time as it is. ^^;;
Don't worry that's okay. I'm just going to find a way. I want this forum to be spiffy since I want her to be comfortable when she gets back. She's going through some rough times and that's why I want to do my best to help.