Megaman Star Force Priemere

I should've posted this before, but now I'm bored and looking at this is really disappointing. Has anyone happen to see the series of Megaman Star Force?

It comes on toonami JetStream, but as you all know, they shown a two hour collaboration of episodes showing FM-ians Cygnus, Tarvos, and Gemini and stopping there. Okay, so when you look at it, of course you go, holy crap, it's BN on somekind of friggin drugs, and what the freg is a wave?

Well basically, our hero is a young depressed, and lone boy who has the weirdest hair style that reminds me of those birds with that terrible tuff of hair. He meets an alien named Omega-Xis who comes from the Planet FM which has the intention of destroying the Earth by taking away the Andromeda key from him. However, he constantly fuses with Geo by going through the process of Electromagnetic Wave change and uses his battle cards by a process he calls "predation" where he turns it into an EM weapon to dispose of Electromagnetic Viruses and enemies and such. Sounds familiar?

Anyway I like the series a good bit, I don't know about you guys since I hear a lot of Megaman BN fanatics saying it sucks and the others are complaining saying their tired of the same crap. Others say it's cool which is why I made the RP site, SF forums which has been on a drag for a while! XD

Anyway I only have one complaint...what's with the hair! That's about it...what's do you guys think, total good or total drag?
I watch it in Japanese so I don't care for it much.
The translations were pretty accurate, suffice to say.
At least Geo isn't as whiny as Subaru. :'D
He sounds like Lan a little, in fact. o_O
Didn't watch too much of it though.