I made a system for reviewing RP forums. You must review all you can, and post your results here. NOW

System form and explaination:

Forum name:
Theme type:
Theme main:
Rules rating:
Admin coverage:
Mod-player ratio:
Activity rating:
RP quality:
Personal rating:

Forum name: Obvious

Theme type:
Commercial - TV, game, book, movie, anything like that.
Personal - an RP made up by the creator
Other - Rare case that does not fit any of the above

Theme main: What is the theme? (EX: Rockman.exe series; Werewolves; Elementals in their own world)

Rules rating: How do you rate the rules?
Anarchy - Rules are unheard of
Simple - Base rules to prevent breaking a forum hoster's TOS
Loose - Rules, but enough to make you have free form playing. (Normal setting for forums that dont have any major rules for characters)
Normal - Rules that regulate most portions. Has major rules in some aspects that restric full free form RPing in some people
Tight - Somewhat strict rules. About 1 major setbakc rule for each section
Strict - Very strict rules.

Admin coverage: How are things being taken care of? What rules do you see borken? are they being delt with promptly?
None - Admins dont give a shit
Little - They only deal with serious problems
some - They dont get ot everything
Normal - Everything is adressed eventually
Heavy - Everything is delt with before any comments can airse
Strict - They have enforcement options that prevent alot of rule breaking
(Sub type)
Overwhelmed - The load is too much for the admins to take care of

Mod-player ratio: How many mods are there per player? (I.E 1 mod per 5 players. 1 mod per 20 players. Not available)

Activity rating:
Dead- A dead forum
Verge of death - A couple members struggle to keep the forum going
low - no one posts that often
Somewhat - its slow but flowing
Normal - Regular flow
Choppy - Every once and a while there are fast moments.
fast - Lots of posts in a 10 minute period in topics.
School - School lowers the activity rating
Revival - the forum is in the middle of being revised or revived
Depression - Lots of key members are disappearing

RP quality: How the RP is
Crap - dur
mostly noobs - dur
No one is very experienced - A low quality that is not mostly noobs
Mixed - A mixed quality (standerd setting)
Good - lots of good posts
High - Lots of high quality posts
Forced - They FORCE you into good RP

Systems: How in depth are the battle systems?
None - They go with what comes out of their head
Minimal - HP and EXP
some - Inventory of key items, skills, MP
Good - Special things. Extras. Higher depth inventory and skills.
Lots - Lots of systems
Overwhelming - Too much to keep track of

personal rating: a few words and a 0-10/10 rating


Forum name: Rockman.exe: Rogue network
Theme type: Commercial
Theme main: Rockman.exe Series
Rules rating: loose-normal
Admin coverage: normal-heavy
Mod-player ratio: 1:13
Activity rating: low (school)
RP quality: good
Systems: good
Personal rating: you know what this is, I give this site a 9/10

Forum name: Digimon Digital Slayers/Chronic Wielders RPG
Theme type: Commercial
Theme main: Digimon (Knowledge of the show helps, mostly when picking out Digimon, but you can make your own, so not required)
Rules rating: Normal
Admin coverage: Strict/Heavy (In a good way)
Mod-player ratio: Ridiculously high, considering most of the members are admins/mods.
Activity rating: Somewhat-Normal (All the members are active, but there aren't all that many)
RP quality: High
Systems: None, battles are very similar to tis site, but withut the statistic (RP quality is a huge determining factor), and more emphasis is put on character dev than battles, at least from what I've seen.
Personal rating: 8.5/10, mostly because of three things: There is a LOT to read and you are recommended to read everything even if it doesn't relate to you (I'm sure many of you do this anyway), things are much less organized, all people RP in the same topic, which is acceptable because all the characters are together, and because I'm always getting in mini-clashes with high-ranking members, mostly because I'll misunderstand them or vice versa. If there were more members, this would be a 9.5