Kurbeetron's Epic Box

As the self proclaimed Grand Epic Evaluator, I hope you will contribute to this thread with the greatest spectacles known to the internet.

For example: Possibly the greatest, graphically intense and epic FLASH movie produced thus far in Newgrounds.

Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter 3

This is but a fraction that encompasses the pinnacle of home-made videos that have been uploaded to the world. I'm sure you know of others, yarr?
Yup. SMBZ is the most epic series I've ever seen.

Professionally animated, produced, advertised, sprited, special effects'd and watched. : D
Yes, SMBZ is indeed epic.

On a side note, Street Fighter is by far a better series than MK.
The SMBZ series is pure epic win. It makes 300 (when it first came out) look like a guy in a suit sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. The sheer cowardess of Luigi cracks me up every time.