if you've ever seen gundam, you'll know what I mean.

(This is featured in zeonic front)

When Zeon makes a call, it makes this really cool sound that goes "Byuu!" or "Bwuu!" or "Whcyuu!"

Gah. It's hard to explain, but if you have ANY idea what I mean, I'll give all my zenny as well as a shotgun for this sound!

post a link here if you get it.


Watch movie 4. Whenever it says "call" thats the sound I want.
I could do a direct recording from my computer's speaker to my mic, but there are two problems: First, it'd be incredibly low-quality, with the other music and SFX in the background. Second, it'd be in .mov format, as that's the only thing I have that can record things.

I'll search the intrawebz, I guess.

Blue Laguna ho!