I just wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas about games because when I grow up I want to be a game maker.
Don't we all? ^^

Seriously though, if you just want to make a game or two, then you could use a program like RPG Maker 2006 or something.

But, if you truly want to make games for a living when you grow up, you have to learn programing.

How do you learn that? Well, looking into HTML is a good start. HTML is the thing you use to make homepages, and is about the simplest form of "programming" you can find.

A place to start
Nonono! You dont need to learn to be a programmer. You could always go to art school and be the character designer. Not every guy from a gaming company works on computers. Just work hard at the part of gaming you want to be part of.

Do you want to be:

Character designer
Story writer
well, I assumed he meant programmer since he said game maker. The programmer is just about the only person you can't drop (the heart of the process) out of making a game.

anyways, it is very possible to do more than one things though ^^
Wouldn't there be a design artist?

A 3D program or something could work. Maybe that guy from "Exterminatus Now" (AKA: Best Sonic Spin-off Comic Ever).
Nah, you could have a text-based game, ect. In all different genes, you need different people, 3D animators for 3D games, spriters for 2D games, manuscript writer for a games with story, ect ect. But, the programmer you need always, simply because they are the center of the web.
Fact: 99% of all kids want to be game makers

Fact: The post above was written on opposite day

Fact: The post above was written on opposite day

Fact: The post above was written on opposite day

Fact: R-kid wants to end the stream of opposite day posts.

I myself want to be a script writer like I was on the old fourm I used to go to. I loving writing plots and sub-plots and sub-sub-plots.
yeah, most kids gets their dream crushed once they try to learn some coding though. ^^

sub-sub-plots? as in, you have a small plot (sub-plot), and you still manage to push another plot in that? (sub-sub-plot)?!?

sounds messy.
Well thanks for all the tips. Over the summer I'm going to be going to a college to learn how to make games. Well just the basics. And yes I want to be a programer because I can't draw worth crap.
ID Tech Camps?

Hmm.. how should I put this.. unless you learned to stop worrying and love the b... I mean unless you stop caring about any form of rigerious goal or high level design or real job you aren't going to be the guy designing the game. Sorry, it is just the case. Perhaps there is too much beuraucracy in the world, but that is the way it is. That said, you are moderately unlikely to get a job in the game industry as is without minimum 4 year college degree. Most game companies won't even look at you with a degree from a for-profit institution (though without specifics I couldn't say what you were refering to for certain). The only exception to this is a rigerous portfolio of prior work that they happen to like. Also of note is the fact that game coding is a highly desired job causing overall reductions in average salery becuse of hoards of middle-high class young men 'wanting to live their dream'. This is what lets companies get away with otherwise unsatisfactory or unrealistic guidelines (see EA).

Independant design on the other hand is much easier to get into and much harder to not be forced into poverty with. It comes in many forms, but you have to be good for this to be anything but a free-time activity.

These are not the only options though, I know a person who is a game designer. He designs mostly board games or card games when between jobs. It is what makes him happy therefore he will spend a few months working to pay his bills for the year then the rest of his time writing acedemic essays on game design based upon his works (he has done some minor games). This is the only true way to have a say in your game design, though it isn't an easy route for an normal human.

There are several good articles floating about about entry into the game industry, but overall it isn't a choice I would force upon anyone. Unless your work makes you happy itself(even when it is often minor basic tasks forced upon you), it really won't be the best of lives.

Quote (Drakim)

RPG Maker 2006


Maybe it will finnaly jave the option of battle styles :3

and also, the hardest thing will be learning th stuff. I suggest learning from some kind of easy book. If your reading a for dummys book on programming it's ok. It's better to start with something you might be able to understand. Don't be like me, I'm all ideas no substance. If you want you can have some ideas of mine :3.
I'm gonna get a 4-year University degree at Abertay. (Where Rockstar came from)

For now, it's planning. And revision. And aiming for those 4 A/B levels.

I guess there's still hope, eh?