Tell us about your own folders in mmbn series

ok i guess post your best folders for your mmbn games and tell us how it works...if you want
il post mine just have to type it first
Meh. A P-coded folder in MMBN3
Standard Chips: Yoyo3's, Dblbombs, Attack+10's, others I can't remember.
Megachips: Plantman's V2/3/4 chips, Attack+30, Herosword
Gigachip: Plantman V5.

Yeah. Stop em with planty, and blow em away.

Meh. A B coded folder in MMBN3
Standard Chips: Slashers, Customswords, Varswords, Attack+10's, doesn't matter what else.
Megachips: Protoman V1/2/3/4, Attack+30
Gigachips: Protoman V5

2xHero = Win.