This darned Electabuzz smacked some of my HP away with Thunderpunch, then later a cheapass Beedrill decided to Fury Attack me! Now me and my teammates need help.
Clients: Cole (Torchic), Totodile, Nidoran M
Objective: Rescue
Place: Mt. Thunder 6F
Difficulty: D
Reward: Unknown.
ID: 3362

Ok, you heard right, I need some help on my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red game. If you can, just send your rescue team over to smack down some Mt. Thunder goons. Be warned though, I heard when you are about to rescue a teammate, a monster house will appear! (NEWCOMERS: A monster house is a swarm of powerful pokemon. Don't take these lightly!)

CODE: (Note: f means Female Symbol, while m means Male Symbol. If you see an F or M exactly, don't put the symbols. Only put the symbols as the lowercase f and m.

RJ??N CR+mQ??? 32??K
?W??? ?FH48?-? ?N8H?
??T?J f!??16?? +35YN

Please help.