Name that anime!

Alright peeps, here's how it goes. I show you all a scene from a manga or anime and you try to guess what it's from! If you guess correctly, you post a scene from an anime or manga you love!

Let's kick things off with something tricky.

Elfen Lied
Correct! 5 points to Nal! You're up
I actually want to point out that one wasn't hard. Once I saw the blood, I just knew it. Anyways, screengrab...

Wolf's rain! I forget that dude's name though, he dressed like a bondage faerie though
Yeah, Tsume. I prefer Kiba, tbh. Anyways, back to you...
I liked the kid with the circlets on his arm, anywho

Ninja Nonsense 2x2Shinobuden

[EDIT] Also, the kid you mentioned? Toboe? He sucks.
Damnit, you're too good
I live in a flat with two other anime nerds, one of which runs the anime society at my Uni. I trained well under Chan-sensei...

oh damn... hmmm, the skeletons remind me of berserk, but the art style is different, and theres not enough gore. I'm gonna say... D-grayman? Never saw I series, but I know his artstyle.
Is it 'Death's Wing'?
Skele-Ton Crew?
*says the correct anime, for some strange reason*

Quote (Niax)

*says the correct anime, for some strange reason*

Your entry is null and void for being a smart-arse.