Last Breath site

I see that a lot of mods and users from here are mods and users at Last Breath, though nobody seems to be there. Did I just join a dead site?
Yeah. It died, then was revived, then started dying again.

But then it went into anarchy mode, meaning anyone can mod anyone else, should they so please.
That... sounds dangerous. How can people learn the mod system, and what keeps "member-mods" from either creating rediculously easy enemies with lots of rewards for their friends, or invincible, enemies with one-hit killing attacks for their enemies?
I think its rather risky myself, but if no one is at the website to mod/ be modded, then what does it matter.

I guess it was just instated so that dedicated members could keep it running if they wanted.

Maybe Drakim hoped for it to be run on the honor system?
Yeah, it was dying. I figured that closing it was a worse option than letting people continue if they wanted.