Star force characters

As this topic says, this is where we can make our own Ryuusi(sp?) no Rockman/Mega Man Star Force characters, using a modified RERN registration form.

Name: Henry Shin
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, gangly. Has messy red hair.
Personality: A nerd focused completely on "Super Sentai"-type works, though is very clever and cunning
Transer: Black transer

Appearance: a golden helmet

Wave form
Name: Metal Hero Gold
Element: Elec
Type: Normal
Appearance: (basic description. If a spinoff of this site featuring these characters is made, description will be more filled out.) A "Metal hero"/"Super Sentai" fighter with his FM as his helmet. His armor is more like armor than most of the "Super Sentai," but is mostly like the "B-fighter Kabuto/Beetleborgs Matrix than Kyôryû Sentai Zyuranger/Power Rangers
Personality: Very heroic. Will continue battling no matter what the odds. An army of viruses, while he has 1HP? No problem. He will stay and fight, though he knows he will die and accomplish nothing. He tries his hardest to find the good in everyone and everything.
Custom Weapon: Electric punches and kicks
Signature Attack: Rapid Lightning Sequence - a combination of punches and/or kicks. (7 hits, each doing 5 elec damage; 2-turn cooldown)
That character isn't nearly emo enough to be a Starforce character.
The human and Human+FM isn't, but the FM itself... it has things that are... hidden about it. Anyways, does anyone else have any ideas?