ARG.. I be a ninja :ph43r: , mateys. But seriously. I actually am asking... what exactly is an ARG (Alternate reality game)? I've been reading about a lot of them, and am somewhat confused as how they work.

EDIT: nevermind. I figured it out. Actually, I was thinking of making one of these before I knew exactly what they were called....
Well, how about some clerification for thsoe who don't know? ARG, or Alternate Reality Game, is basically, as I understand it, this: It's our world, and yet there is somthing inherantly different about it. Maybe the Nazi won WWII, or aliens attacked/invaded the earth, maybe magic, psyonics, and/or just plain out superpowers exist. Maybe the engine was never discovered, maybe technology neve advanced past the industreal revolution. Perhaps Rome never fell. No mater what the diference is, it has some change to our world, making it similer and yet compleatly different.

Basically, it is a game that you know isn't real, but it is supposed to seem real and it uses multiple forms of media such as web pages, online videos(such as certain ones on Youtube) email, and phone calls. I was thinking of making one that invlolves just web pages and email.
I;d help. ANd actually, many people start playing them not realizing they're a game. Once my web show takes off and I get mad cash, I plan to make an ARG for a comic I hope to one day make.
ARGs? I haven't played those in a LONG time. They were ... odd, but meh. Now that I look at it, it's almost a form of LARPing. IIRC, the most well-known was one for iRobot, but you only found it if you looked really hard. That's one of the problems with ARGs, if you ask me. Sometimes, they're so hard to find because they're so well camouflaged as an innocuous website. For example, you'd probably not notice that the website I Love Bees is really an ARG for Halo, with the whole thing being imagery for the hive mindset of the Covenant.

This "I love bees" stuff is pretty interesting.


Oh! I get it. It's a RolePlay based on a game about characters completely seperate from the canon stuff. Like Halo. It's about a group of ghosters/hackers on Earth.
Web show? What web show is that?
Anyways, if anyone has an idea for one, or an idea of how to make one, let me know.
Now that I've read somthing about it, it's relly rather lame sounding.
If you like this, I highly advise watching the movie The Game, its amazing.