I'm sorry to ask for pictures, but does anyone have any pictures of the Toonami robot, TOM, in his 3 different incarnations (until they explain what they did to the new TOM, I don't consider it to be TOM)?
Well, theres the first Tom.
He was absorbed by alien goo.

Then there was his replacement.

Then he was upgraded or something.
(He's the closest one)

Yeah. Is there a new on or somethin?
Thanks, ZeroSaber. Yes, there is a new one. It is a lot smaller, has a visible face, doesn't command the Absolution, and has no explanation for the sudden change.
Oh. o-O
Haven't watched toonami in a while.... So I guess I'll check.

Oh! I know! They must've changed how he looked because of the new lineup on Toonami.