Favorite series

Now then, the whole point of this area is to come here and discuss your favorite animes and or mangas. ...originally the ecchi thread was created for this purpose, but in the end it turned into a image board. Mainly, I wanted to make this thread to show off any series you absolutley love. Usual rockman rules apply here, so go nuts.
Right, to start things off, I wanna show off THE greatest series I have ever read, it's way up on my list, next to ranma 1/2 and negima. It's that great. Hyper police. I freakin love this guy's work, the one problem is, no one knows what it is. It is a very little-known series, but oh my god if it isn't epic. I'm very sad at this fact, hell even wikipedia has a half-assed craptacular entry on it. The anime is kinda... lame in comparison to the manga, but that is apparent in most series. So seriously, check it out, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Heres an amv of it to start off.