The manga thread

Allright people, heres the plan. Post here some of your favorite scenes from a manga, any manga. Doujins are allowed under one rule,


You may post a scene from a hentai doujin, as long as there is no nudity in any of the panels, yes unfair i know, but the admins will have my ass on a plate if there is. If you really want to post hentai... then just email them to me^^
AAAAAAnd here we go lets start with some good ol one piece.

Couldn't find this, but there's a scene from FMA vol. 10 where Mustang and Havoc are talking about Lust:

Mustang: I can see why you fell for her, Havoc.
Havoc: I can't help it, sir. I just love big boobs!

WHOOPPIE! Boy do I have a ton of Doujinshi I can show ya! Don't worry, its all safe. I never look at the porno ones! I only like the comedy ones!!!

Heres a look at the vandread doujinshi...

I have all 7 chapters of it of the 3 volume set...and by the way...the doujinshi I have for it is the ONLY doujinshi that is not hentai.

then I have this series....

so cuuuute!

And then...a clip of this...I just love hinata's expression....

I have plenty to show! HAHAHA!
Since I know what you look like.
I can totally imagine you posting your previous post with a maniacal laugh.
No manga for you.
I will do some next week
now can you send a link to hte naruto one?
Depends my friend. There's alot of shonen ai around too...hmm lemme's a good place to find some. Just type the series name and they'll come up with so many doujinshis that it'll make your head spin! It will also tell where to download it and what genre it is. It will luckily also tell you if its hentai too! Isn't that great!!

the list of NARUTO!

OOH! And here's a good site for some other good stuff!!!
A good site with no least I don't think so.
Yeah, it looks good.

Its probably not official, though, right?
He means published by the original artist.
Nah! This is translated by a company who translate multiple doujinshis
Well, I was just wondering if it was actually done by a liscensed company, of fan-based.
I finally found a scan for this series, it goes from ocarina all the way to freakin four swords!

and now for some drowtales