I'm weak! Oh, but I am only human! And I too am capable of... weakness. I have failed in my resolve and I have returned to the darkside... I have returned to...

The World of Warcraft.

So, I know there are other players out there. Servers? Horde or Alliance? Levels? Classes? Figure I can at least try and group with you guys if given the chance.
Meh, I used to have several characters on Shadowsong and some alliance goons on Twisting Nether. BUT, I stopped playing long ago...And now my comp sucks so I couldn't even if I wanted to.
I will never join an MMORPG! Unless this site is reincarnated as one! For THESE reasons!

Except toned down a bit.
Okay, QUITE a bit. "A mole on the ass of the internet" is a bit harsh.
But yeah. That's my perspective. It's just too big for me. And... the general idea just repels me, for some reason. This site? Fine. I love RERN. I loved RECN. But for an inexplicable reason, I can't get myself to like MMORPG's.

And as a note, Gnomes are NOT lame. They exist in Discworld, and are therefore okay.
Hmm... I'll agree with most of what Karnak said there. The majority of the people of WoW are complete and utter morons. Just like real life. Luckily, there's a nice little ignore option for the spammers and scammers and you can flat out avoid most problem characters. After years of Everquest, I've simply learned to deal with the stupidity. In fact, last night I did something I was particularly proud of. An individual continually challenged my friend to duels, which he declined since he views them in the same way I do, a pointless waste of time in which random people try to get an ego boost by whatever means necessary. The person's response to my friend's actions were, "PUSSY". Yes, all caps. Nice guy. He then challenged my friend to another duel. It's at that point that I jacked his laptop and typed something up.

"Christ man! What are you, retarded? Don't you have anything else better to do?" The dueler had no response to that and in fact avoided my friend. Both yesterday and today. That amuses me, but that's probably because I'm a little bit of a jerk myself.

As for the couple and their baby dying on them, well, there I definitely have to disagree with Karnak. I like his comics, usually, but blaming that kind of thing on the game? That's the same kind of crap that the anti-gaming lobbyists have been spewing for years. I don't believe a word of it, that the game was enough to make these people ignore their child to the point of death. I think I'd like to see the background of that incident and see if those parents received any jail time. I certainly hope so. It's the same deal as the mother letting her kid play Everquest to the point of death. It's irresponsible on both parts. One, for the kid playing nonstop for three days without food or sleep, and two, for the mother ignoring her kid for three days. I simply refuse to accept the 'games kill people' crap as anything but ridiculous fiction.

And the rest of Karnak's argument... well, I wouldn't know about it. Seems like he's just tired of people around him talking about it. I can see where's he coming from, it's pretty frustrating when all people want to talk about is something you don't know about and don't want to know about.

But enough of that. We've heard people say that they aren't playing and the game and why, but I'm positive there's someone out there who does play.
Remind me of Carnac from warcraft 3 >_>...