Sorry to put up an actual restriction on the Spam-Can, guys, but I figure it'll keep controversy down a bit.


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When posting something on a highly sensitive matter (I'll leave this to common sense...), please post the LINK for pictures and movies in lieu of said movies and pictures.

Accompanied with a verbal WARNING of what's in the post/link.

I'm bad at wording, so here it is again:

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When posting something on a highly sensitive matter:
1. For Pictures/Movies, post the LINK to the Picture/Movie instead of actually placing it in the post, along with a short description of what the picture/movie touches on.

If you're not sure if a subject matter is "highly sensitive" or not, it's better to assume that it is and act accordingly. Warns will be dealt out to repeat offenders.

Again, normal anti-flaming/bashing rules APPLY in the Spam-Can. Please be respectful of other's feelings and beliefs.