Hello everyone, I'm not very good at introduction threads, just good at replying in them... haha...

Tsurai is my name, but I can also go by raiko, rai, tsu, etc. Whichever you wish to call me is fine. I'm, in general terms, a megaman addict, but I have fallen a bit behind in the the story past MMz3, so forgive me if I seem somewhat noobish in a later debate.

I am an avid rp'er, but I work a lot, so forgive me if I forget to get on a day or two in a row, but I shall try my best to stay active.

I have an idea for a new rp, but may be a bit complicated, so i'll hopefully have it up in a couple days after working on a few things to make it simpler.

I hope to get along with everyone and make new aquaintances and friends here, until then please take care of this newbie ^^;

Have fun.

Check out the chat.
Sup, I'm Grim, one of the officials here. Welcome to RERN! Like Zanallen mentioned before, check out the chat, it's much easier for us to get to know you there, and much faster to get your questions answered. What is the theme for your RP? I've encountered a few MMBN RPs out there, but they are quite limited, and all the others are too complicated to really be enjoyable.

Nice avatar btw.
Thank you, and I will be sure to check out the chat.

In a sense, The rp isn't a battlenetwork one, which will probably cause some dismay, as I will place it in the other rp section. (edit: it's based somewhat in a mix of the original and X series of megaman's legacy of games)

I am currently trying to think up of a BN one, so I do not stray from the main theme of the site, but that might take some time as i am not super familair with the newer battlenetwork mechanics and battle layouts, with the ever growing chip libraries and such.

And thanks, I like chibi-metal, one of my favorites among the older robot masters.
Hahaa! Another new guy! Awesome!

Welcome to RE:RN! I'm P.A., a helpful guy to PM if you need advice on what to do, but in all honesty, pretty much ANYONE who's been here will be able to help.

But yeah, come visit the chat, it's just as harmless as anything else on the site, and mind you, a few of us are a bit unstable. But it's funny, and helpful, and right over in its designated section of General La De Da.
Heya, have fun.