Period of Absense

I may or may not have internet access for a week starting Sunday.

If I do, I'll let you know.

Otherwise, you can assume I don't.

This means I may have to jump out of Twi's Training thread after this battle (Or before if he doesn't show up soon enough for me to quit), and that Shin may have to take over modding Traceur V. Pianissimo.

And uh, that's basically all.

I'm still here today and tomorrow, but this is a bit of forewarning.

Lux, you provide me with an escape from Twi's thread.

If Twi reads this, I'm kidding, but PA did want to do some kind of super battle.

If you don't have internet access, see you in a week starting Sunday. If you do, huzzah.
So......See ya in a week? Or not?
I have internet access today.

Assuming we don't do any sort of silly family type things tomorrow, I should have access to this computer then, too.

Then I'm a bit less sure about the amount of access (as my mother may take this laptop with her when she leaves late tomorrow). If she doesn't take it, I'll be all set for the rest of the week. If she does, I'll have more limited internet time, as I'd have to use the family's computer in the middle of the living room. Using it all alone by myself for too long doesn't look like it'll go over well.

Basically, I can handle the posts I need to make, but depending on what happens to the laptop I'm on now after tomorrow, my activity might be pretty shoddy for the rest of the week.

(It may be anyway, if people suddenly decide to do silly "Vacation" things like go to the beach or the Museum and stuff like that, but I can still post at night if that happens.)

So um, I don't need to drop out from Twi's Thread and should be able to mod my tournament battle.

At any rate... have fun? Dunno. =/

Am back.