I'm not sure if I'll be posting or not this weekend, because I'm going to be partying hard at the Punahou Carnival. Eon and Roguen should be there as well.

The story behind this is that our school has an annual fundraiser, which E.K. Fernandez as well as a whole lot of unpaid student labor. Good fun once your shift is over, unless you're allergic to dust and mold, and your shift happens to involve sitting in a chair in the back of the "buy stuff that people donated" tent.

Since there's an after-school party thing for us 11th graders today, and the thing starts tomorrow, and and goes until Saturday night, and we have no school on Monday, I might fall behind on modding again. Should I be more than a couple days late, you guys are perfectly within your rights to ask someone else to do it.

That's all.