Like it says, this is not another "ragequit for 5 seconds to please an angry Parent".

This is a "Nearly Permanent Ragequit to keep from being in further crap."

That means I'm breaking rules right now just to put this on here. Good thing for school comps. Yeah, Im gone for a long time. If you wanna know why...

Like I would tell you
Sorry but, WHAT THE FUCK

My mother seriously cant stay pissed on something for one day. Its irritating and relaxing at the same time >.<

Im going to strangle her parrot.....Its screaming at police sirens....
WEll, this time its semi-permanent.

I got all my power cords at home taken away :p.

No more comp or anything.
Well, I have bad grades in english...So no home comp.

Apperantly they think its some sort of "creatice writing class" as well. Some of us cant write about what people tell us too.

Even if that wasn't so (about the grade) my mom would immediatly blame the comp and take it away anyways until I could write from a promt, which I couldn't do in the first place.
That almost happened to me until I showed them how writing an essay on a book is different from just writing a book. That, and I snapped and told them to do one of my English exam papers. They caved =D
You make long, horribly wrong writings probably.

I have to do a page for mourning work, like everyone else. It takes effort just to keep my mind on one unrelated topic sometimes (Especially when I have to write from a promt).

Now imagine someone like that writing an entire page on something. This is why I hate english classes, and why I will never take something related to writing....EVER.