Legoroy2 No Naku Koro Ni

Ack! These Highers are killing me! I've become riddled with sloth and my revision plan is skewered like tasty slices of barbecue lamb! And I declare the culprit now!

Internets, it is you!

Thusly, during the weekdays, i've given up the modem connector for my room computer.

Ergo, that'll means less RPing and less Kurbeeing. Although, I can still do them without the nets.

Everything will work out fine! Huzzah!

but, on the other lego....

*CRY ;~;*
Awwww, barbeque lamb? How can you be so mean to poor little sheep?
Because we need to consume food.
Therefore we must kill "poor little animals."
Anyway, since your title translates to "When Legoroy2 cries." I find it very fitting.
Well, not that you're actually leaving, but I think I'm a bit sad.
Sad like eating cute little baby lambs!

Quote (Legoroy2 no naku koro ni)

"...What did you hear about Bugman?" Red turned around, staring coldly at Seraphim as her hooded cloak fluttered in a nonexistent wind. Her voice was almost hoarse, even could be described as choking out words in abrupt anger. Not hot anger, she wasn't yelling at all. It was icy and dangerous anger, and her words were barely controlled.

A] "Huh? Bugman? Wasn't he transferred?"

B] "I... Heard he was 'glitched away' by Drakasu-sama."

C] "...Bugman? Isn't that the name on the bottom of the cannon I found in that treasure chest? Who is he, anyway?"

Just did this because of the 'no naku koro ni'. >:0 I barely know who bugman is anyway.

Except that his 'wind' in his sig is all wrong. :/

It doesn't make you immune to panels, nor does it boost your dodging unless you specifically make it boost your dodging.
Well, what do you know? Guess they changed the rules again.

And that's a Win for you, Harbin. (^.^ )b