because I don't think enough people saw this, I'm reposting it. I really feel strongly about it.

I would like to formally apologize for ducking out on the site like I did. I had been having a lot of personal and school related things going on, and I had many a distraction, not ONLY DA and another online game. I feel terrible for just leaving right in the middle of the events, and leaving not only a lot of confused mods and players, but also my own team who I really wanted to help. I don't know how or why it happened, I was just suddenly in a fit of depression. However, it will not happen again, If ever I leave again, I will let it be known and give my reasons before. Also, for these reasons, I will not ask to come back as a mod, for I know that if it was someone else who had done what I did, I would hold hard feelings towards them too. If you would have me back, I would be touched, but I expect nothing and ask for nothing other than not to be totally hated by everyone I screwed up.

As for why I'm not on now, I'm in college and my apartment has no internets yet, every time I go to the school for comp use, it's strictly school stuff. but in one or two days, I will regain the activity I desire ^^