Yay, summer festivals!

Going to a summer festival tomo... well, today. It will end sometime around Monday. Probably no internets but unlimited booze... which would be good if I actually drank that much Oh well, I hope I'm going to have fun regardless. Till then, adios!



*logs into chatroom once more*
byebye ^^
YAY! There ARE intrawebs here : D

Although only for the remainder of today. Anyway, I'm at the "Valley of Arts", its basically one big far/marketplace/festival that covers up 6 little village in the hills. I've found the "medieval" village, and I'm planning to spend the rest of mah time there. Although, I've bought a copy of Neuromancer and I can't seem to put it down >.> We'll be going back around monday, but if the weather is good, we'll also check out lake Balaton, menaing I won't be back till... I have no idea when, probably sometime after I run out of money to spend.