Possible downtime

As of Tuesday or Wednesday, I'm moving out and into Dundee itself for the next few years, so I may not be online while I go out and get completely shit-faced with the lads move my stuff in and get everything in working order. Also, my work shifts will have changed to a more annoying Friday, Saturday, Sunday work order. Thankfully, nothing longer than seven hours, but still. Six. Fricking. A.M. start on Saturday.
I go to school there.
What, Dundee? If it's that school near Abertay Uni itself, then I've most likely tried to kick you, or one of your classmates without realising it.
Of course, by 'kicking', he probably means 'walked past'.

Or, much more likely, not even that. The guy has a habit of being all talk, bless 'im.
And then there's the phrase 'don't call the kettle black'.
When you start something, it basically means 'to be left unfinished'. In fact, when you say ANYTHING, there's a fair chance it won't happen. Your words must be heavily greased, because you sure never stick to any of them. If I say something, it means I'm going to do it. I finish what I start. Can you say the same?

Oh, and let's not forget the time you were suppsedly 'getting drunk off your ass' in an attempt to show off, only to realise it was having the opposite effect and quickly told the truth, in which it turned out you'd only had a bit of vodka and coke. Which you hated after the first gulp. Fun, that. In fact, if memory serves, you claimed to have been sick for a week after you first tried what, whisky, was it? Then again, just because you said it is no indication of it actually being true, I suppose.

...what were you basing your last comment on again?

Just remember one thing; I may not be an active member here anymore, but I have a hell of a lot more of a right to be here than you ever will. I did more for the old RE:CN than you ever did. I worked my ass off as the sole mod during the Cestus crisis. You just sat back at the top, doing nothing, whilst barking orders at people to do your work for you and ruling over the other staff with the threat of 'do what I say or I'll delete the boards'.

Remember this?

You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for me. When people here finally hated you half as much as you deserve, I was stupid enough to decide I should give you another chance for the umpteenth time. I stupidly helped you to dig the tunnel that you used to come crawling back, and helped you squirm your way back into everyone's good books. You wouldn't even BE here if it wasn't for me, and you'd still be hated here. Remember that always.

I'd say you should be lucky I don't have any mod or admin powers here anymore (not that I'm holding that against the staff here, I know and accept why that's the case), but I'm not like you. I wouldn't abuse my powers to make someone suffer for unrelated reasons when they're staying within board rules, as much as I might despise them.

Oh, and as hard as it might be for someone like you, PLEASE don't try and drag all of SA.net into this. Although I'm sure you'll try and find some way to turn all the staff there against me based on something happening on and regarding another forum.

And as for this downtime, feel free to take your time. However long you're away for won't be anywhere near long enough, as far as I'm concerned.