I'm so tired...I need a nap.

Just letting you folks know that I have officially returned to college. This means that, for now, I shall be going to school from 10am to 1pm every Monday through Thursday. Then I am forced to sit in a computer lab for an ungodly amount of time. I'll generally get home at around 2:30pm each day, though I may be able to log on here while in the computer lab. However, my work schedule is constantly changing and I am more than sure that there shall be several days where I shall come home from school, change and then head off to work for another seven to eight hours. So, all in all, I may have some reduced time. However, this shouldn't affect any staff doings and I'll be on the chat from time to time when I am at home. Anyway, just letting you all know.
What are you majoring in?
English. I need at least a B.A. to meet my needs and then I have to get my teacher's certification.