Stupid Canadia!

Got that right: Theo and I will be playing in the snow for the entirety of what we americans know as Spring Break. So my hours will be different, but still there-- however, I plan to spend a lot of time working on a school project whenI can, so no promises.

I'll tell you all about it. At least the important parts: Crashes, new discoveries, nice dinners, and what kind of coffee I had every morning.
Sweet. I don't have Spring Break yet; in fact, its pacing is exactly the same as the Easter Break normally practiced in a Catholic school. D=


Welcome, Kazu brothers, to the Great White North!

Which part of Canada are we talking here? Nowhere really strikes me as a vacation spot, although Toronto, BC, and Newfoundland are decent candidates.
Banff national park BC.


Yeah, I'll come sometimes but don't don't keep yer hopes real high.
Ooh, Banff.
That's nice.