HI Rogue Network

Hi guys

Im CS ,a gfx`s lover :lol:
Im from Zero`s Base where we are making a Megaman Fan Game...

this site is awesomee
Hey! I guess you found us through TopSites, eh?

Welcome to this little and growing forum--hopefully we'll see more interaction between RERN and Zero's Base.
Is Zerobase a team of good RP? Not saying you may be bad. Or that we won't accept bad ones. It's just easier for us to accept good ones, but not I'm not saying your bad.

Will you use punctuation, capitalization, and no elite speak unless OCC?

And if I'll be okay if I get a warn for being like this. Everyone knows that it is easier to mod and accept good roleplayers. But I just feel like I messed up by saying this.

*hits Wooga on the wrist* don't bite the newcomers.

There, all done. No matter what Wooga says, even the most "noobish" find their place here, and OOC they are quite accepted.