Does this site have an area devoted to things related to spriting? By things related to I mean requesting help, showing off sprites, etc. I can see from the banner at the top there is at least one talented spriter here, so I think having one place to group it all would be good.
Well, there is no longer one concise area. I suppose you could make a sprite help topic in the General section if there is not already one. As for showing off sprites, try the fanart/fanfic section.
Wow, I feel dumb for not checking for that. I didn't even think to look for SUB-Forums... Thanks though.
No worries, this sort of stuff is what we are here for.
Since I'm asking questions anyway, is the Custom COntest for Viruses/Chips still open?
That particular one, no. But there should be another coming soon.
Actually, you're in luck. Looks like one just came in. Check the sub-forum for chip/virus registration for the rules and info. Basically, make an armored baddy with a chip that breaks stuff. Easy, eh?
I know, I'm awesome like that. I plan to enter in the next few days.