Quick Question

It might have been asked before... But dial-up plus pages of info equals one impatient player...

Can you RP in multiple threads, so long as they're all in the same zone?

Like, could I RP in two Electown Net threads at once?
Yes, you certainly can, if you enjoy painful death.
You can only be RPing in one Real World thread at a time, and one Net thread at a time.
The reason is because firstly, it would make no sense in real life, and secondly, you could farm on this RP.
Thirdly, given the mod-driven RP environment--it'd be too huge of a workload for the mods. XD
I've been on mod-driven boards where it was okay to have multiple threads up so long as only one was being modded. Sometimes, people just like to do purely social threads so it was convenient to not have to slow down training wise while still getting in "story mode" as we called it.

No probs though, just wondering.

And thanks for answering without the head-chewing-off-ness.
Thing is, it is still possible to post on boards while in battle. I don't know how its possible, since, you know, your navi is supposed to be your net browser... but anyway, if you want you can interact there out of battle while you are still fighting. You can also role play in the real world thread, just look out, if you leave the area where you jacked in, you can't send chips to your navi.