Navi Swap

An idea of mine that might be interesting. Let's say two Netops switched navis and went busting with them. Of course, the member would still RP their characters. In each set, this would basically leave one person to do the actual netoping (jacking the navi in, sending chips, giving advice) and the other would be the navi (requesting chips, using sigs, using sent chips, dodging). Using my netop and RS's old navi as an example, here'd be something that it could look like (I would post for Wes and RS would post for Shuilong):

Quote ()

CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
CanodumbC: 50

Shuilong: 100

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Netop Post
Wes: Okay, let's go for a one round deletion. Sending Shotgun, Powerbolt.
*sends chips*

Navi Post
Shuilong: Fine, I'll use what you gave me, but I'm going to add a buster shot for good measure.

((1.) Shotgun, 50+splash, CanodumbA
2.) Powerbolt, 70, CanodumbC
3.) Buster, 9, CanodumbB
4.) Dodge))

Of course, a navi could post first to request specific chips.

Quote ()

Navi post
Shuilong: I could probably beat these guys pretty easily with an Areagrab and two Ringlogs.

Netop Post
Wes: Huh? Okay, sending the requested chips.
*sends Areagrab and 2 ringlogs*

Navi Post
Shuilong: Thanks.
*warps beside group and bowls them all over with the logs*

Another thing that could happen is a navi could disobey orders.

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Netop Post
Wes: Okay, use this to get in close and throw them around. Sending Rageclaw.
*sends Chip*

Navi Post
Shuilong: This isn't exactly the most effective method.... I'm using my sig attack instead.
*uses high level sig to try and wipe them all out at once*

Those are just some of the ways a navi and netop could interact during battle, though these examples are pretty bland. Also, the netop could use subchips if needed. Mainly, the reason someone would do this would be to make things interesting, promote teamwork, and test a navi's ability to use chips their unfamliar with, since they'd have to use the chips their temporary netop has in their folder. Also, in the games, before you gained a Cross, you had to use that navi and then beat them in a fight. So maybe, just maybe, this could someone count towards Crosses.

However, the one big problem I see with this is how rewards would be split. Would they automatically go to the navi, automactically go to the netop, or would a mod decide who got what? Either way, this might be more trouble than its worth, so I'm mostly just posting this to see if it interests anyone else or if I should just bury this.

I love the idea.

But if you think about it, it's just like two people posting for the same thing, and thus would clutter up the busting threads with somewhat unnecessary posts.

Hmmm... If this idea WAS implemented, it should probably coutn towards Crosses because it is, after all, promoting teamwork with navis other than your own.

Meh, but it's not for me to decide anyway.
I think I have mentioned this idea on the chat, so yeah, as you can guess, I'm all for it. As for busting threads cluttering up... I dunno, twice the number of posts doesn't seems so threatening (but I'm not a mod, so...)