Cooldown Time

I don't totally understand the Cooldown time mentioned for Signature Attacks. I sort of understand it, but I can't figure out exactly what it's there for. Any help?
I'll try to explain.

For every 20 damage your signature attack does, you have to add a turn of cooldown. Thus, a sig that does, say 40 damage would have a two-turn cooldown.

Extra effects, like blind or paralyze or whatever, add a CD turn for each turn.

Ex: 20 damage + 2-turn stun = three-turn cooldown.

The attacks can also be split, ex: four hits of ten and 1-turn blind to one enemy.

I saw your sig attack, and I'll say that since it does 60 damage, you can lower the cooldown to 3 turns.

Also, the original cap for the first signature atack is 70 damage for a four-turn CD.

That help a bit?
It did. But I still don't understand what Cooldown means. Does it mean I have to wait that many turns until I can use the attack again? Or something else? Thanks for that last, though. It did still help.
Cooldown is turns untill you can use the attack again.
Yeah. Once you use the attack, it needs to recharge for how ever many turns the cooldown is. For example:

Turn1: Soul Flash (4 turn CD)
Turn2: Random Stuff
Turn3: More Stuff
Turn4: Still Stuff
Turn5: Almost there....
Turn6: Recahrged! Soul Flash again!

Make sense?
Gah! Ninja'd by Majin!

Oh well. DX I might as well leave this.

Yes, you have to wait that long. It's like this.

Turn 1: ExampleMan uses his sig attack, Legal Rampage. It has a 3-turn cooldown.

Turn 2: The first turn of Legal Rampage's cooldown. He cannot use it. He can still use everything else, just not his sig attack.

Turn 3: Second turn of cooldown. He still cannot use it. Same as before.

Turn 4: Third and final turn of cooldown. This is the last turn he is unable to use it.

Turn 5: Finally, Legal Rampage's cooldown time is up. ExampleMan can use it again, if he wants to.

And for minor questions like this, I think most of us would prefer you just post it in the "Everything You Wanted to Know" thread, rather than making a whole new topic. It's not a huge problem, though.
Okay. Thanks! You're a great help! Sorry about making a whole new thread about it.
Like I said, it's no big thing. You're new, after all. We don't expect you to know everything in and out.