SpaceMonkeySteve's Awesome Topic to Awesome RPing
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I, SpaceMonkeySteve, have taken up the mantle that the great Drakim has left to me: to teach you dummies how to RP properly. Some of this is word for word what Drakim has said; some of it is my own. So gather round, fools, and be amazed!

This is a role-playing forum, so that means that it isn't always the strongest users that are best. The quality of their role-playing is what makes them the best. Having better RPing makes the enemy's attacks miss and your attacks hit more often, and in addition to that the reward from fights are better if you role-play better.


Don't Claim You Hit! That Is Up To The Mod!

See the following example:

Quote ()

Noobman: I use my leet attack to slice the enemy into two parts, and then dance upon the pieces!
Mod: You miss, and therefore you fail at doing the dance!
Noobman: ...

Noobman should have said that he used his leet attack against the enemy, like this:

Quote ()

Noobman: I use my leet attack against the enemy, trying to slice it into two parts.
Mod: You miss.
Noobman: I get ready to evade while dancing.

See? The second one is more correct since he never claimed to kill the enemy.

Read Other Fights!
Reading other fights is a great way to learn more, even if you are 'teh pro' and don't need anyone else. Everybody should do it; it simply makes you better. But remember not to rip-off anyone, nobody likes that. As an added bonus, many of the best RPers here have posts that are all around good reads.

Be Creative When Describing Your Actions!
When RPing, it is smart to vary the words you use if it is about a specific action. I don't just cut with my sword, I also stab, slash, slice, and lunge at my enemies. And I don't just run, I also sprint and dash. Use different words for everything! Adverbs and adjectives are your friends, the add description to how you do things.


Quote ()

I attack SpikeyA.


Quote ()

I dash up and slash the Spikey with my sword.


Quote ()

I dash up to my enemy, sword in hand, delivering a deadly slash.


Quote ()

Dark feels the wind gust up in his face as he sprints against his foe, sword in hand. His enemy. The reason he lives for the moment. Without a second left for thought he delivers a deadly slash into his target.

Avoid Repeating Your Actions!
Avoid using the same chips and signature attacks over and over. Vary amongst what you have, and use it in different ways. Early during the game you'll have problems with this, so mods will be lenient, but the earlier you can vary your actions, the better your RPing will be.

Speak With Your Navi!
Even if your Navi is in very good synchro with you, they cannot read your mind. Tell him/her stuff! You don't have to shout what target they are going to get for every action, but some dialog makes the battles more interesting. You can of course have a 'silent effect' in battle. For example, Druidman occasionally goes into a rage, and does his sigs and regular attacks on his own. But don't overdo this... it gets kind of boring if it happens every other fight.

Don't Counter Every Action In Netbattles!
One thing I have seen on Netbattles (PvP) is that one of the posters always posts later than the other and tries to 'counter' his actions:


Quote ()

NaviA attacks you with fire blast!
NaviA then jumps up and slashes you with his sword!
NaviA then tries to dodge any attack you might use!


Quote ()

NaviB uses water shield to stop you fire blast!
NaviB uses extra gravity to stop you attack!
NaviB uses always hit attack to hit you even if you dodged!

(Please don't fight like this.... I was only making the battle simplistic.)

See? The Player2 uses the fact that he knows every attack the other has done to counter his actions. This is not good in any way. A mod will probably punish Player2 for this by making his action fail most of the time.

Don't Overdo It!
You might think that being as awesome as me every time you have a fight is cool. Nope, that only works for super cool people like myself. If you're fighting a Met, don't fire your Cannon chip with enough force to level a nearby forest or something. Try to save such moments for a great battle, against a miniboss or boss, or even a netbattle.
The same goes for selecting and using your signature attacks. I've seen signature attacks that include so much effects and cool things that it is impossible to make the next one appear stronger. Save the carnage for a later level sig, not your level ones and twos.

Be Creative!
Use chips and attacks for creative things! If you encounter a wall, then use a sword as a piton to climb up! Or if you need to run from somebody, then use a minibomb to create a smoke screen! You could 'rocket jump' with a cannon to get up to high places! Just adding a little off-hand use will make great RPing!


Themes Are The Way!
My Navi is based around nature. It is simple but effective. My signature attacks make more sense (elemental attacks), and gives me an edge when RPing. Just having a normal Navi (like Megaman) is also a theme even if you don't see it as strongly. Just adding cool stuff to your Navi isn't cool at all. If I were to add that Druidman suddenly got out a tank and leveled a cybersquare, then that would really break the theme I have.

Have Some Story In Your Adventure!
You don't need to have a subplot just to have some story. Just going to get Zenny and chips over and over is kind of lame. Get a reason for going to the net. I've seen people looking for music files, I've seen people searching for data files, I've even seen Navi's going on a date. You could be on an errand, or just wanting to take a 'walk'. RPing with others is also a good idea, as it gives you much more possibilities. Or, you could sign up for an IPC mission, which has an added benefit of GMO files or other goodies.

Third Person Owns You All!
A general hint when you are writing is to write in third person. See these handy examples:


Quote ()

Noob: I agree. *Still looking a bit uneasy*
NoobMan: Lighten up Noob.


Quote ()

With an uneasy look Noob says he agrees. Something was bothering him.
NoobMan, knowing Noob, makes a light hearted comment to "lighten up". But he knows Noob has a reason for his fear.

Try to avoid being static when you are talking. Don't just write what you say, but also how you say it.

Do Not Use Information You Do Not Have!
There is a lot of information you can get by reading stuff around here. It is important to know when you know something In Character (IC) and Out Of Character (OOC). If you read some battle in the Undernet where one Navi says that they are going to meet up there and there, and do that and that. Then you know it IC if your Navi is present (as if you hear it real) or you know it OOC if you just read it in the forum. You cannot use information you know OOC in game. This also includes information from the Game Boy games.

This rule is broken too often! If you get into a fight over something you know is wrong. Then you cannot use that information unless your operator or Navi knows it. This rule is not only RPing, but also a game rule.

Try To Avoid OOC!
Speaking OOC can really break the action:

Quote ()

Noob: I will not let you pass! You will have to walk over my dead body!
((OOC: What is the damage for cannons again?))

ModNavi: Then this fight must be.
((OOC: 40))

Noob: Get ready to die!
((OOC: Thanks ^^))

See? Such a question should be elsewhere, not here. It really ruins the cool match moment. And if you must ask something be sure that it is relevant to the topic, such as asking if you are breaking any rules by doing 'this'. You can always PM somebody if the question is for them.

OOC And IC Is Very Different!
Don't let what happens IC effect you when speaking to something OOC. It is just a game. Don't flame somebody because they owned you IC, there is no reason to. In fact, don't flame at all. Being friends OOC and enemies IC is perfectly normal.

And finally...

N00b And 1337 Is Bad!
This does not really belong here, but it is important. No matter how good and realistic you describe your attacks, they will still appear as trash when you type n00b or 1337. Using stuff like 'u' instead of 'you' really makes you look bad, always. Capitalization and proper grammar help you to not look like an idiot as well.