Schoolwork. Who ever liked doing schoolwork? What good was it besides to reinforce the obvious? There was no true reason for it, so mankind gave it reason. This, of course, isn't a story of mankind's greater triumphs in the face of nihilistic dread. This is the story of a slightly gothic, normal-looking man coming home from a community campus. Going to school was often lauded as a noble, higher pursuit. As nice as it was to learn, and how easy it was to grasp, things were so... slow! Nothing was up to his voracious pace. His small-side apartment located in the only complex in ACDC was Howard's home, and alas, it wasn't impressive. Books upon books, organized loosely on the shelves lay with bookmarks in them all. Started projects he hadn't finished in the back, the kitchenette spotless however, and the little fridge still with that scrape he'd had no time to paint over. None of this was important in the end. Not with discoveries anew being made. Howard takes his seat at his desk, flicking open his PET.

"Status report, Crypto."
"Musing. Feeling. Fine, otherwise. Are we delving back into... it?"
"Right as ever. Let's get phase two started."

The quick interaction was all he needed before plugging his navi, hard line this time, into his PC. Too long had Howard connected his Navi via wireless or IF connections, unreliable at best, no matter how often he optimized. Now? Now it was time to slack on work, and hold off till the last second! A chuckle escapes Howard at this thought. Who in the right mind would actually do that?