This is Howard Layton's personal email.

If you are here for inquiries regarding lent books, or replies to published college research papers, please label your header with RE:SCHOLARLY:
If you are messaging for anything else, please label your header with INQUIRY: or a capitalized heading regarding the nature of your message (I.E. TRADING:, EMERGENCY ALERT:, ect)
Non-government email messages will be sent to a spam folder, and scoured for possibilities of viruses, before being deleted.
If you are replying about the profile on the Pyre Dating App, do not bother.

(When trying to reply to this email, there is a system message that displays with the following foreward.)
When writing a message in regards to non-essential personal matters, I would ask that you start your message with a proper heading, an indented paragraph format, and twelve point font, as well as double-spaced paragraphs and ending with proper conclusions (i.e. 'Sincerely'). Failure to do so will result in a lower likelihood of me reading your message. This may vary depending on the nature of your message.