Name: Crypto
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon
Appearance: A mostly normal, green navi shrouded in some dark robes, looking more like a sorcerer than a regular Navi. Crypto's triple-eye setup and goggle-like eye hole structures give him an unusual, alien feeling to his visage. His voice is low, deep, and some can swear Crypto's tone reverbs slightly. Clutched always at his side is a dark, old looking tome-program. A black book with carefully divots for inscriptions. For many, it's entirely indecipherable.
Personality: Once upon a time, Crypto was like Howard, but those times have changed. Finding this new power, this book of his, Crypto is somewhat distant, but also incredibly wise. He speaks low, soft, and finds no need for theatrics aside from the required movements to perform the rites listed in that old batch file he clutches between his fingers. He sees risks as no more than stepping stones to success, and can even get incredibly reckless in order to build a path to victory. Furthermore, Crypto is servile to a fault towards his operator. No matter how many times he may question the decision in the end, he'll shoot first and ask questions afterwards.
Custom Weapon: Dubious Relic - An old, dusty tome that was found after a scuffle between denizens of the UnderNet brought topside. It... whispers to Crypto. When triggered as a buster, it fires small globules of an unknown, highly erratic substance burning a bright red, which flashes into a sudden, chemical-like burn on contact. The burns are so quick, they deal damage immediately on contact, and fizzle away due to the lack of energy sustaining it. Charging causes the globules to last for longer.
Signature Points Used: 80/80

Invocation Of Hunger
Evoking the name of a fallen virus said to feed on the souls of Navis, Crypto enchants the next chip he uses with the spirit of a vengeful beast. Chanting it repeatedly is dangerous, and time must be taken between spoken words lest it be brought to the material plane, without any control.
Effects: Strengthen 30, Take Aim (30 + 10 = 40)

Hexed Wall Of Flesh
Residual data from an unknown source spawns tendrils in a straight wall across an entire panel, shielding its master from harm. The dark, deep tendrils ooze and contort with unusual motions, likely unnerving those who set their gaze on it for too long. Striking the tendrils often forces them to retreat, but not before lashing at their attackers with murderous intent.
Effects: Summon Immobile Object (30 HP), Counter(Normal Damage) 10 (30 + 10 = 40)

Starting Choices:
Battlechip - Recov30
Navicust - HP+50