Name: Howard Phillip Layton
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Combed-over hair, a slim, long face, and centered eyes give this otherwise boringly average man a bit more of a rustic and old appearance. To some, Howard, looks as though he leaped out of some sort of fictional book, or perhaps just happens to look the way he does by unfortunate chance. Howard tries to dress normally, casually, to blend in. Being as he is, a modest 5'10", this is a little easier to do for the otherwise unusual man.
Personality: Behind the facade of a normal man lies a truly curious man. Feeling an unnatural draw to the acquisition of knowledge, Howard finds himself constantly nose-in on anything from books, scholarly articles, and wiki pages (to which he can check on other sources for proof). As such, decryption and cipher-decoding as a passtime falls to Howard as the most enjoyable. Let this not fool anyone, as Howard is always willing to pick up a new hobby or skillset for the sake of broadening his horizons.
PET Modifications: There are two portions that allow the PET containing Crypto to stand out besides that purple-trimmed, black case. A triple-camera setup allows the navi inside to view the world in multiple dimensions, and articulate distance, measurements, and precise makeup of some objects. As well as this, a small stand and wheel system allows the navi inside to act separately, prying eyes to look around while the operator reads.