Vacation or Overtime?

A burst flash of light had brightened the area of the net. The light fading faintly until the red and black design that could be made out was clear as day. Data and bits didn't look so good in such hues and vibrant shades of crimson blends of colors as Majesty had stand tall observing the surrounding area that was Yoka net. She had pressed her lips together smiling after getting a good look of the area that took the theme of a part aqua-type area.

"Okay Majesty...I believe we're set. Shall we proceed?"

The netnavi had turned that usual head tilt as if she was trying to look over her soldier giving attention to the transmission she heard by ear.

"Yes...but what is the mission this time?"



Keera had nodded her head as she had let out a sigh and sat back on the floor of her hotel room. Her posture relaxed and calm as she reached back with her left arm to support her while her eyes gazed to the ceiling above.

"I've come to Yoka to relax for once. I also want to test that new form of yours. It's proper that we see your faults and your strengths so we can rebuild being in sync like we were when you were Empress."

"Right...Let's begin, shall we?."

Majesty had extended her right arm as she cast out her hand revealing an ordinary Cyber Sword, but as she overwritten the frame using her programming, she had turned it into a golden sword with a thinner blade and a much more unique handle that was curved and connecting from the hilt's top and base. It seemed most likely as a French-type sword that she could use to her liking. She smirked as she prepared herself for battle.

(Battle One!)
Majesty wanders off into the deep recesses of Yoka Net as Keera takes a break from her constraining schedule. Eager to test her new strength, the royal queen searches hungrily for some strong viruses, and find them she does.
There seems to be patches of spring water here and there too.

MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP
MagneakerC: 70 HP
WindboxA: 100 HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Sea (scattered)

Majesty.exe: 160 HP

(About 20 minutes sigs are approved. *sighs*)

As the Windbox materialized within the area, Majesty's hair had flew up with the starting hum of the distant virus. She had gritted her teeth knowing what one of these bad boys on the field meant.

"Trapped..." Keera had muttered the word and Majesty had agreed with a simple nod of the head. With that WindBox there, that meant Melee was a sure way to fail. They needed a plan, and it had to be clever one to make sure that they god rid of they're targets without melee attacks.

"Let's bring them to us."

Keera's eyes focused on the screen hearing the navi as she stood there with her sword in hand. In no time flat though, she brought her right hand up as she made the weapon simply vanish discarding it for the match seeing she was going to have to do a lot of arm changing for what she had in mind. "That's the plan, huh? We're going to destroy that thing without having to move. We'll play with our long distance attacks like they plan for us to do." Keera had agreed.

"Alright! Let's go! Downloading Wind, and then I'll send a Boomerang afterwards! Youn know what to do!"

Majesty had confirmed that with a gesture of her head as her hair soon stopped blowing as something stood in the way blocking the breeze. A large windbox of her own appearing in the area as the fan began to let out a hum and blow towards the enemy's area. They probably should've cancelled each other out, but there was something more to this wind as something was ridding in the breeze and cutting into the opponent's wind with incredible speed. It was a rapid Boomerang as it had closed in to strike the WindBox as well as the other enemies as the strong gale winds probably had pinned them in their own area.

"Good! I'll send the next chip, so stay in that position for that Boomerang!" Majesty had chained the attacks as she stood in the breeze of her own fan with her hair tossed up in the chaotic winds of the boxes. She had decided to send the field into one hell of a storm as she had added another wind to the battle this time activating the battle chip Airblow.

Three strong breezes picked up in front of her as their coming had only aimed to pull her opponent's towards her while the other wind had aimed to send them flying back meaning most likely they'd probably be tossed back and forward and too dizzy to attack and not notice the Boomerang's return to strike one of them if they kept moving from close range to far in this case. Still, the terror wasn't over as the three funnels of wind had flown forward aiming to damage the viruses as their bases tore at the terrain and sea panels making a re-enactment of a tropical storm by now.

"Stay alert! It's not like these winds won't toss you around too." Keera had warned. Seeing as the area was polluted with the high winds and the viruses being mobile, she had took a knee kneeling as she brought up her shield in front of her. The large Mettaur green cross appeared on the massive protection while she prepared for a counter attack while tossing her head once to throw her long slender hair back into place.

"Damn! I just got this hair." she had spat since it was one of the admired things she liked about herself since her rebirth.

Action 1 - Wind - 100 HP Obstacle (+ Lower Enemy Accuracy + Blowback)

Action 2 - Boomerang1 - 60 Wood Damage @ Windbox, MagneakerC, MangeakerB

Action 3 - AirBlow - 50 Damage (Pull Enemies in + x3 Hits) @ MagneakerA, MagneakerB, Windbox

Action 4 - Guard1 - Deflect Up to 60 Damage

Action 5 - Dodge
Majesty creates her own windbox. Since both sides have one, the center of the field becomes a consumed by raging gales. Majesty's boomerrang manages to bust through the whirlwind and slams into the Windbox. It then gets sucked back into the middle, where it starts randomly flying around before it finally flies up into the air, out of sight. Then, adding in more chaos, Majesty creates three concentrated tornados, which pull in two Magneaker and the windbox, busting the blow hard. One of the Magneakers then fire a bomb at the navi, but the damage gets shot back. Then, just when the round seems over, the boomerrang comes back down and smacks down the Magneaker still in the back.

MagneakerA: 20 HP
MagneakerB: DELETED!
MagneakerC: DELETED!
WindboxA: DELETED!

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Sea (scattered)

Majesty.exe: 160 HP
Wind: 100 (1/3)
"Three down..."

" to go."

Completing their sentences, Majesty had set eyes unto the last target. Her own inferno seeping from her palms as it crawled along her wrists burning in a blaze as Keera had processed some incoming battlechip data.. Majesty catching on to her plan as she picked up her hands looking at them smirked.

"Smoke 'em?"


Majesty had lifted her hands thrusting her elbows back. Her right foot slid forward as she tossed her right shoulder forward releasing a blast of fire and then quickly switched thrusting her other arm out with her left leg shooting a second blast towards the Magnet like virus. She had stayed on the attack as she was quick to access communication with Keera.

"Send me another Ms. Keera!!"

"Ratton1! Download!"

The supply and demand was bulletproof. Keera quickly accessing the chip folder in her Mem.Dat file as she transferred two smile toy like bombs with rat ears. She had twirled whirling one across the ground as it went on a roll journeying forward with the second following behind seeking to crash into the Magneaker while they moved across the field.

To Majesty, this was checkmate seeing the massive blast of wind coming from the large box would be nothing short of helpful for pinning the target by pounding it with it's endless breeze.
Action 1 - HeatShot - 40 Fire Damage @ MagneakerA

Action 2 - HeatShot - 40 Fire Damage @ MagneakerA

Action 3 - Ratton1 - 40 Damage (+Homing) @ MagneakerA

Action 4 - Ratton1 - 40 Damage (+Homing) @ MagneakerA

Action 5 - Dodge
In a flurry of flames, bombs, and rats, Majesty unleashes hell on the final target, enveloping it in destruction and chaos.

Rewards then fall onto the ground.

MagneakerA: OVERKILL'D
MagneakerB: DELETED!
MagneakerC: DELETED!
WindboxA: DELETED!

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Sea (scattered)

Majesty.exe: 160 HP

Get: Magbomb1, 200z
" seems we atleast have an idea of your strength."

Keera had said as she glanced towards the screen. A chime sounding off catching her attention as she motioned her middle finger to the button at her right bringing up a small screen in her sight. Her eyes browsing it at a skimming rate as she smirked.

"It seems that your abilities have been unlocked. You can fight at your full potential for this battle."

"Well then, let's get started."

Majesty had said advancing further in a confident feminant swagger.

(Battle 2!)
Majesty's systems unlock, ready for battle, searching for enemies, her skin crawls with excitement at her own power, eyes glancing eagerly for something to test it on.
Soon enough, her wish is granted, it's time to duel.

DharmaA: 90 HP
DharmaB: 90 HP
Handy: 80 HP
ShrimpyA: 100 HP
ShrimpyB: 100 HP
ShrimpyC: 100 HP

Terrain: 30% Normal (Majesty), 70% Sea (viruses)

Majesty.exe: 160 HP

"Hmm...Ms. Keera. I'll take care of this."

Majesty's red coated lips had curved sweetly as Keera's lips parted from the sudden words coming from the navi's mouth.

"Cocky are we?"

"Not at all. You can feel free to assist me at any point, but I'd like to test my abilities here."

Keera had given a light chuckle. She didn't want to admit that right now even she was curious about Majesty's abilities and tactics. She had feint her thoughts as she stroked her chin with her right thumb sliding across. It didn't take her long to come to her decision as she shrugged her shoulders given a nod of the head as she sat back in her seat.

"Sure! Why not. Do as you please."

Majesty had smirked as she gotten into a position. The hilt of her sword lifting over her right shoulder as she slightly bent her legs and pulling back as if she was going to put an eye out with a quick thrust, but not from that range. She fixed it with a kick off forward as her speed was something fierce. Her dress left in her own quick gale movement through the air with the blur of colors earning the attack name Quick Crimson as she had given a quick thrust of her weapon aiming for the center palm of the Handy virus assuming that was it's weak spot while the Handy was probably still letting the sound of a splash come about from her stepping upon the Sea Panel terrain. A simple technique to cancel out it's ability to make any sudden movements while Majesty had the upper hand because not only did she close the range between herself and these horde of enemies, but also increased her accuracy with that sound of concentration while diving forward.

" you can assist."

Keera had smirked as she reached loading a useful battlechip to use. Part of her wanted to comment on how quick that was that the navi needed her assistance, but she didn't want to press upon the wisecrack right now. She had was having too much fun watching her navi as the first attack was enough to catch her attention.

"Alright! MachineGun1! Download!"

"Ah! My Favorite!"

Majesty had kept the close range she had closed with the Handy. Now it was like taking candy from a baby...the virus's life that is. She had formed the torrent of the MachineGun as the barrels had aimed for a target. The sound of thunderous shots had followed as she started to fire upon the large Hand virus and even adjusted the gun letting it move as if it was in a line aiming to mow down the two Dharma viruses near by with a smile on her face. Pure joy!

As the large torrent vanished, her hand was reequipped with her favorite golden blade. She had pulled it back behind her letting the tip stroke against the surface of the sea panels sending out ripples of small waves while her knees bent as if she was going to kick off again. She lunged forward with a speed so quick and rapid that she remained unseen even as she moved through the virus units with a roll of her body wielding the blade as if she was flying through and gravity didn't apply to her. The water beneath had kicked up as if a jet was passing over the open sea. The sound of her blade cutting through the air had ended as she landed with a slide on the wet terrain, she was transparent once again after using her Majestic Mach Slash and positioned herself behind her Shrimpy viruses with a slide. Her primary targets though were the very Handy and Dharma viruses she attempted to mow down with those multiple unseen swipes and slashes.

"An electric chip would do nicely Ms. Keera while we still have the element of surprise."

"Hmm...and here I was thinking you didn't need my help for this one."

Undermining that last comment, more humorous to her than insulting, Majesty had smirked as in her free left hand a Magbomb1 had appeared as it crackled with an unstable electric field about it. She had leapt up and cast the bomb towards the unsuspecting Shirmpy viruses quickly as she knew the Sea Panels would supply more than an enough of a charge before she landed back down upon the terrain with a splash. The small specks of water spotting on her dress in random places.

"Not bad!" Keera had said while Majesty had taken a sound position with her arms raised and read for a counter attack. She had kept her sword out while a shield had started to materialize slowly in front of her compliments of Keera as the battlechip downloaded.

"I know you said you got this, but just in case wouldn't hurt, right?"

Majesty had chuckled not arguing with the comment. She welcomed it a matter of fact. Though in case this wasn't enough, she had kept her sword at knowing it could be a good defense to guard against an attack if this shield wasn't enough.
Action 1 - Quick Crimson - 20 Damage (Sword + Close-Range + Stun) @ Handy

Action 2 - MachineGun1 - 30 Damage (9 Shots + Accuracy Boost) @ DharmaA, DharmaB, & Handy

Action 3 - Majestic Mach Slash - 30 Damage (3 Hits + Teleport) @ DharmaA, DharmaB, Handy

Action 4 - Magbomb1 - 30 Elec Damage (Blast2 + Stun) @ ShrimpyA, ShrimyB, ShirmyC

Action 5 - Guard - Reflect Up to 60 Damage

Passive Action: En Garde - X-Hit Shield
Majesty gets in close to the handy and stabs it, paralyzing its data flow. She then takes out a Machinegun and blasts through the wounded virus. The rest of the bullets fly off towards the two Dharma, all but killing both of them. She then finishes them both off with a series of slashes. Then, to wrap things up, she drops a bomb on the Shrimpy group, only one of them dodging. The sea paneling enhances the chip's damage. The only unstunned virus fires a bubbly attack at Majesty, though the damage gets reflected.

ShrimpyA: 10 HP (stun)
ShrimpyB: 10 HP (stun)
ShrimpyC: 70 HP

Terrain: 33% Normal (Majesty), 67% Sea (viruses)

Majesty.exe: 160 HP
"Majesty! You know what to do! Sword! Battlechip in! Download!"


Majesty's right arm had reached for the heavens until she grasped the sword that was almost a gift from above. The Cybersword taking the forum of her own graphically signature Majestic as she armed herself for battle. This is where her instincts came into play because of her overwhelming swordsmanship. She had quickly moved stepping forward running by making a pass at the weakest Shrimpy that was ready to fall. Her eyes narrowing sharply as she kept the water splashing from beneath her boots from getting into her vision. She reached out her arm slashing in a figure eight loop of circles as if she was trying her hand at carving the infinity symbol into the Shirmpy while keeping up an incredible speed.

Her blade brought down after her Blitz Fencing, an elegant array of fencing slashes while keeping up her undeniable swiftness. She raised her sword as she closed in on the other Shrimpy virus and brought it crashing down to the water below attempting to cut the virus from top to bottom. She wasn't sure if she hit with her incredible speed keeping her moving, but by the time this assault was over, she had no doubts that these viruses would be nothing more than cold cuts.

Her swordplay had caused her to jerk back into a quick dodge which was more precisely a spin as she spun to her right back towards the two viruses she had attempted to strike down all together with her special fencing attack. It was because of that spin along the light sea panels that she executed it so beautifully and quickly with the lack of friction that she could probably roll out of the way of a counter attack, but when all that spinning was said and done, she finished her dance with a diagonal swipe of her right arm and pulling back as she slashed at her left leaving her arm hanging in the air. She posed beautifully before letting her eyes drift back to the battlefield ready to continue her dance if she had as she brought her weapon to her chest readying to block with it's hilt when keeping on her feet to dodge with her feet still in a haste to dodge and shuffle.
Action 1 - Blitz Fencing - 40 Damage (2-Hit Slash + Haste) @ ShrimpyA and ShrimpyB

Action 2 - Sword - 80 Damage (Slashing) @ ShrimpyC

Free Action: Sword Play - Dodge/Spin

Action 3 - Sword - 80 Damage (Slashing) @ ShrimpyB

Action 4 - Sword - 80 Damage (Slashing) @ ShrimpyC

Action 5 - Dodge

Passive Action: En Garde - X-Hit Shield
Majesty moves in again and strikes down the stunned Shrimpies with a pair of sword strikes. Then, using the new sword date, she cuts down the last virus and brings the battle to a close.

ShrimpyA: DELETED!
ShrimpyB: DELETED!
ShrimpyC: DELETED!

Terrain: 33% Normal (Majesty), 67% Sea (viruses)

Majesty.exe: 160 HP

Rewards: 750z
"Easy..." Majesty had said reaching and tapping the base of her sleek black boots with the tip of her blade in an act of dusting it off. "as....pie!" she had finished her line before walking forward with her blade in hand on looking for more challengers.

(Battle 3! Moo-Ha!)
Majesty states that her pie is easy and then moves on. It doesn't take her long to find another group of enemies. Some elebees buzz around a short distance away. A pair of weather sit near the back, gripping their umbrellas. Three starfish stand lined up across the field, separated by a few feet each. The entire area seems to be covered in water, except for one dry patch which forms an island in the center. In other words, Majesty is ankle deep in sea water.

ElebeeA: 90
ElebeeB: 90
ElebeeC: 90
WeatherA: 80 (Sea)
WeatherB: 80 (S)
StarfishA: 60 (S)
StarfishB: 60 (S)
StarfishC; 60 (S)

Terrain: 94% Sea 6% Normal

Majesty: 160 (Sea)

Batle 3 Start
Majesty had smirked as her feet had moved about in the ankle deep shallow waters. It wasn't a problem, since if anything it was like one big foot soak for her. The frustration would come from the movement speed that would be affected when it came time to attack. Knowing if she charged at the enemy full speed ahead, surely she would be more slower than her usual pace. Her speed was incredible, but there were things to stop that.

Though, this water terrain wasn't one of them.

Ground units...that's what most of the viruses were. The Weather viruses that were the large clouds that stayed afloat in the skies were a problem if they kept moving. She'd have to catch them in one foul swoop. That was something perfect in her arsenal for that. She reached her right hand to her back drawing the blade from it's vertical leaning sheath as it reflected the light behind her in the motioning sea panels as they crashed at her ankles giving her a feeling as if she was on the Beach.

"You'll have to strike fast to make sure the terrain isn't a hindrance to you. Can I count on you to do that while I load a handy little electric chip?" Majesty's eyes had motioned to her enemies trying to figure out ahead of time what handy little chip would work here.

"Handy?" her reply had shown her baffled state failing to figure out what she meant.

"It'll be a Magbomb. It's perfect for this terrain. Just make sure you're not treading on these shallow waters." Keera had explained.

Majesty had drawn her sword completely from it's sheath as she smiled as if her NetOp was telling a funny joke, as if that task was impossible for her. Her laugh never came, but a chuckle had slipped for a slight second.



The speed was so amazing after Majesty's confirming word that for a moment the sea panel she stood on was only moist, but not drenched. Her body had went into that state where she moved so quickly, so freely that she could barely be seen by mortal eyes. A triad of slashes had cut through the air as they were divided between the virus clouds unevenly before Majesty was shown airborne with a higher view built from the speed she performed her take off as her eyes shifted to the corner to see over her shoulder. Her enemies now behind her.

"It's your turn Ms. Keera."

Taking that note into consideration, even if it wasn't required, Keera had lifted her right palm as her eyes had given off a blue heavenly glow around her pupils.

"Set Data! Magbomb1! Download!"

Majesty had responded reaching her left hand out while her right still held onto the hilt of her favored golden bladed fencing sword. She threw her body to her left twisting around before falling back in a fashion through the air that almost seemed like she was flying with her dress blowing into the winds and her posture relaxed in it's hang time. She had a better view of her targets from above. In a way that she was casting off a rock into a pond that would ripple regardless of force, she cast the magnetized bomb downward in the center of the Starfish formation using the sea's cruel opposition to the electrical element to give a terrible charge through the waters. There was no lying here; she couldn't say she felt sorry for those patches of useless virus data.

"Let's cluster up those clouds. They can be annoying!"

Keera had suggested only bringing some more riddle to Majesty. As always, it was easier said than done. As she landed with a splash, she was back where she had started in the first place; standing in the array of sea panels with her speed flawed because of this situation. Though her curiosity still lie with Keera's developing plan of action.

"So, how do you plan to do that?"

"With this! Set Data! AirBlow1! Download! And next set chip! Download!"

Majesty had caught on as quick as Keera though up the ideas. She had smiled raising her hands up in front of her as her center had vacuumed the enemies in like a typhoon. Her body had become surrounded by gale forces of wind that only intensified as it had aimed to cast the viruses in closer like a magnet, and surely the Weather viruses were no exception knowing their light body weight would make the perfect lack of resistance to the might of the winds. The second they would be close enough, the winds surrounding her separated into three tornadoes plowing through the sea waters. It seemed that today Majesty played the imaginative role of mother nature quite nicely. The strong winds aiming for the Weather viruses as well as one of the Eleball viruses.

"Did you get that last chip?"

Majesty had spun around as her silhouette was among the tornadoes up until the last gale wind and water that cyclone around her had disappeared. Her right flank wider than the left, her right hand was clenching onto the second loaded chip that came along with AirBlow as a smile had came across her face after giving the time to stop her heavenly rotation and revealing the large curved form of the Boomerang that was steady in it's holster.

"Of course Ms. Keera!"

"Then launch it!"

Majesty hadn't wasted no time in following the orders of her NetOp. Just as her speed had slowed down, it speed back up for a moment as she spun her body and then cast off the attached Boomerang on her right arm. The massive bent weapon had sliced through the air spinning with the strength that the winds had moved with as it closed in on it's last targets, the Eleball viruses. Aiming for them now that they were to be pulled close and in a more fitting position, Majesty had awaited for the weapon to cut through them like butter. If anything, it would be a pleasure seeing them be sliced into two, but things didn't work out as she planned always. She needed defenses of course and as the Boomerang was making it's return, she had motioned her feet across the waters displaying her boastful swordplay skills. Positioning her quick side step like display and a smile at her manner, it disappeared behind a large yellow shield.

She took a kneel. Her left palm pressing against the back of that shield ready to deflect an incoming attack while her right hand stead fast to guard against another when that shield fell. She put on a smug smile.

Action 1 - Majestic Mach Slash - 30 Slash Damage (3 Targets + Teleport) @ WeatherA (2 Strikes) & Weather B (1 Strike)

Action 2 - Magbomb1 - 30 Elec Damage (Blast2 + Stun) @ StarfishA, StarfishB, & StarfishC

Action 3 - AirStorm1 - 50 Damage (Pull Enemies Closer + 3-Hit Attack) @ WeatherA, WeatherB, EleballC

Action 4 - Boomerang1 - 60 Wood Damage @ EleballA, EleballB, EleballC

Free Action: Sword Play - Dodge/Side-Step

Action 5 - Guard1 - Deflect Up To 60 Damage

Passive Action: En Garde - X-Hit Shield
((Swordplay is used after two consecutive Melee attacks. Also, Elebees, not Eleball.))
Majesty gets in close to the two Weather and lays in a few solid hits before jumping into the air. Once out of the water, she drops a bomb. Her aim is only slightly off, thus the projectile fries two out of the three Starfish that sat in a line. She then forms three small whirlwinds, two of which delete the Weather, and the other pulls the bee from the island. Majesty takes this one down a moment later with a Boomerrang, which continues on towards the other two. The first bee, which is sadly enough facing the other way, gets mowed down by the attack. The other one reacts quickly, though, and swoops over the attack. In its agitation, it flies straight at Empress, stinger forward. Of course, it meets with her shield, and its reflected might nearly destroys itself. It still does manage to hit with enough force that it pushes Majesty back a bit, not that that matters much.

ElebeeB: 30
WeatherA: DELETED!
WeatherB: DELETED!
StarfishA: 60 (S)
StarfishB: DELETED!
StarfishC: DELETED!

Terrain: 91% Sea 9% Normal

Majesty: 160 (Sea)
(Ugh! ...and I'm guessing Melee means "Close-Range", right? The damn dictionary I looked in was no help at all.)

Majesty's sword sat in her right hand once again as she had glanced towards the field that was clear. Nearly clear to be exact, but she thought so little of the remaining viruses, she already considered them scrap even without Keera's say so. The NetOp however knew that even her say so wasn't necessary as her eyes had given off a small glow of blue beginning another chip transfer.

"Alright! I'll let you finish up with your toy! Sword! Downloading!"

As the Cybersword had given a more define and powerful shape she held in her right hand, she had overwritten it's coding with that of her custom sword data as it had shone brightly with it's golden color. With it's preferred form written, she had pointed it towards her targets in a threatening manner. The Elebee was the first as it's quick sting attack had just been deflected and there was no way it would be able to get away in time.

She dove forward as she made a pass at the virus slashing in the usual figure eight form for her blitzing attack. She had aimed to massacre the virus in a foul swoop and then continued forward as her speed didn't drop for a second as her second strike was in progress. Pulling back her right arm as her feet slid through the wet terrain's bottom and she thrust forward to drive her sword through the Starfish considering the bubbles were annoying. She hated bubbles!

Her speed up to it's highest potential after that attack, she kept moving with her sword in hand. She wasn't sure if she had made contact with her target that was the Starfish to the point where it would finish it off, so she kept that close range as she went on a frenzy of slashes swiping from left to right and then spinning quickly as she changed targets in an instant being a matter of a quick spin around as her about face put the nearby Eleball back into view. She had swiped once more aiming to cut it from top to bottom as her blade had struck the surface of the sea panel.

With her feet still in a haste, she had stood ready bracing for a dodge. She felt not even the weight of the water could slow her down as she readied to make any moves necessary. Her arm tilted at an angle to block her face from any attack with the hilt of her weapon or the deflection of the blade. She breathed calmly, but nonetheless, her smile along with it shown her excitement.

Action 1 - Blitz Fencing - 40 Damage (2 Slashes + Haste) @ StarfishA & ElebeeB

Action 2 - Sword - 80 Damage (Slash) @ StarFishA

Action 3 - Sword - 80 Damage (Slash) @ StarFishA

Action 4 - Sword - 80 Damage (Slash) @ ElebeeB

Action 5 - Dodge

Passive Action - En Garde - X-Hit Shield
Majesty rushes the viruses slashing left and right at the submerging Starfish, which avoided the the attack, its ally was not so lucky though.
Sharpening her edge, the former empress started stabbing rapidly at the submerged Aqua virus, one hit landing and finally skewering the virus to its end.

WeatherA: DELETED!
WeatherB: DELETED!
StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: DELETED!
StarfishC: DELETED!

Terrain: 91% Sea 9% Normal

Majesty: 160 (Sea)

Get: 600z, Arrow1
The victory was claimed, and the loose data with it. Satisfied, Keera had downloaded the chip data with a slot into her synthetic limb and slotted the Zenny data onto her card. Every Zenny count since she was pretty low on change. Majesty had continued forward tossing her sword in her right hand as it reverted back to it's original less potent form.

(Play Battle 4...with Passion!!)
Majesty meanders through the steamy springland, searching for foul rodents and beasts to slaughter and maim to satisfy her bloodlust.
Boots slightly wet, the empress comes across a small island of normality. Deciding to rest and dry her footwear for a bit, the imperial navi struts onto the island, shaking off the water when...

PiranhaA: 60 HP
PiranhaB: 60 HP
PiranhaC: 60 HP

SenbonA: 80 HP
PiranhaEX: 90 HP
SenbonB: 80 HP

Majesty.exe: 160 HP (Surrounded!)

PiranhaD: 60 HP
PiranhaE: 60 HP
PiranhaF: 60 HP

PuffyA: 100 HP
LarkEX: 150 HP
PuffyB: 100 HP

Terrain: 80% Sea (viruses), 20% Land (Majesty)