Red's first NetPolice Mission!

Red blasted into Yoka from a connection in SciLabs.
"Wow, that Netsquare link is pretty handy huh?" Red asked her operator.
"Yeah, well, time to get to work." Shin stated.
"Roger that!" Red replied as she searched around for a trail of impaled viruses that the mission stated.

((Okay Skyrender, Battle 1, First NetPolice mission GO!))
Red didn't need to look far to find the trail. As she moved forward in the network toward the pre-loaded coordinates, several half-dead metools hung from the landscape. Their little black bodies hung pitifully on trees and bushes, slowly leaking pools of dark fluid onto the ground. The macabre sight is only made worse by their distressed mewling, as though begging the passerby to end their misery. Small wonder that the NetPolice wanted someone deployed to this area. The stomach-turning sight seemed like something out of a horror flick, as Red felt herself step into a sticky pool of viral fluid. Though virus busting was certainly within the bounds of upstanding citizen behavior, this was beyond excessive... this was downright cruel, not to mention unsanitary...


Upon closer examination, there was something odd about these Metool's helmets! It seems as though the Metool's helmets have been twisted and deformed, as impossible as that may seem. After all, what force could bend pure Metool alloy? Nevertheless, they seemed to be crushed and molded into...


Further investigation would have to wait, but will the evidence last the rest of the battle?

SwordyA: 60
SwordyB: 60
SwordyC: 60
SwordyD: 60
SlimerA: 150
SlimerB: 150
SlimerC: 150

MetoolA: 1 (impaled)
MetoolB: 1 (impaled)
MetoolC: 1 (impaled)

Red: 140
"This is just..." Red started but Shin interuppted her by indicating signs of hostile viruses.
"You idiots! Don't you see I'm trying to help! Don't attack me when I'm in the middle of something emotional like this!" Red cried out with true innocent tears that someone like her should.
"Red..." Shin started, but Red pulled the same manuever on him that he did to her a few seconds ago.
"I'm fine *sniff* I'll just *sniff* have to *sniff* make them *sniff* go away," Red replied crying, while wiping her eyes.
"Yeah, here's some chips, do what you can," Shin said, sending his navi some battlechips.
"Right," Red stated, the tears mostly gone, but you could still see them welling up a bit in her eyes. The red-caped wonder quickly drew out a Boomerang from her picnic basket and sent it flying right at the Swordy viruses, threatening to cut them in half.
Next, Red encased her right hand in fire and punched towards yet another Swordy, sending a fist of flame straight at the virus, attempting to burn it to a crisp.
The wind navi then jumped in front of the impaled Metools, it looked as though she was going to Guard them, but not yet apparently.
"Running Process Upgrade 1.5a!" Red shouted, as though she going to execute an attack.
"Roger that!" Shin replied, tapping menus on his PET screen with his touch pen. "Process Upgrade 1.5a ready to go! Execute at will, Red!"
"Confirmed!" Red replied as she drew out a metallic grey canister from her picnic basket and immediately forced it into the ground. Suddenly, a giant wave of caramel came out from underneath the Slimer viruses, attempting to encase all three of them in a hardened version of the erupting substance.
"I guess I'll just protect these guys for a while," Red commented as she held her hands out in front of herself and produced a Guard in front of her.
"Heh, the chip data comes to protect the original source huh?" Red muttered to herself as she held the sheild up.

Turn summary:
1. Boomerang to SwordyA,B,C [60 DMG]
2. Firehit1 to SwordyC [60 DMG]
3. Caramel Stickiness to Slimer group [Immobilized, can't move or dodge for 1 turn]
4. Guard in front of Metools
The sweeping, scything arc of Red's boomerang slices across two of the swordys before being deflected expertly by the third opponent. The viral knight turned toward the childlike navi's original position, but found, much to his surprise, that she was gone! At that instant, his confusion was ended by a firey flying fist to the face, detonating the Swordy's central control unit and deleting it instantly.

Before being encased in sticky caramel goodness, however, the Slimers manage to fire off an attack each! One misses far to the right, and Red's shield formed just in time to deflect a second. However, one burst of slime slides right by the small red female and crashes into one of the trapped Metools! With a terrified "meep," it explodes in a mess of viral data and slime, splattering a sickening fluid across the battlefield.

Furious over the deletion of its comrades, the final swordy aims a strike at Red. In its blind rage, it only manages to catch a glancing blow on the female navi. (20 to Red)

SwordyA: Deleted
SwordyB: Deleted
SwordyC: Deleted
SwordyD: 60
SlimerA: 150
SlimerB: 90
SlimerC: 150

MetoolA: 1 (impaled)
MetoolB: 1 (impaled)
MetoolC: Deleted

Red: 120
Red winced as the blade hit her side. She jumped back and tried to observe the situation.
"Looks like we couldn't help one of them huh?" Red commented sourly, glancing at the place where one Metool once was.
"Well, at least his pain is gone, right?" Shin commented, sending an e-mail to Majin.
"Yeah..." Red replied, a dark expression looming over her face.
"Let's finish off those Slimers while we can huh?" Shin stated to his navi, drawing out three chips. "Let 'em rip," Shin ordered as he slotted the chips in.
"Alright!" Red yelled as her right arm became infused with electrical energy and transformed into a brilliant yellow blade, sparkling electricty all around itself. Red let out a yell as she charged towards the entrapped by caramel viruses and swung wide, trying to cut through at least two of them. When the red-caped wonder landed, she quickly dashed at the other Slimer and stabbed at it with her sword, attempting to send a massive electrical surge throughout the viruses' body. The sword broke after Red's discharge.
The wind navi teleported behind the Swordy virus and quickly took out a Minibomb from out of her picnic basket and threw it at the virus. Red, quickly summoned the wind from the net's area and blasted herself back in order to avoid the oncoming explosion that mighty result from the minibomb contacting with either the ground or the Swordy.

Turn summary
1. Elecsword to SlimerA,C [160 Elec DMG]
2. Elecsword to SlimerB [160 Elec DMG] (sword breaks)
3. Areagrab behind SwordyD
4. Minibomb to SwordyD [60 DMG]
*Gust: Dodge
Two of the Slimers are instantly vaporized by Red's luminous blade, the electric current sweeping through their liquid bodies and breaking the molecular bonds that held them together. As the once-deadly opponents went up in steam, however, the small female navi found that some of the Slimer's gunk had infiltrated her Elecsword, rendering it useless. In retaliation, the wounded Slimer fires a burst of goop that misses high due to Red's gusty defense, but flies straight into one of the trapped Metools, blasting it to pieces as it gives a final terrified screech.

The Swordy, by the way, went kaboom. Go figure.

SwordyA: Deleted
SwordyB: Deleted
SwordyC: Deleted
SwordyD: Deleted
SlimerA: Deleted
SlimerB: 90
SlimerC: Deleted

MetoolA: Deleted
MetoolB: 1 (impaled)
MetoolC: Deleted

Red: 120 (ElecSword Broken)
"Gah, let's finish it off," Red said, agitated.
"Yeah, executing Process Upgrade 1.5b! GO!" Shin yelled as he initiated Red's signature attack.
Suddenly, the wind form the area and the cherry blossoms stored in Red's picnic baskter stated flowing towards the wind navi's hands. The red-caped wonder grasped at them and compressed them into two balls, a pink one in the right hand, and a swirling ball of wind in the left. Red let out a mighty yell as she thrusts her hand forward, as if she were firing something out of them, screaming, "CHERRY BLOSSOM SPIRAL!" as she sent a giant swirling pink energy beam towards the Slimer.
"Fire at will!" Shin ordered as he slotted in two battlechips.
"Yah!" Red shouted as she whipped out a pistol and fired two blasts right at the virus. The red-caped wonder readied wind around herself in order to avoid any oncoming attacks, and prepared to cartwheel out of the way after that.

Turn Summary
1. Cherry Blossom Spiral to SlimerB [60 DMG]
2. Cannon to SlimerB [40 DMG]
3. Shotgun to Slimer B [50 DMG]
*Gust: Dodge
4. Dodge
The final Slimer feels the full force of the crimson combatant's final strike as it explodes in a mass of dripping, slightly disgusting goop. The liquid remaints of the virus splatters harmlessly across the battlefield as Red sheathes her weapons and approaches the sobbing metool carefully.

Victory is yours!

Rewards: 800Z

The little metool whimpered as Red moved in for a closer look. As previously noted, it appeared as though the Met's helmet had been twisted and contorted into an odd, finned shape before the small creature had recieved the savage beating. What could possibly have possessed somebody to resort to such lengths of cruelty? What prompted the offender to deface the helmets before his thoughtless actions? What...


Another savagely beaten metool landed at Red's feet. This one also had a defaced helmet, but instead of fins, this poor virus had deep grooves sliced into its helmet, looking like some sort of small ball - similar to a baseball... or, well... something like that. Though the poor met's distressed cries resounded throughout the area, in the distance, a faint sound could be heard...
"Something's up ahead," Red stated, hearing a faint noise.
"Let's go check it out, it may be the source of what these guys are suffering," Shin ordered.
"Roger that," Red replied, and so, the navi ran quickly towards the origin of the sound.

((Battle 2))
As the crimson crusaderette charged deeper into the network, she noticed something odd about the surrounding area. Despite the fact that Yoka was known for its steamy hot springs, there seemed to be an abnormal amount of smoke that filled the area. The thick mist seemed to almost completely obscure the area, making it difficult for Red to see further than her immediate surroundings. What sort of creature could possibly make its home in such a...


Red froze as she heard a metool give a screech of pure terror and agony as the sound of twisting metal rang throughout the area. In the distance, a shadowy figure emerged from the smoke, carrying a pair of trembling metools in both hands. Both of the tiny viruses had their helmets mangled beyond recognition - one grooved, one finned. The navi smiled a cruel smile as he jiggled one of the metools, causing the tiny virus to moan in pain.

For some reason, this fellow seemed oddly familiar to Shin.

"What's that, fuzz-nuts? Are you begging me for your life? ARE YOU FREAKING BEGGING FOR MERCY? WELL TOO FREAKING BAD!" he screamed as he furiously shook the metool with the grooved helmet, "It's not like you gave me any mercy when... oh, I don't know, you KILLED ME IN COLD BLOOD! HOW ABOUT I 'SERVE' YOU THIS, HUH?!" The terrified Metool screeched in terror as the crazed navi hurled it toward the ground and smashed it with the sole of his foot. With a rather disrespectful hand motion, the shadowy figure stepped into full view. The navi didn't look all that intimidating — on the contrary, he looked like one of the punk navis that the Netpolice had originally warned Red about. Long purple hair cascaded down his back, tied up crudely with a red bandana. A self-satisfied smile adorned his stark features as he wiped the viral blood from his face on the sleeve of his black jacket. The insane navi didn't appear to notice Red, mainly because he was busy antagonizing the second metool.

"and you... Blue-Balls," he said darkly, his cruel smile widening as he spoke, "I personally blame you for how far I've fallen. You and that tennis freak both! I had it all under Master D, and you... you took that all away from me! Now look at me! LOOK AT ME, DAMN YOU!" He shook the captive metool who had since shut its eyes in an attempt to drown out his insane ranting. "I had it all. Fame, Money, Women..." the navi licked his lips, "...oh god, so many women! Now look! The once-great Stunt, lower than the group secretary in a no-name group of misfits! It's all your fault, you hear? ALL. YOUR. FAULT!" Gripping the newly-made fins, "Stunt" began to tear the Metool apart from top to bottom.
"That's..." Shin started, recognizing the name.
"What is it Shin?" Red asked her operator.
"I know that guy, Stunt, a member of Drakkas' Rogues... I thought Tempoman and Tennisman deleted him, but then... I've got it!" Shin stated, figuring it out. "The last thing I heard Drakkas say during that battle, that his Rogues 'weren't finished yet,' they must've been revived somehow," Shin clenched his fist.
"Who would Blue balls be?" Red asked.
"That would be... Tempoman! But he isn't here, Stunt must be deluding himself by thinking the Metools are Tempoman. We've got to stop him Red! Approach carefully, this guy had a really fearsome reputation when he was a Rogue."
"Yeah," Red said as she approached Stunt cautiously, readying the wind around her in case of an attack. "Excuse me," Red called out to the Stunt, "but you're attacking the wrong thing. Tempoman really isn't here. So could you please stop hurting the Metools?"

Turn Summary
1. Moment of revelation
2. Approach Stunt and explain his situation
3-4. Get ready to dodge
*Gust: Dodge yet again
Stunt stared at the young female navi with look that would have made most young women want to find an adult. Then, with a lecherous smile, he dropped the weeping metool and walked toward Red, the thick smoke appearing to swirl around him as he moved. "I don't normally go for the lolitas, but in this case, I might have to make an exception," he cackled, "It's been far too long since I've had such a... pleasure."

Suddenly, Stunt disappeared in a puff of smoke, reappearing back-to-back with the young female navi. "I don't think you quite understand my situation, little girl," he quipped, rolling his shoulders and cracking his knuckles, "You see, I have no illusions as to what I am doing - the question is, why do you care so much about these viruses?" He whirled around, playfully giving Red a slap on the butt as he moved around to her front. "I am, after all, doing the network a service by eliminating these viruses, right?" he asked, snapping his fingers and creating a small orb of smoke in the palm of his hand, "I'm not doing anything wrong right now, am I?" Stunt folded his arms and smirked, allowing the thick smoke to swirl around his body some more. The acrobatic adversary appeared to fade into the smoke as he shouted to Red, laughing as he went.

"Of course, a delightful little piece of jailbait like you is practically INVITING a big bad wolf like me to do something... wrong to you!"

Stunt: 1000 (Hidden in Smoke)

Red "Jailbait": 120
"Eep!" Red cried, blushing as Stunt slapped her behind. "Well you should at least delete them fully instead of leaving them there suffering near-death!" Red yelled at the smoke. "Is he suppposed to be like this?" Red whispered to her operator
"Yeah, he's the same sick-perverted Stunt that the net community has encountered before. So, I would watch it," Shin affirmed. "The first thing we need to do is get rid of the smoke."
"I'm on it," Red replied as she gathered wind around the area, "Oh great deities of the wind, lend me your strength to blow this accursed fog away!" Red yelled, blasting the whole area with a mighty gust of wind, trying to make the smoke vanish.
"It's not over yet!" Red yelled as she gathered more wind and compacted it into a small ball in her left hand. The wind navi simealtaneously concentrated a ball of cherry blossoms from her picnic basket from her right hand. The red caped wonder fused the two balls together, blasting a giant swirling tornado of energy upwards while yelling, "Cherry Blossom Spiral!" trying to dsiperse the smoke even further.
"MarkCannon! Slot-in!" Shin yelled, sending the chip to his navi.
"Lock-on!" Red yelled as she drew out a bazooka from her picnic basket and carefully aimed it at all directions, trying to find the opposing navi's signature. When she did, she fired off a rocketing missile at the Rogue and quickly threw away the weapon.
The battle wasn't over yet, the red crusader glanced around at her surroundings, ready to do anything to avoid getting hit, or worse, by the former Rogue.

Turn Summary
*Gust: Blow away Smoke
1. Cherry Blossom Spiral [Blow away smoke]
2. MarkCannon1 to Stunt [70 DMG High Accuracy]
3. Dodge
4. Dodge
As Red created her own little windstorm, she quickly found that, even with the added power of her own signature programs, she was unable to fully disperse the smoke. Her Cherry Blossom Spiral, however, was able to reveal the trickster navi for a split second, which was all that was needed to deliver a powerful burst of energy directly into Stunt's chest. The black-clad navi went down, clutching his chest and wiping a trickle of blood from his lips on his dark sleeve. "Not bad, not bad," he muttered condecendingly, a feral smile gracing his features, "Lil jailbait here's got a bit of spunk it seems, but let's see how you handle this!"

Suddenly, Stunt disappeared in a burst of smoke, as not one, not two, but THREE copies of him reappeared around Red's position. As the crimson crusaderette struggled to read the tricky trio's movements, the Stunts laughed maliciously and prepared to attack.

"I've always thought that three-ways were more fun," quipped one as he sent a burst of smoke barrelling toward Red, who managed to dodge just in time by diving onto the smoke-filled ground. Good thing too, as the smoke appeared to transform into a gigantic fist that sailed overhead, narrowly missing Red. "I guess this gives new meaning to the word, 'gangbang'" laughed a second, as he leaped downward toward Red's position, aiming a heel drop onto her unprotected head. Again, Red was able to dodge by rolling out of the way at the last instant, and the attacking antagonist crashed into the ground. Finally, the third Stunt appeared before the exhausted little girl, smiling an insane smile and brusing his purple hair back scornfully. "You'll pay for damaging this pretty face, girlie," he smirked, as he teleported in front of Red and gave her a powerful backhanded slap across the face before she could react, (20) "You just sealed the deal, you know? We're gonna have some fun with you!"

Uh oh, this doesn't look good.

StuntA: 930
StuntB: 930
StuntC: 930

Red: 100
((.... Something tells me this is going to end up like the Celsius situation ;_;))

"Yah!" Red yelled, as the third clone slapped her.
"Clones huh, I don't remember Suitachi talking about that before," Shin commented.
"What now?" Red asked, glancing around at the three copies.
"Hmmm, they all seem to be substantially real, but coming out of the smoke was the worst thing he could've done to himself. Active Process..." Shin started,
"No!" Red shouted, stopping Shin from carrying out that operation, "We'll use that when there's only one of him left, then that's when we'll strike." Red yelled.
"Okay then, shall we use, that?" Shin suggested.
"Yeah, not like we have a choice," Red replied.
"Okay! Soulcross activate!" Shin yelled as he tapped a few buttons and a purple glow came over Red. The navi was soon encased completely in the purple light and seemed trapped in a giant glowing purple egg. Soon after she was encased, the navi broke out, wearing a purple bodysuit with golden gloves and boots, a red cape flowing down her shoulders, and her navi symbol adorned on her chest.
"It's sexy time!" Red yelled as Shin slotted in some chips.
"Take him out!" Shin commanded as Red first jumped towards one Stunt clone, but quickly went behind him, placing a glowing red Minibomb where he was. The explosive soon exploded, but Red wasn't done yet. The red-caped wonder aimed her palm at two of the Stunt Clones and fired a spreading blast of purple energy straight at them.
"Can't touch this," Red sang as she danced around jerkily, trying to avoid the Rogue's attacks.

Turn Summary
1. SoulCross [+5 to Non-elemental chips]
2. Untapped Potential Minibomb to StuntA [70 DMG]
3. Shotgun w/Splash to StuntB,C [55 DMG]
4. Dodge
Red's furious assault nails all three Stunts, causing the first two to disappear and the third to stagger backward, having been struck by several blinding bursts of shotgun energy. As the deadly lances of light punctured the trickster's body, Stunt staggered backward, clenching his fists tightly. "You little..." he snarled, snapping his fingers once again, "So you've gotten a change of clothes there, have you? That's cool with me. I can appreciate that sort of thing."

Instantly, Stunt reappeared next to a surprised Red, who barely was able to dodge the trickster's initial roundhouse kick with a quick ducking evade. Smirking at this latest turn of events, the black-clad pervert prepared his next maneuver. Moving like a snake, Stunt tumbled over Red and gave her butt a quick pinch (1) before sliding between the caped crusaderette's legs and giving her a hard shove in the chest (1). Red clutched her breast as she was knocked into the air by the force of the impact. As she landed roughly on the ground and tried to catch her bearings, Stunt grinned maliciously and tapped his own chest. That's about the time when Red noticed...

...oh NO!

Looking down, the young female navi was shocked to find a rather high-tech looking device attached to her upper chest near where Stunt had shoved her. The ticking machine was firmly bound to the front of her bodysuit by some sort of adhesive, and Red could only assume that the device was some sort of... well, a bomb.

Stunt yawned and brushed the hair out of his face. "You know, I miss doing this sort of thing - I really do," he mused, smirking maliciously and licking his lips, "All I've had for the past few years were crappy videos from seedy Electown joints and let me tell you, snuff films would be a whole lot more interesting if you didn't already know the ending...."

Stunt: 875

Red "Jailbait": 98 (Bomb stuck to chest)
"Agh! This is not very sexy on my body!" Red complained as she tried to rip the explosive off.
"Careful, or you might just damage that sexy body of yours," Shin advised sarcastically.
"Gah, fine!" Red replied as she tinkered with the device for a few minutes before detaching it from her body. A yellow dome surrounded the female navi while she was doing so.
"Got it off?" Shin asked, slotting in an Areagrab.
"Yeah," Red smriked as she teleported behind Stunt and approached him carefully from behind. The red-caped wonder slowly but surely positioned the bomb on Stunt's back, and attempted to firmly attach it onto the Rogue's back

Turn summary
1. Guard
2. Rip bomb off
3. Areagrab behind Stunt
4. Attach bomb to Stunt's back
Red desperately attempts to remove the small explosive, but finds that the adhesive is far too strong! It appears to have bonded directly to her bodysuit, making it practically impossible to remove without tearing out her entire chest cavity. In a mad stroke of genius or insanity, Red manages to teleport behind Stunt, catching the acrobatic antagonist by surprise. Stunt's eyes widened in shock as the young girl reappeared next to him, a ticking bomb attached to her chest...


A series of brilliant, fireworks-style explosions sent multicolored sparks flying through the air, showering the seedy network with shrapnel and color. With the light casting eerie effects upon the ever-present smoke, Red staggered to her feet, her ears ringing from the powerful explosion that had just transpired (50). Nearby, the crimson crusaderette could hear Stunt curse loudly as she felt the smoke whoosh past her ears. Searching around frantically for the source of the sound, her eyes fell upon a trio of Stunts, brushing themselves off irritatedly as the normally perverted smile was replaced by a feral scowl.

"You're a smart one, you know?" said one of the Stunts as all three began to form balls of smoke in front of them, "But not nearly smart enough!"

StuntD: 825
StuntE: 825
StuntF: 825

Red "Jailbait": 48
"Gah!" Red yelled, as she took the full force of the blast and skidded back.
"Dammit, this isn't working, we should've immobilized him last time," Shin swore, slamming his hand on the wall besdie him.
"We need to get rid of these guys first, Heatshot and Bubbler please!" Red ordered, she was in a grumpy mood, and Shin knew it. So he sent her the requested chips.
"Thanks, " Red stated, grinning coyly. In a sudden motion, the red-caped wonder, became cape less by tearing her cape off and throwing it to the side. "This is a distraction, anyway, my figure shows better this way," Red stated, taking a seductive pose, before blasting a stream of water from her right hand at two of the Stunts, with as much might as she could muster. The navi quickly spun in a circle and fired a blast of fire from her left hand at two of the clones, one of which she fired on before, but that didn't really matter, she was there to kick butt, and nothing else.
"How do you like me now!?" Red yelled, questioning the Rogue before attempting a series of acrobatic feats in order to avoid any oncoming attacks from her perverted enemy.

Turn Summary:
*Rip cape off
1. Untapped Power Bubbler w/Splash at StuntA,B [55 Water DMG]
2. Heatshot w/Splash to StuntB,C [40 Fire DMG]
3-4. Dodge like crazy!