Enter the Devil's Daughter

A chain -- the Gleipnir -- coiled up through the ground and back in on itself, forming a metal cocoon of sorts. The chain shelter soon slithered out of its protective shape, though, coming to rest around Cheshire's waist. The broken end swayed merrily, reflecting her eagerness to begin.
"Man, it's been a while... Come on, then, little cuties." She called to any virii waiting. "I've got something for you." The charged offer was accompanied with a wink. Baiting tactic or heartfelt statement? Only she knew.
Virus Attack!

MetoolEXA: 70
MetoolEXB: 70
Lark: 100

Cheshire: 140

Battle 1 Start!
"What the...? Is this it? You guys didn't bring any of your cute little friends?" Cheshire was taken aback by the low turnout. "Aw, man, this is gonna be no fun. Couldn't you guys, uh, have more of you be here? Can't have a party with us four." She shrugged. "Still, it's better than nothing. Will you guys excuse me for a moment? I gotta go get some chips; that PET I stowed away in did a number on my power level or whatever. It's waaay under nine." She found the small model pagoda that symbolized the Pagoda itself, and housed its small isolated network. Navis could jack in for maintenance if they were allowed, but the security on it was still fairly tight and smooth. No problem. The Gleipnir unwound itself from Cheshire's waist and dove into the model, staying wrapped around her good arm, of course. "Lesse... Floor nine... The suite..." She murmured to herself as she worked. "Ah, there's the water heater!" A panicked shriek cut through her commlink. That wasn't enough of a signal, though; she needed to know for sure her plan had worked.She let herself partially sink into the PET, surveying the real world through its eyes.

Sure enough, there was Arco, dripping wet, wearing that weird red raincoat thing. From the way she hurriedly finished zipping it shut, Cheshire knew she had caught her very unawares indeed. She smiled.
"You trying to boil me!?" Arco thundered through the commlink. "Just mind your own business and let me finish my bath!" She accented her point by slamming her palms down on the nightstand where the PET sat. Cheshire hardly flicked an ear.
"One problem with that, cutie. I need chips to kick this virus ass. " She gestured to the miniature troupe which was waiting ever so patiently.
"Oh, right." Arco let out a heavy sigh and slumped to one side. "Just promise me that when you're done, you'll let me take a bath without any tricks?" She gingerly unzipped the jacket, trying to remain as modest as possible despite Cheshire's insistance that they were both women, after all, and withdrew the brightly colored plastic from an inside pocket. They clattered across the nightstand. "Since you're so bright, give me a batte plan." She closed the zipper with one quick motion.
"Hmm, well..." Cheshire made a great show of considering the chips before her, but the plan had already hatched in her mind. "First off, the Flameline. The one with the picture of the flying furnace thing," she added, noticing Arco's blank expression. "After that, the beam-sword-ish thing. That's a Bamboosworc; your stiff bro must've done some primo heists to get a rare puppy like that. Man, I'd have had some real fun with him." Arco ignored Cheshire's lack of tact, wordlessly slotting the chips into what appeared to be the right place.

"Yeah, that's it." She murmured as raw data flooded into her. Arco had potential; she had spent enough time stowing away in one of those marvelous inside pockets to know that she had the right stuff. Now, if only she wasn't so hopeless... But, she'd teach her and help her along. Before long, they'd be great partners. "Now, sorry for making you guys wait..." She purred, turning to meet the oh-so-patient monsters who had been edging closer in a surrepetitions fashion. She noted their threatening glances. "Oh no, what're you going to do to me?" She feigned helplessness, but the chain was already coiled around her wrist and held snug in her hand. The first chip flowed from her subconscious into the Gleipnir, which promptly ignited. She swept the chain in a wide motion, the red-hot metal coming dangerously close to the three viruses. With luck, it would make actual contact; it looked that way, but it was tough to see, heat waves and all. The heat faded and the chain recoiled; coiled around her hand, forming a metal cylinder which obscured her hand entirely. A sudden beam of light shot from this makeshift hilt, coalescing into a blade of solid light with the dangerous crackle of electricity. Her gaze fell upon the goggle-eyed fish. "Say, little fishie... You like sushi?" She taunted. "I love sushi. I could eat it all day. I really could, too, since navis don't really need to eat and it wouldn't mess me up in any way. But, I haven't found a good sushi stand in forever, so I'm thinking of opening my own..." She brought the sword up inches away from the Lark's face, wiggling it in strangely coquettish way. "Would you come if I did? We could be business partners." A sudden full-body extention leading into a graveful downward swing, though, may have ruined the virus' business aspirations. "After all," she purred, "I need something to feed my customers."

1. Flameline1 (70, Fire, [A]) MetoolEXA, MetoolEXB, LarkA
2. Bamboosword (80, Wood, ) LarkA
3. Dodge
4. Dodge
THe flameline arcs toward the met. The first is completely fried. THe other panics and tries to hide under its helmet, but is too slow and meets deletion as well. She then starts to fillet the Lark but backs off before finishing the job. It floats around helplessly, attempting to attack, but failing badly.

Lark: 20

Cheshire: 140
"Aww, you ruined my chances, little fish. I could've taken you all down in a single fell swoop or something." She raised her shoulders in a futile shrug. "I know you want to live and do whatever it is you viruses do, but I gotta kick your ass, for zenny and stuff. Nothing personal." The sword dissapeared and the Gleipnir unwound itself from her good wrist. Instead, it reared up and shot spiraling through the air right at the unfortunate fish. If it did hit, it'd burst right through its rubbery hide to the other side. The chain looped back around in the air, winding around Cheshire's waist once more. "See, that wasn't so bad..."

1-3. Charge Attack (40) LarkA
4. Dodge
The chain whip proves more than the Lark can take.


Cheshire: 140

Rewards: Guard2, 150z
"Pfft. That didn't last long enough at all. Lightweights." Cheshire padded further away from the bulk of Net activity, hoping more powerful viruses would be found further into the rough.
Virus Attack!

BillyA: 50
BillyB: 50
Volgear: 80
MagneakerA: 70
MagneakerB: 70

Cheshire: 140

Battle 2 Start!
"Oh, boo. You guys are weak. No offense or anything, but really. Gunny's PET nerfed me a lot, but I could still take you guys out like that" She snapped her fingers for extra effect. "But why am I talking to you guys, anyway? You don't understand English. Parlez vous Francais? No, not that either. Oh well. I'm gonna go ahead and kick ass now, alright? Arco, send me, uh, the one with the fish we just fought, the floating head in the boxer helmet, and, erm..." She pondered for a good while. "Man, anything could send that last guy off. Alright, just go crazy and pick whatever you fancy. Just make sure that little number in the corner is decent, okay?"

At the moment, Arco had forsaken the red raincoat for the usual black band she was tying around her chest. Her back was turned to the nightstand, but Chesire hadn't been looking anyway. Cheshire's orders sang though the high-quality speakers, and Arco followed her advice, making that last "go-crazy" order good with an impressive-looking chip with a generic basic-model firing a burst of energy from its buster. For decency's sake, she pulled on her usual pair of loose pants, and left it at that. No need to get all dressed up in the confines of her own room. Granted, it was a little odd to most to wear nothing but a black band around the chest with loose pants to match, but the truth was it was comfortable. That was about all she cared about, and it seemed Cheshire shared her sentiments. Cheshire... Something about her made Arco worry. By this point, she was pretty sure that her passes were nothing but well-natured fooling around... That didn't bother her anymore. The thing that bothered her... She didn't even know where she had come from. One moment, there's no one home in her PET, even though last she had heard Swift was using that stolen prototype that was supposed to be able to bend the Net to its disposal. She was missing something. She knew Frederick had been head-over-heels in the underworld, but it went past that. She needed to check things out, see what he had been up to. She lay back on the comforter and rested her laptop on her stomach. His homepage was public; that would be a good place to start.

Data flooded Cheshire's subconscious, and she grinned. A Shotgun; without knowing it, Arco had picked probably the best chip for the job. But, first things first; the Wideshot. She floated a couple inches into the air, bringing her hands together for a moment in what might have been a slaute. When they parted, between them was a fist-sized bubble full of peaceful water. This illusion didn't last for long. She let out a gentle breath, just enough to prod the little bubble forward, out from the space between her hands. At this point, it exploded. "Burst" would be too large an understatement. It literally exploded, sending a frothing mass off water far greater than the bubble could contain at the unfortunate viruses. "Oh, sorry, did I get you guys wet?" Her voice was sweet, but hid an iron core. "Tell you what, I'll dry you off!" At that moment, the cat woman's slim figure burst into flames. One could just barely make out her form through the inferno, but it was difficult to miss her eyes, which blazed hotter and brighter than any other part of her. She streaked through the air at the first virus she could see, a bolt of solid flame. She couldn't see and her eyes stung, but she felt some kind of impact and so she stopped, only to find herself tumbling head over heels on the pavement. "Oww..." She picked herself up off the ground, nonchalantly dusting off her shirt as if to say 'well, I meant to do that.' She definitely wasn't in a good mood anymore. The last attack was accomplished with a simple snap of the fingers, no flourish and no show. A small area of the next exploded, dangerously close to the virus group.

"You got way too showy," Arco murmured from her spot on the comforter.

1. Wideshot (80, [A], Aqua) Volgear, MagneakerA, MagneakerB
2. Firehit1 (70, [A]) BillyA
3. Shotgun (50, [A]) BillyB, splash anything that survives
4. Dodge.
As the Wideshot wipes out the two bugs and the Volgear, Cheshire can hear the latter's cry out, 'Por que?'. She then slams into the billy, taking a tumble as she stumbles over it. The last one is simply taken out with a bang.

Volgear: DELETED!
MagneakerA: DELETED!
MagneakerB: DELETED!

Cheshire: 140

Rewards: Magbomb1, 350z
"What the?" As she subconsciously filed over the battle in her mind, one of the virii's cries sounded... Oddly eloquent. "Por-kay? Porkay? Stupid viruses and their stupid gibberish. Arco, you up for another?" She didn't wait for an answer, though.
Virus Attack!

OldstoveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50
OldstoveC: 50
Hanz: 100
HoneybomberA: 110
HoneybomberB: 110

Cheshire: 140

Batttle 3 Start!
"Hey, it's you!" Cheshire extended her good arm to point at the giant hand floating before her. "You know, you guys are pretty rude. Last time I met you guys, I was sore for days. Granted, there were seven of you..." She shifted into a contemplative expression. "At least it wasn't boring... Well, maybe you'll help me out there. The other guys are just boring old easy grinding, but you'll put up a fight, right?"

She didn't wait for a reply. Instead, she brought her fingers to her lips and blew a kiss, leaving a smoldering imprint in the air even after hand and lips parted. As her breath reached the bright mark, it roared to life; an inferno in the shape of Cheshire's lips. "Sorry, guys. I forgot that most people like their kisses a little less deady. Maestro, if you please!"

Cheshire was impressed. Arco, despite her name, was no maestro just yet, but she had known enough to send a Flameline and exploit the weaknesses of a couple of deadly, deadly bees. She hadn't even had to nudge her. She was a fast learner, Cheshire had been right about that. Now, if she were in Arco's place, she would choose the --

Shotguns. Right. Three of them, but Cheshire decided she would only really need two; make things interesting if the viruses had SOME chance to fight back. Now, how to use these...? She wasn't much of a gun person, though, and she was feeling a little more flamboyant than usual. In an instant, she had it; she was supposedly a Wind navi, after all. Wind had very little to do with what she did, though. Oh well; silly people and their silly classifications. She channeled herself into the air around her, and three viruses rose off the ground. The Shotgun chips sank into the earth, but didn't stay long; they exploded upwards in a spray of dirt and pavement.

This is what happens when I put a post down then finish it two days later.
1. Flameline (70, [A], Fire) Hanz, HoneybomberA, HoneybomberB
1.5. Gust - Raise the Oldstoves into the air (fluff)
2. Shotgun (50, [A]) OldstoveA, splash OldstoveB
3. Shotgun (50, [A]) OldstoveC, splash OldstoveB
4. Nothing!
Chishire's swift attack torches the honeybombers and damages the Hanz. Her first shotgun doesn't manage to splash to the second oldstove, but it didn't matter, her second shotgun eliminating it anyway, as well as the third.
The Hanz attacks, but its severe damage causes the attack to miss.

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED
Hanz: 30 HP
HoneybomberA: DELETED
HoneybomberB: DELETED

Cheshire: 140
((Second Shotgun was going for C, splashing for B.))
"Huh. Not even gonna fight back? You guys always have some crazy trick to pull." Cheshire regarded the floating hand with a futilist shrug. "Oh well. Looks like I kill you now." She brought up one stiff leg in an equally stiff kick, directed at the massive hand's, well... Hands didn't really have asses, she supposed. At any rate, her leg was aimed to kick SOME part of that hand's anatomy.

"You know, Arco, you could have stopped off somewhere a little more difficult. Electown sucks when it comes to the local entertainment." She brought her leg back down, not much caring if she had made an impact.

"Tough luck," Arco retorted.

"Alright, then, why Electown?" Arco's prolonged silence let Cheshire know she had struck a nerve. She stifled a grin.

1-3. Charge Shot (40) Hanz
4. Dodge
Explosions! Explosions everywhere! Shots are fired! Broccoli are Radished! CABBAGE! CABBAGE! WRYYYYYYYY!!! (Copyright: Twi)

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED
HoneybomberA: DELETED
HoneybomberB: DELETED

Cheshire: 140

Prize: Fireburn1, 300z
"Huh." Cheshire watched with relative disintetrest as the fragments of the deceased virus dissolved in a pattern quite remniscient of fireworks and, on some level she couldn't fathom, produce. "Alright, Arco, one more fight. Then we got an appointment."

"What?" This caught Arco off guard. You didn't..." She trailed off in a flurry of keystrokes. "Oh, god. Look, you, I came in here about ready to drop dead from exhaustion. I went from zero to sixty in terms of busting. We're not spending the night grinding for your enjoyment, alright? We can't let the Police down, but after this I'm taking a well-deserved bath and falling right asleep. Got that?" Her voice was steely, devoid of the confusion and indecision she had demonstrated until now.

"Fine, buzzkill." Cheshire pouted. "It's just gonna be a boring old bunch of viruses, anyway." Throwing up her hand in exasperation, she stormed deeper into the wilderness.
(One more fight, or mission?)