Save the Hospital! Group Three <EVENT>

In the middle of a rather desolate Electown location are three datapackets, each in the form of a small pink present with a red bow wrapped about it, and amidst all three is a map to the destination. The packages seemed to be encrypted with heavy locks, possibly time released. Amidst the data is a small card,

Thank you again for all your help, I have unfortunately included only one map in the data, and this part of the neighborhood is kind of shady, dears. Please travel in a group so as to ensure safety!

~Granny M
After a brief detour, he was there. CrushMan had used the NetSquare to reroute himself to different areas before, but it was always an instantaneous thing. Now he was forced to physically move through. What had changed? Was there something new impeding his way, or was it something else?

Not that it made much of a difference. It was a minor inconvenience at best. And he was here. The Master had been correct.

It was both troubling and yet soothing to think that. The Master being correct reaffirmed his deeply set beliefs, that the Master could never be wrong, yet there was still that other side of him, that side that felt and longed for the seperation he once felt. How much longer would it be till he experienced it again? He prayed soon. All he had to do was wait for danger to close in on him once again.

"Ah, how lovely. All of our charges, lined up and in a row. But what's this? Locks?" The Master made a sound of annoyance before continuing. "No matter. Just one of my fun little ideas thwarted. I do wonder though, might we be able to bust them open to see what's inside? An interesting idea, but I'd rather not. Too many risks and not enough reason to go forward with it."

"Enough. CrushMan? Grab the data. I'm assuming since it has those locks on it that we can't simply download the whole package and ship it back. You'll have to physically move them, all of them, to... where? Ah, would you look there! Directions! I was hoping we'd have something like this. Hmm, although it does seem to insinuate that things are just as they seem. How very dull. No matter. I have faith that at least one of my premonitions will come true. And what fun that shall be!"

CrushMan moved to grasp all three of the data packages in one hand, his huge frame going to one knee so as to take all of the items neatly and without undue risk. The Master would like that. Of course, the Master would also like for this 'fun' to occur. The Master's 'fun' tended to either hurt Crush. No matter, as the Master was so fond of saying. CrushMan would simply hurt them first. It was that simple.

However, his task was not quite as simple as he'd hoped. The packages were locked to the ground itself. "What?" The master asked. "What is it? ...You're kidding? Attatched to the floor itself? Why would they be locked to the ground? Damnable thing... I suppose we'll just have to wait and... Hold CrushMan. There's something else."

He rose to his feet soon as the Master investigated whatever it was that had caught his interest, leaving his mind to wander. He truly hoped that the Master's 'fun' would not show up. It would be fairly difficult to defend such small and fragile items such as the packages before him. The sooner he finished the mission, the better he would feel about the whole thing.

But just what was the mission? The Master had been very quiet about the whole thing. Nothing but orders. Not that that was anything to be shocked about. But CrushMan was a good Navi. He knew how to follow orders. His orders were to physically move the items to the destination as marked on the directions. Simple. Or at least it should have been.

"It says to wait for others... It appears we shall not be alone for this mission. An interesting and unexpected notion. I truly wonder..."
The white haired navi runs to the scene, just in time to see a big frame of a navi pick up the three packages of medical supplies. "Hey! You with the face! How dare you steal these medical supplies! These are for the poor, defenseless navis!" the White Blood Cell of the Net threathens with his Myocardium extended towards the navi. The shy Polonius intervened, saying "I-I-I-I think thats one of the other a-a-a-a-a-a-ssistants"

"Oh! My! I'm sorry fellow citizen!" the navi puts away his Myocardium and waves to him. "I am the White Cell of the Net, on the search for Arteries that clog and harm this beautiful, beating network" . He extends his hand out to the lanky navi in friendship and says "Lets be friends" in a happy and somewhat creepy tone of voice.
"Ah, and what do we have here?" The Master said, his voice light and friendly. "I see! So, you're one of the others? I must admit, you're not quite what I had been expecting. Greetings. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Charles, as mentioned in my posts in the BBS thread, and this is my Navi, CrushMan. Don't be rude now, Crush, let's show our new ally a little bit of a welcome."

He'd been told on how to properly deal with other Navi. The Master had made certain that CrushMan was ready for particularly this kind of situation. As he had said, impressions are one the most important events in a relationship.

The huge Navi bent down to one knee, much as he had done to try to pick up the data packages earlier, and angled his head down. "There's a good lad," The Master said. Crush still wasn't quite sure what the action meant, but the Master had said it was a sign of respect. That was enough. "Quite an amusing chap once you get to know him."

"Your design is fairly interesting. I particularly like that weapon of yours. A wicked looking device. Let's pray we don't have to make good use of it, yes? Ah, CrushMan! Look there, do you see? He is offering a handshake in a gesture of friendship. I believe I have not informed you on the social aspects of this action." The Master chuckled. CrushMan remained in his less than comfortable position, his head still angled so far down that he couldn't even see the other Navi.

"I would inform my Navi of the finer aspects of human relations, but I'm afraid a handshake from my little friend might be more than a little disrupting." The Master cleared his throat and his tone grew more serious. "You will excuse me if I remain suspicious, though. These items are quite valuable if I am not mistaken, and I do imagine that an unscrupulous sort could try and take these items for his own. I believe my Navi shall keep them, for now at any rate."

"You have my most sincere of apologies, but there's simply no way for me to know you are as you say, at least for now. Perhaps further introductions are in order? Mr. White Blood Cell of the Net is a bit of a mouthful."
"Hmm . . . quite if I may so Ol' bean. but I say a simple "hey" would have sufficed Awhahahahahaw! " the white haired navi said with a british, snooty accent. This was quite a wierd relation ship between a navi and a netop he thought in his head while giving that wierd laugh. "My real name ol' bean is DoNotResusitate.Executable but thats also a mouthful as well. You can call me DNR, Charles"

"I believe you can hold them Crushman ol' chap, I'll be more useful as a protector, incase people try to steal the equipment. As the Doctornavi of my Medical Student Netop, I know for a fact these can be sold quite high in those raggamouffin markets." The navi said with polite tone of voice, which is quite not and at the same time like him. Him acting this way was no surprise to Polonius as random insanity is what DNR is always like. . .
"I think we're there..."

A giant pompadored figure made a running entrance into the small electown area, clearly marked with the 3 packages on the net floor.


For the first time in his life, Rui was dead silent. He looked upon his allies. The purple one was pretty normal looking but... He walked slowly up to the tall one and his eyes got big. "WOAH!" he started to poke at the tall figure as his eyes grew large and he walked in a circle around the figure.
"Another one?" The Master said, a hint of agitation in his voice. "I see. Hmm. I wonder just how many are in this group? Troubling. No matter. We'll simply have to make due until all arrive." He chuckled. "Now now, friend. I take it you're one of us then? Yes, well, don't be so shocked. My little friend Crush here is nothing too special. It's not polite to gawk you know." Again he laughed lightly.

CrushMan rose to his feet after his deep bow and watched the Navi circling him. With the identity of this newcomer unconfirmed, it appeared wise to keep the charges out of reach, for now at any rate. A difficult thing, considering there stationary measure. Once the Master said it was alright though, perhaps a relaxation of his guard might be in order.

"But yes... DNR, you said? Forgive me for ignoring you this long. Yes, very interesting," The Master said, again bearing just the slightest hint of something Crush recognized as anger in his voice. "And your operator is a medical student? I see. Lovely. Well then, greetings, Operator of DNR! I look forward to us working together in the future."

"All that remains is the introduction of our new friend here. That and awaiting who ever else might be in our group. How troublesome. Well, we know that there's only the nine of us operating on this particular task. I suppose that means we can expect four at the most or the three we have now, assuming that the groups tasked with recovering the items in question were divided up evenly. I'd say that that is the safest guess, as I don't believe our link 'Grandma' had any particular idea of our strengths and abiltities. Granted, there could be other Navi-Operator pairs out there who simply did not post in the assistance thread, but I highly doubt it. In fact, I'd assume that we are all that exists for this group simply because she said the items were scattered over the area. Two groups hardly seems enough."

"Let's finish what's here and then move on, shall we? Best not to keep our charges waiting, yes? Your name, friend?"
"Aha!" Quickly stopping whatever 'gawking' he had been doing, Rui did a back flip, spinning as he landed to give a thumbs up.

"My name is..." He talked in a normal tone before: "RUUUIII!!!" His glasses made a bright appropriate glare as he adjusted them, "THE SHINY GLASSES HEEEROOO!!" He then stopped to extend his hand in friendship. "I didn't understand half the things you said but I'm sure more people are coming to see me~!!!" His smile grew "Such an important tasssk!"
"Yes, well then. Wonderful. Mr. Rui, Mr. DNR, I believe we both know our mission, yes? I think I remember hearing about the both of you from the request thread, so that should finish that bit of things." The Master sighed before continuing. "Lovely. I truly hope there is no one else to wait on. This is an urgent matter after all, isn't it? The sooner we complete our objectives, the better off we shall be, as shall the ones we're supposed to be helping."

CrushMan still pondered how he would respond should a combat situation arise. The items would hamper his combat abilities, what with his mission of protection. Still, he was fairly certain he could make due. It was certainly a more enticing notion than the alternative.

"Truly, what interesting allies I seem to have acquired. Well, let's finish our preperations and begin, shall we? Idle hands and all that."
As the three prepare to head out, they are unexpectedly attacked by a troupe of viruses! The data that they are supposed to deliver has not yet unlocked to allow them to take it, and sits in between the two groups dangerously!

VolgearA 80HP
VolgearB 80HP
MetoolA 40HP
MetoolB 40HP
MetoolC 40HP
MetoolD 40HP
MetoolE 40HP
MagneakerA 70HP
MagneakerB 70HP

Datapresents 200HP

Crushman 150HP
Rui 100HP

Enemies? Virii? "How inconvenient." Crush had to agree with the Master, atlhough it seemed a strange thing for him to say considering his 'fun'. "CrushMan, you know what to do, yes? Our number one priority is the defense of the package. Should it be destroyed, the mission shall be a failure."

CrushMan didn't miss the stress the Master put on the word, 'Failure'. He needed no further motivation. He immediately started forward, running towards and beyond the package in great bounds, all the while listening to the Master's instructions. "I've identified Volgear virii. Yes, you should recognize them, don't you Crush? We fought them not too long ago. Let's try something new this time. They heated up during battle, right? Might we assume that they are fire virii then? Then let's exploit that weakness."

He faltered in his stride as the foreign data jolted his system. He feared that he never would get used to that sensation. But he believed himself to be in a defensible position, or at least one where he might at least intercept the enemy attacks. It was what the Master wanted, after all. He needed no further explanation on this, no doubt another of the Master's tests.

But the data, the strange and new weapon, it materialized itself in a satisfactory way. Rather than altering and overwriting his own data, this one simply modified and upgraded an extension of himself. Namely, the spike missiles on his shoulders. But why his shoulders, rather than his arms? Ah, that was right! The virus who used the chip, he attacked from above that first time he struck! So the way the weapon moved was in an arc rather than a straight shot, like his shotgun. But how easy would that be to control?

CrushMan shrugged off his feeling of inadequacy. He might not be the best of shots with ranged weapons, but he'd been remarkably lucky lately. Why not further test that luck? With a short mental command, three of the wicked nails on his shoulders shook and angled themselves straight into the air. The sudden movement sent a shock of pain through CrushMan, a strange responce considering the missiles had never before been a part of him.

"Ah, I see you're capable of using our weapon then? Make it quick. I didn't customize this battle chip just to see you look stand about."

And there was the answer. The Master had modified it, like he did all of Crush's weapons. Why did they always seem to elicit some kind of pain or disruption to him? But again, it was beyond question at this point. With another mental command, the three elongated thorns shot off and spiraled together in the air. They hovered a moment before starting their descent, flying in towards the designated target. A faint trail of blue light followed the airborn missiles as they shot down and knocked into the ground. "Aqua," the Master said, shortly before a trio of small dark blue detonations marked the final path of his new weapon.

"Move a little more forward! You must properly position yourself to ensure the safety of our package!" Another surge of data marked the presence of yet another weapon, this one far less intrusive. A great blade almost half as large as CrushMan himself materialized itself within easy reach. The giant Navi took hold as the Master continued. "CrushMan, destroy any who approach you, cut your way to the designated area if you must! Remember, there are people counting on us. We cannot fail here!"

He obeyed.

1. AquaNeedle1 to VolgearA - (3x20 Damage)
2. Reposition between Virii and Package if Possible, Otherwise Maneuver to Defensive Position. Act as Shield for Package.
3. Sword to Virii near/approaching Package - 80 Damage -
"Hmmm . . . that Crushman seems a gracious and hospitable sport eh? So that takes care of protection, though I'm worried the ol' bean shall recieve too much damage . . . Eureka! The best way to take care of this Tumor is to hit it from all sides!" The white haired navi had formulated as he saw the large frame of a navi Aquaneedle that frey virus. "Nurse Bridget, would you please bring me a nice Log and a Shotgun, plase? Oh and do hurry up, these patients might die if we dont heal them with our love"

The brown-skinned med student simply smiled as his suggestions as he slotted in The the two chips in. "I-I-I-I-I would l-l-l-l-l-like to a-a-a-a-pologize for m-m-m-m-my navi. He can be . . . . "Interesting". He says as he slotted in the chips.

With no haste, the Ringlog1 chip data cloud came in as a speedy bullet. It fabricates a redwood log the sive of a sequoria. DNR picks this up, saying " We must heal these navis, with love!" He plans to hit the yellow, bug-eyed Mettools with his "Healing Log of Love" Saying "This is Spartaaaaaaaaa!" after each hit.

A little bit afterwards, the Shotgun datacloud comes by as quickly as the Ringlog as it hits configures the White haired one's right arm into a double barreled cannon. He points at the third and fouth Mettool and says " Thisllteach you once and for all not to mess with this TV show's main character." as he screams and shoots the two Bullets.

1. RIngLog(MetoolA and B for 50)
2. Shotgun (MetoolC and D for 50)
3. Dodge

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Rui's glasses shinned as he gave thumbs up to crushman.

"N-I-C-E DEFENCE MY FRIEND!" He turned to face the oncoming horde of enemies. "I'LL STAND BY!" Using all of his might in his feet, Rui's speed increased 10 fold, making him appear in a blur next to his big-boned friend. As he charged forward with his big-arse-protaganist sword, Rui's glasses reflected a renegade glare from the sword.

"Chips my dear friend!" He shouted to the air.

"Sending boomerang and guard!" Shin said, almost shouting himself. This was exciting! Of all the things he had done, this was really really exciting!

Rui smilled as he pulled the guitar off his back. This time, a bright red SG, it's "horns" glinting menacingly as the NAVI held the guitar by the neck, pointing it like a sword. Focusing additional power in his hands and feet, he suddenly blurred as he charged forward in sync (lol. Insync) with his giant ally, suddenly lashing out, spinning and releasing his guitar to send a deadly flail of red at his enemies. After doing it's job, the SG returned like.... Well, a boomerang, to land in Rui's hand, still held by the neck. Leaping back to reform around the packages, Rui braced for impact, holding the body of the guitar in front of him as a shield for himself as well as the package

"YA!" He said with a smile. "Sooo easy!"

1-2. Dodge+ Boomerang to anything and everything, 70 DMG, B accuracy
3. Guard (Standing between virii and packages) ))
The Needles from Crushman tears up a volgear as he slashes down a metool. The other metools are torn into by DNR's attacks, but only three fall. The boomer from Rui takes out a magneaker, but as the two take a defensive stance before the packages, the magneaker lobs a bomb clear over them, slamming into the packages. The met and volgear attack, but Crushman absorbs the blow from one, the showwave passing through him to the presents, and Rui rebounds the fire!

VolgearB 60HP
MetoolD 40HP
MagneakerA DELETED
MagneakerB 70HP

Datapresents 170HP

Crushman 140HP
Rui 100HP
Not soon after his weapon sheared through the approaching Navi, CrushMan was struck by the Shockwave attack of the Met. Good, he thought. It was as it should have been. Better he than-

"No!" The Master shouted. "The data packages!" Crush looked behind briefly and was shocked to see that the attack had simply passed through him. What was he supposed to do about that? He turned about and looked back at the dimuitive source of the attack. He couldn't guard against it then? That still left a fairly obvious answer.

"Hmm... doesn't look like there's too much damage. It should be ok." The Master breathed a sigh of relief before continuing. "Excellent work, my allies! Yes, Rui, DNR, we seem to have eliminated the majority of the opposition. That leaves but a few foes left. Let's simply eliminate what's left and then figure out how to move these darn things, shall we?"

"And deary me, how dreadfully rude of me! Rui, my friend, it appears that I have briefly taken leave of my manners! I have yet to introduce myself, nor my giant companion! CrushMan! Let's do show our friend how you managed to acquire your title, shall we? Crush them!"

A solid canisterformed on his arm, the item dwarfed by his massive size, but CrushMan did not doubt the power of the shotgun weapon. He aimed it at the strange and small virus with the piercing attack and fired. The bolt of energy spiralled forward before dipping too low, below his intended target, and blasting into the ground at the target's feet. Close enough.

CrushMan turned his attention from the small cloud of matter knocked up by the attack and looked for the last of the two opponents. "We could ice the last Volgear... But I think we should all have a little bit of fun this time. No reason to hog it all, eh friend Crush? Use these..." Two large boxes appeared not long after. A multitude of tendrils burst out of the items, suddenly and quickly, and jabbed themselves into Crush's arms. A moment later, the weapons firmly and fully attached themselves. CrushMan shrugged off the ensuing dizziness and feeling of wrong as his data was rewrote and his vision changed to the green targetting system of the Cannons. The Master did so love his alterations.

"Keep your position. Don't let anything through, not again," the Master whispered. "Shoot them. Both of the targets. And let's allow our allies to show what they're capable of, yes?" CrushMan followed the order, willing his weapons to fire and strike down the two enemies before him. They too would follow commands, and so discharged their bolts of destructive energy towards the intended targets, lancing forward in straight and clear paths.

1. Shotgun to MetoolD - 50 Damage - Chance of Splash
2. Cannon to VolgearB - 40 Damage -
3. Cannon to MagneakerB - 40 Damage -
Rui gave thumbs up.

"Crushman! I T 'S N I C E!" His smile sparkled as he crouched into a sprinting position.

"PREPARE SHIN!" He shouted as he watched the enemies.

"Oh! Right!" Shin slid a chip into the PET, "Sword in!" He started bouncing in his computer chair, overy excited from the incredible battle.

"Sword on!" Rui responded almost as soon as Shin had spoken, this time managing to NOT cut him off. Still holding his guitar, now with a large burn on the back from where his trusty guitar had blocked the incoming attacks. Suddenly, the body of the SG began to glow with a sort of "holy aura light". Rui started running towards the remaning foes at a fast, but not spectacular pace. Moving at top speed for a human, Rui began to blur after a short distance before a double outline could be seen. Suddenly, Rui appeared behind the astonished virii, sweat dripping from his forehead and his guitar held behind his head.

"EIYA!" With a serious look behind his marvelous glasses, Rui took a small leap in the air, clutching his guitar with both hands to deliver a long slash with the guitar edge. Strangly enough, the aura seemed to act as a blade, causing the guitar to actually deal damage as serrious as a sword to the unsuspecting virus. Not stoping for a moment, Rui quickly landed, making a sidestep to deal a sidewards slash to the unsuspecting viral menace. With a final motion, Rui turned to face his last remaining attacker. Drawing his guitar above his head, he bum rushed the virus, taking a few side steps in the middle before charging in, suddenly making a quick duck under before leaping up, guitar behind his head to deliver the final blow. Smashing the guitar over the head over the cranium of the beast, his guitar gave a groan before breaking in an explosion of high quality wood with a red finish.

*Can't touch this~! Added dodge to action 1*
1.Sword to watever (80)
2-3. Sword to whats left (80+80)))
"Let's see . . . three left, a Volgear, a Met, and a Magneaker. I think a good shock therapy is in order for these patients heheh . . . " He thought as he stood, arms crossed, giving a pleasantly normal smile towards the three remaining virii. " He looks up, still in that same pose saying to his netop "Hey, Ginger! I need a hyper charged, negative-electric electron beam and a light charged, elongated compound bullet, with a lead core in a copper envelope , stat!" He scientifically said to his black-haired, brown-eyed companion"

Now people dont really know what this request was for, but Polonius knew, after all, he took four really tough and really long science classes to apply to med school. "Hmmm . . . a electron beam . . . . aha! He means a Zapring! . .. and a light charged bullet . . .that could only mean a Cannon!" The shy one deduced in his head quite quickly. He thumbs through his limited amount of chips, quickly finding the Zapring and Cannon chips.

The yellow, electrically-charged datacloud that was familiar to the Zapring family of chips materializes a few feet above the white-haired wonder's head. He puts his now normal left hand inside the data cloud as it materialized into a yellow ring, brimming with electricity as sparks come flying around it. He folds his arms again, and looks towards the metool that avoided his previous genocide of Met-based virii. He quickly points towards him with his right hand, Mouthing out other things but thw words coming out of his mouth was something else entirely: "You! Pathetic yellow construction worker! You will not escape my mighty shuriken of light!". He quickly flings it like a frizbee, hoping that it connects quite fircely.

The steel-textured datacloud that belongs to the Cannon family quickly swoops down to his right arm, configuring it into a big barreled Cannon. He points it towards the satellite-based virus giving a laugh that would belong to badly made B-action karate movies: "Ha.Ha.He.Haw.Haw" while still somehow mouthing something else entirely. He fires the light-charged bullet, preparing to dodge skillfully like a karate superstar any last attacks.

1. Zapring to MetoolA (40)
2. Cannon to Magneaker (40)
3. Dodge
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The final attacks of the group tear the viruses to bits, data and energy from attacks flying every which way as the viruses are blown to peices! As the navis disengage battleroutine, the hear a loud click, and each present undoes itself from the ground. The can now lift the packages and follow the map left along with them!

<You may now add a single Datapresent to your inventory>

MagneakerA DELETED
MagneakerB DELETED

Datapresents 170HP

Crushman 140HP
Rui 100HP


Rewards: 300z, guard <each>
"Hah, too easy!" The Master said. CrushMan had to agree. The battle had been surprisingly easy. There was something to be said about having allies. "Well done everyone! Quickly now, Crush, let's gather up the data and move on. We can't just waste our time standing around, now can we chaps?" As the Master spoke, CrushMan went about his task, gathering up a portion of abandoned data and stopping at the trio of data packets. "Yes, we can finally get on with our mission now. Help those poor hospitalized Navi... Yes, quite right."

The Master then began to laugh, a light chuckle. "Although really, it all just seems a bit too odd, doesn't it? I really did want to wait for all of us to arrive before I said anything, but now seems as good a time as ever. CrushMan, pick up the package. There's a good lad. Yes... Don't either of you two have any suspicions regarding this task? It seems a little funny, doesn't it?"

"In particular, I remember something the woman said. 'Don't open the boxes, no matter what', or something like that. Come now, doesn't that strike you as just the least bit peculiar? I can understand the old woman telling us not to take the items, but not to open the package at all? It's just too strange. I might have missed the fact completely had I not just played an old videogame with a similar theme. The player was unwittingly carrying a very high risk item under the guise of a simple transportation mission! And all he was asked was not to look inside the box."

"So simple a request! It's just so tempting! Ah, but young men are oh so very curious. Leave it to boys, eh? CrushMan... Hold the package up." The Master laughed again as CrushMan complied, wondering the purpose of all of this. Weren't they supposed to be doing the mission? "Well? What do you fellows think's inside? Oh, there might be some kind of punishment for opening the thing, but sating one's curiosity is a very important matter, don't you think? The worst thing we can expect is a little tracker indicating the opening of the data, hardly anything more."

The Master paused a moment. "Ah, but that would be unfortunate, would it not? The reward might be held back and denied. That would indeed be unfortunate. But this all... it seems so very suspicious. That's all. Troubling, is it not? What do you fellows think?"

He continued on with barely a pause. "Something else that's been troubling me is the way the data was transported. Just a random appearance in the middle of the Net? How strange! And then there's the fact that the requesting person in question simply stated that the items were Recovery 300 items! They are quite powerful and expensive, so carrying whole packets of the things should attract quite a bit of attention, and from undesirable sources! I do not doubt that for a single moment! So why ask? Did the woman simply not see the risk? Again, it is troubling, is it not?"