Apostle.exe: WAKE UP! TIME TO BUST!

Apostle of course, had been resting in his PeT. Without any warning Jackson had jacked the navi in, and he was thrust into the middle of SciLabnet. His eyes opened a bit wider, his wings straightened. He had not been expecting such a quick log in.

"What Where Who?" Apostle spoke, startled at first. Before regaining his regal appearance. His wings of arcing electricity began to calm, the crackling that could of been heard before not apparent. He had drawn his sword, and now it was back at his side.

"Oh, right. The Virusbust."

Jackson's Voice appeared from the real world, he was breathing hard from the run. "Hey bud, sorry about the surprise but we have to go, now. Virus busting starts ahead. Just a bit ahead."

Apostle moved forward on Jackson's command. Looking through the SciLab Net. "Why Here?" He asked his Op Curiously.

"The Internship remember? I mean, if I don't get this paid internship I might have to work as a pizza delivery guy again." Jackson's sigh could be heard through the intercom from the PeT. "Do you remember the crap we had to put up with?"

"Yeah, I thought we agreed to never do that again?" Apostle said, a sweat drop appearing over his head as he remembered the overzealous boss, and the time he was almost lost to a soda fountains sugary water.

"Yeah..." Jackson Sighed. "We did, now come on, lets go."
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((At any rate, it's time for some blasting.))

Virus Attack!

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Apostle.exe: 100 HP

Apostle leaped backwards as the Viri appeared, furrowing his eyes. "Couldn't they at least warn us before they send the viruses at us?"

Jackson sighed, loading in the shotgun chip data. Would this be as easy as he though? "Don't be distracted Apostle. Shoot the shotgun at the middle one and maybe we can get a bit of luck here!"

Apostle knew this bit, and if it worked all three would be deleted. He raised his arm and shot the shotgun into the middle Billy, hopefully maiming all three. He snickered, preparing to dodge an incoming attack if he must.

Action1: Shotgun Billy(B, Splash to A?)
Action2:Buster Attack BillyC

Shotgun = Fifty Damage +Spread
(Dodging is like a "get out of one attack free" card, albeit one that doesn't always work. Also, please include a turn summary with what you're using, who it's targeting, and the damage it's doing. At the moment, it's pretty easy to tell who you're attacking and with what, but when you start getting more actions and your posts start getting longer it's a technique vital to keeping us mods' heads from exploding.)
(Editted, Thank you)
(Looks about right!
Except... please, also specify which enemy the splash is targeting. And keep in mind, the Splash1 effect means the damage can carry over to one other enemy, whereas in your description you seem to be targeting all three.)
(Edited once more my friend.)
(Ah, and we hit the final snag. Unless the weapon is a Sword or a Melee weapon, such as Rageclaw, it can only be used once per battle. But I believe this to be the last of my small pieces of advice, after which you shall be good for a while to come.)
(Believe thats it? Thanks)

Ah, the thrill of a new battle! Apostle's well-aimed shotgun manages to blast both Billies, to use an abominable alliteration...
Anyways, the last shot manages to tick off the Billy, and Apostle dodges the incoming thunder ball. It starts to curve around, though...

BillyC: 42 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Apostle.exe: 100 HP <Thunder homing in>
"Good one Apostle, Now slash twice!" Jackson nearly shouted, he was invigorated by being part of this, sweat starting to form on his brow.

Apostle did as he was told, lifting his sword and bringing it down across the virus twice. He hoped that Jackson had a plan.

"Now, Jump over the navi and prepare to dodge!" Jackson spoke calmly, quietly.

Apostle saw the brilliance of the plan, the homing thunder would hit the virus itself if it did not move.

Then, turning around, attempted to finish it off with a cannon.

Action 1: Buster weapon slash Billy
Action 2: Buster weapon slash Slash Billy
Action 3: Cannon to Billy!
Free Action: Swordplay

Cannon - 40 Damage
(Crazy, there's something you might want to know. Your battlechips refresh between battles, so practicing restraint is almost nonexistent. Also, if you're sticking with these two buster shots, you should also probably know that as a sword type, you get a free dodge in addition to your three usual actions after two melee attacks.)
(Ha! That's more like it! Just be careful around larger groups of enemies, though, because even if you dodge, that'll only account for one or two attacks.
That's more an intricacy of battle style, though, so feel free to ignore my ramblings.)


Terrain: 100% Normal

Apostle.exe: 100 HP

Prize: 200z
"Ok Apostle, Let's wait for some more badies." Jackson spoke through his PeT, finding it difficult to believe that battle could of really gone /that/ easy.

Apostle just blinked, and then he sighed. Jackson put on "Another One Bites the Dust" By queen, and apostle readied his battle stance.
More viruses.

BeetankA: 50 HP
BeetankB: 50 HP
BeetankC: 50 HP
Boomer: 60 HP
CanoGuard: 60 HP

Terrain: 45% Metal, 55% Normal

Apostle.exe: 100 HP

"Ok Buddy, you ready?" Jackson smiled a bit, more viruses meant better rewards.

"Yeah, Lets do this." Apostle spoke as he pulled out his Shotgun chip, Firing at BeetankB, Hoping the spread would hit A.

He then turned to The Boomer. As he ran forward his right hand switched to a rage claw, slashing twice in an attempt to destroy the boomer.

Action1: Shotgun (BeetankA and BeetankB(Spread))
Action2: Rage Claw (Boomer)
Action3: Rage Claw (Boomer)
FreeAction: Swordplay

Shotgun - 50 Damage, Spread(1)
Rage Claw - 40 Damage
Apostle blows up one Beetank, and then dices a Boomer. Another Beetank blasts at him, but his swordsman reflexes kick in and he dodges the bomb.

BeetankB: 50 HP
BeetankC: 50 HP
CanoGuard: 60 HP

Terrain: 45% Metal, 55% Normal

Apostle.exe: 100 HP [Rageclaw]
Jackson watched as Apostle maneuvered cleanly, a sigh of relief as nothing hit him. "Ok, now lets do this. Won't be long before we've won!" He spoke loudly and enthusiastically through the microphone, he was pumped.

A drop of sweat fell from apostles brow as he twisted and turned to avoid the bomb. He then raised his sword, and as lightning struck it he dashed at the Canoguard, Letting out his Heavenly Sig.

Next, he unleashed two Race Claw slashes at BeeTankC.

Action1: Heavenly Sig, CanoGuard. Heavenly Sig does 60 Damage with a two turn cooldown.
Action2: Rage Claw (BeeTankC)
Action3: Rage Claw (BeeTankC)
FreeAction: Swordplay

RageClaw - 40 Damage
The canoguard simply blocks the attack. The beetanks gets beat around and then is deleted. The other fires a bomb which hits the floor, cracking it.

BeetankB: 50 HP
BeetankC: DELETED!
CanoGuard: 60 HP

Terrain: 45% Metal, 52% Normal 3% cracked

Apostle.exe: 100 HP [Rageclaw]
Jackson smiled as another virus was deleted. Good thing too, he thought inwardly to himself, Apostle hasn't even taken damage, and we might get through this battle without any at all!

Apostle was smirking as his rage claw deleted yet another virus, lunging at the Canoguard swipping once at it, before swiping twice at BeeTankB

Action1: Rage Claw CanoGuard
Action2: Rage Claw (BeeTankB)
Action3: Rage Claw (BeeTankB)
FreeAction: Swordplay