Dark Boy, on the Net!

All my battling in ACDC will be HERE. From NOW ON. Dont lockify please.

Dark Boy appeared in the net with a flash of shiny silver! He thought StealthMan's data staarted appearing, and then he dashed around looking for virii!

StealthMan jacked into the net and trailed after Dark Boy.

Stealth:"Wolves.GMO transformation!"

Dark Boy is first to beam down onto the net floor, followed closely by Stealthman. Stealthman activates his new .GMO, becoming more animal-like than before. They probably should have double-checked their landing spot, or they just have bad luck, because they have landed smack in the center of a group of Metools! To make matters worse, a strange wall of energy covers the ceiling: a Jack Out Barrier!

Viruses Identified
MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP
MetoolD: 40HP
MetoolE: 40HP
MetoolF: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Dark Boy.EXE: 100HP
Stealthman.EXE: 100HP
[Jack Out Barrier: active!]

<(Battle #1: Rough Landing! Ready, Fight!)>
Dark Boy laughed at the puny virii, and started the battle!

Dark Boy, StealthMan, lets take em' out!

Thats what we plan, Trillian

Dark Boys wrist grew a looonnnnggggg claw, and Dark Boy dashed to the side and spun around, flinging his rageclaw at the closest Mettools!

Stealth, take out the back!

Turn Overview:
Rageclaw: MetoolA (40 Null)
Rageclaw: MetoolB (40 Null)
Rageclaw: MetoolC (40 Null)

Stealth, you know the drill.
Sam: Trillian let me take em out!

Stealth: Rageclaw, slot in!

StealthMan sprinted up and sliced at the viruses!

Sam: Come on Stealth! Take em out!

Turn Overview:

Rageclaw on Metoold40
Ragelcaw on Metoole40
Rageclaw on Metoolf 40
The pair each grow a set of blades on their fingers and go slash-happy on the Metools. However, their actions are sloppy, and only manage to take out 4 of them. One of them fires a shockwave, hitting Stealthman. The other sends out its own shockwave, this one hitting Dark Boy.

MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolF: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Dark Boy.EXE: 90HP
Stealthman.EXE: 90HP
[Jack Out Barrier: active!]
Stealth: "Stupid viruses! "

Sam: "Dont procrastinate! "

Stealth: "WHAATT???"

Sam slotted in a battle chip called shotgun, and stealthman ran to the front of the virus, hopped up to avoid possible hits, and FIRED!!!

Then he got out his massive stealthsword and sliced at both viruses!

Turn View:
Attempt to Dodge
Shotgun MetoolB 50
StealthSword on MetoolF and B (30 Per Virii)
Lets see how "Stealthy" this StealthMan is!

Well, seeing how we couldnt get much rewards for this fight, why not?

Dark Boy agreed, but only let out one attack! Dark Boy's arm turned into a miniature cannon, and he jumped up into the air, and fired it down at MetoolB! Then he dropped to his feet and started running around like MAD!

Turn Overview:
Jump into Air
Cannon: MetoolB
Attempt to Dodge by running around like mad
The two Metools fall under a hail of fire, exploding into little bits of data. Some zenny data remains, but that's pretty much all that's left. The barrier still appears active, however.



Terrain: 100% Normal

Dark Boy.EXE: 90HP
Stealthman.EXE: 90HP
Rewards: 90z each, 1FXP each
[Jack Out Barrier: active!]
Dark Boy, quite satisfied with the deletion, started making gun-like taunts at StealthMan.

Lets do it again! But Stealth, let me handle THIS one.

Stealth, you can join in if you want.

Dark Boy ran around searching under everything he could find, and looking for some viruses!

((The Jack Out Barrier is still active. You two are stuck here until you deactivate the barrier.))
Dark Boy wandered around looking for a machine or switch or something to deactivate the barrier. Maybe even some viruses!

((Requesting Anything))
((Are you still tandem battling with Stealthman? You'd better be, 'cus both of you are still logged in this thread. One person can't just go forward and keep battling while the other stays behind.))
Yes.....he is forced to be with me because of the barrier, right?
Grim I was trying to bring out the point, not asking. But anyways, lets bust some virii or somethin'.
Stealth:"All right! Another chance to kill!"

StealthMan silently ran to find more viruses.
The pair continues forward, trying to find some sort of evidence as to why this barrier is still active. However, their search is quickly halted as a small metal orb lands at their feet. They instinctively jump out of the way; good move, since it was a bomb. They attempt to find where it came from, and end up face to face with several Beetanks, and a few Metools as well!

Viruses Identified!

BeetankA: 50HP
BeetankB: 50HP
BeetankC: 50HP
BeetankD: 50HP
BeetankE: 50HP
BeetankF: 50HP
MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Dark Boy.EXE: 90HP
Stealthman.EXE: 90HP

<(Battle #2: Bombs away! Ready, Fight!)>
[Jack Out Barrier: Active!]
Beetanks? Metools? Take em' out!

Acknowledged. Commencing battle operation!

Dark Boy requested RAGECLAW and jumped straight to action! He started running forward at mach speeds! Running straight through Metools A and B, then he hopped over the Beetanks and sliced at the BeetankA!

Turn Overview:
RageClaw: Metool A (40 DMG)
RageClaw: MetoolB (40 DMG)
RageClaw: BeetankA (40 DMG)
Sam: Stealth, dont let em ruin all the fun! Lets do it!

Stealth: This isnt the final frontier, but lets do it!

Sam: ....

Sam slotted in a Rageclaw, and then stealth man walked right towards the Beetanks, and as he got near, he sliced at the Beetank B, C, and F.

Stealth: KEep it up, Stealth!

((Time to go home from Dark Boy's house))