Damned Sasquatch

((Please forgive me if I make any mistakes as this is my first battle thread on RE:RN and I am not very familiar with the format.))

In ACDC Net, Logan's navi Armagohma materialized- a black suited humanoid figure. Arma walked across the floor, looking for virii. Nothing so far.

"So Logan how is life going?"

"Oh it's great. Oh yeah you don't know do you? Since you had to spend that entire week rebooting..."

"So? What'd I miss?"

"Well hmm...Dad went on another business trip- this time in Malaysia."

Logan had a strange feeling as he said these words.

"You miss him don't you?"

"Ya," Logan replied. His father, being the active businessman that he was, was always either in a meeting, on a business trip, or on a plane to a business trip, and didn't see his son very often.

"You okay?" asked Arma.

"Ya I'm fine. Now lets get this stupid lock unlocked."

Arma continued looking for virii until he spied something- a shadow that quickly moved in the shadows. Arma immediately responded by changing his left arm to his buster and then pointed it at the shadows where the anonymous something lurked.

HP: 100
The shadow appears to be...
three metools...

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Armagohma.exe: 100 HP

Of course you're not. Read this before you even post: http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNe...p?showtopic=124
Armagohma looked alertly at the Metools, with his sword at the ready. He fired a rapid shot at the one in the center to spread them away from eachother.

"You still remember how to fight?" Logan inquired sarcastically.


"Yes? Just yes? No biting sarcastic remarks or rebuttals? Is this still Arma I'm talking to?"

Arma's sword emerged as his hand transformed in a blocky animation. He ran up and attempted to stuck the blade through one of the Metools, following up the attack with a slice at another one. "Please continue your slew of questions later. I've got a battle to fight" he replied.

"I'll shut up."

HP: 100
1. Rapid Shot > MetoolB
2. Sword Stab > MetoolA (8 dmg)
3. Sword Slice > MetoolA (8 dmg)

((Still not familiar how much dmg each attack does so if you could help me with that it would be much appreciated))
((Your custom weapon is a sword. Not a buster thing that Megaman has. Your buster does 8 DMG right now. Fix it. And you can't stick a blade through your opponent, you can ATTEMPT to though.))
((Wait so do I or do I not have both a buster AND a sword? And how much dmg does the sword attack do? And how much dmg does a rapid shot do?))
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(Also, you bumped after 4 hours.
You must wait 24.

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((No, your sword is your buster. And bumping is done after 24 hours of the last post.))
((so my sword shoots like a buster? like a gunblade sort of thing?))
((No, it slices... LIKE A SWORD. :'D Does 8 DMG.))
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The attacks hit, but then Arma is blown back by a shockwave.

MetoolA: 24 HP
MetoolB: 32 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Armagohma.exe: 90 HP
Armagohma cringed, trying to hold his footing during the shockwave. He stood up straight and then assumed a combative stance before lunging at MetoolB, who was still in shock from the last two attacks directed on him. He charged past the virus, attempting to slash him as he passed. Then he quickly turned around and jumped at the Metool again before it had a chance to recover with his sword held above his head, attempting to land a powerful blow to the head.

"I see you're at no loss in terms of style," Logan commented. Armagohma ignored the comment and didn't reply, instead readying himself for a counterattack.

Arma looked at the situation and saw all possible counterattack strategies the virii could have in plan unfold in his mind and then devised an effective evasive or defensive manuever to use during each of the circumstances. If the virii were to attack Arma at his right side, he already had a worthy defensive strategy to throw right back in their faces. If they were to attempt an attack from the rear, Arma knew he would have a strategy already concocted. Arma was ready.

HP: 90
1. Lunging Slash > MetoolB (8 dmg)
2. Skull-Crushing Blow > MetoolB (8 dmg)
3. Dodge
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The same things happen as last time. THE EXACT SAME THINGS.
Wow, that was "some" counter-strategy. He still got hit though. Guess that multiple viruses can attack!

MetoolA: 24 HP
MetoolB: 16 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Armagohma.exe: 80 HP
Arma cringed again as the shockwave pulsated through his body. After the shock was over with, Arma unwove his coiled body and got ready.

"Need some help in there? Want any battlechips?" Logan asked.

"Hit me."

Logan quickly groped around in his jacket pocket for some battlechips."Any specific request?"

"Hmm...it's definitely between shotgun or cannon...Cannon is just powerful enough to kill any one of these virii, but Shotgun has the spread...but on the other hand it is a bit overpowered for the current combat situation..."

"Just pick a goddamn chip."


Logan exhaled and then inserted the Cannon battlechip into the PET. Back in the virtual world, Armagohma put his hands together as the cannon materialized over them. The cannon revved up, and Arma took aim and fired at MetoolC, who hadn't been touched the entire battle. This is where it gets interesting...

After the shot was fired and the cannon disappeared, Arma took a dramatic, intimidating, battle stance and stared down the enemy. His sword powered back up and he leaped high, coming down on MetoolB with a devastating sideways slash. He landed perfectly, and then swung his buster upwards at MetoolB, who was already in confusion from the previous attack.

HP: 80
1. Battlechip: Cannon > MetoolC (40)
2. Sideways Slash > MetoolB (8)
3. Upwards Slice > MetoolB (8)

((that better?))
((Yes, but you don't decide if an opponent is confused from a previous attack or not.))

Arma blasts away with his Cannon, deleting a virus in one hit. He then dashes in with his sword and deletes another virus. Now, only one remains.

MetoolA: 24 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Armagohma.exe: 80 HP
((ok will do.))

A sense of accomplishment came over Arma as the two virii were deleted and disappeared into thin air. Two down, one to go.

Arma turned and faced the third and last virus. This would be easy. Logan sensed another request from Arma for another battlechip before Arma even said a word and Logan slipped a Shotgun into the PET. Arma's arm morphed into a big-barrel shotgun. Armagohma took steady aim. He wasn't going to let this one go to waste. He held his breath, and then fired at the last remaining Metool.

HP: 80
1. Take Aim
2. Battlechip: Shotgun > MetoolA (50 dmg)
3. Dodge