A New Team?

Using this as a reference to past events.

A purple beam crashed into the ground near Kenji, before reforming in to its regular shape. Nachahmen emerged, and looked around for a bit. He then spotted Kenji and appeared to stare at him mutely...

(No battle yet, please.)
Yawning, Kenji got up and stretched. Rubbing his eyes and looked at his surroundings. He got up and stood face to face with the new navi standing before him. Staring blankly he looked at him with squinted fox eyes with a confused glare. He tilted his head to the side and studied him closely.

"So... we got rid of the weirdo in the jumpsuit and the scarf... and replaced it with some rejoect from the blue man group... in a jumpsuit?"

Nac listened closely to Kenji's words as he examined his appearence. After a few moments, Nac began to change, reforming his jumpsuit slowly reforming, to show a loincloth, hanging out loosly, and fairly long sash tied into it; Baggy, free-flowing pants, bearing pictures of Tigers and Dragons along it; and a cloak, hood down, flowing out. His feet change a bit, and what appears to be wooden sandals appear upon them. Hair appears to grow out of his head, light in color, and forming a ponytail.

His eyes shift and form into more human-esque eyes, the eye color somewhat dark. A mouth set in upon his face, small fangs hinting out. A fair nose set in, and two finishing details: a tear-shaped marking under his left eye, with a lightning bolt on his right. Upon this metamorphosis, Nac began to speak.

"....R...Re...Re...Re...Reject.....Reject? He said, albiet in a very effeminate voice, reminiscent of a young teenage girl. "Reject?! Hon, I'm no reject..." He said somewhat angrilly, wagging his left index left and right. "I'm Nachahmen, fashion navi extraordinaire! I can reform to match most any subject! What can ~YOUUUU~ do, Mr. I-Think-I-Know-Everything? HM?!" He asked, scoffing....
Kenji's eyes widened a bit as his left eye started to twitched. He glared at the copy of himself with fire glowing in his eyes. Sticking a finger in the navi's face he yelled angrily,

"I DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT!!!!! I don't care how dashing, sexy, and flat out god damn good looking you are in that form, but nobody not even mr. one piece bon clay knockoff here gets a way with this!!! You're not doing it right!"

Kenji walks behind the shapeshifting navi, grabbing his right arm and stretching it out in front of him into a phoenix wright pose.

" Now look, you strike the pose like this... Kenji grabbed the navis legs and spaced them farther apart into a strong stance. " and for gods sake, take your hand off your hip and put it at your side, ok good. now all you need is my, "I don't give a rats ass" badass grin. Good, and stop being so godamn effeminate, im not a chick!"

Kenji stepped back a bit and examined the posing navi.

"There, now you are a true work of art!!!!"
Nac followed accordingly, striking the sexy pose, though swaying his hips a bit.

"We are....SEXY DUEX!" He declared, his voice deepening just slightly, though still reminiscent of a girl.

"Say it with me, buddy! SEXY DUEX! SEXY DEUX!! SEXY DEUUUUUUUX!!!!" He exclaimed, pulling his right arm back and throwing foward as he repeated the phrase...

(After Rai's reply, w/e happens happens with ragards to virii)
"Now hold on there binky boy, you got the right pose, but you gotta talk like me too! First step, piss off your operator! HEY KEITO!!! I just emailed your entire porn stash to your grandmother! HA!"

Keito stared blankly at the screen of his laptop.

"Oh that is it, you seem to have forgotten that i can rearrange your data any way i wish. Your in for a big surprise later, ...it involves boobs."

"Really? Awesome!"

"No kenji, not like that, think about it real hard for a second. It also involves crossdressing."

Kenji stood there with his mouth wide open.

"...im fucked, I REGRET NOTHING!!!
"Heh. Sounds funny. Hey Zanzo, I....Um...Ummmmmm......I stole your pot?" He said.

"...." Zanzo chuckled a bit. "You silly. Marijuana hasn't been around here for some time. Not in abundance anyway."

"Oh....Right....Errrr....Crap. He commented, sighing. He looked over to Kenji with puppy eyes, almost crying. "I'm.....I'M NO GOOD AT THISSSSSSSSS! WHAAA!!" He yelled, going into a teary fit, sprawling on the ground and convulsing around...
Sighing kenji put his hand on the depressed navi's shoulder. Striking a Maito Gai pose he let out a large grinning smile. His teeth sparkled in the light.

"Don't worry my pupil, you are in the springtime of youth! Yosh!!!"

Amidst the pairs nattering, they are approached by a virus hoarde!

CannondumbA 50HP
CannondumbB 50HP
BunnyA 50HP
BunnyB 50HP
MetoolA 40HP
MetoolB 40HP
MetoolC 40HP
MetoolD 40HP

Kenji 100HP
Nac 160HP

Frowning, Kenji glared at the oncoming virus horde. Shaking his fist angrily his eyes burned with fire.

"We were having a sexy contest!!! How dare you interrupt!!!"

Staring at his laptop's screen, Keito smacks his hand to his face in embarassment. "I seriously need to make some adjustments to this crazy bastard..."

Keito reached into his pack and pulled out three battle chips, flipping them through his fingers, he slid them into his laptop. Kenji's arm glowed and turned into a a vulcan. A loud booming voice like from metal slug rang, "Heavy Machine Gun!" Kenji cleared his throat, "Sorry, force of habit." Kenji Jumped backwards and landed behind Nacha.

"Sorry, dude. Gotta use you for a sec!"

Kenji mounted his vulcan on his partner's shoulder and took aim at the opposing mounted cannon, and pulled the trigger. Shell after shell of metal bullets poured from the barrel into the virus. As the barrel glowed red hot, his arm transformed into a cannon. He took aim and charged a shot and fired a blast of energy. Finally, he reached out as a boomerang materialized in front of him. He snatched it out of the air and hurled it at one of the furry rabbits.

1. Vulcan2-50dmg-CannondumbA
2. Cannon-40dmg-MetoolA
3. Boomerang1-60dmg-CannondumbB
"Heh...It's no prob. You'll see that I'm pretty flexible" He said, his shoulder dipping inward to fit the vulcan.

"Well, I guess this is where I come in." Commented Zanzo, slotting Heatshot, Shotgun, and Guard chips into the PET.

Nachahmen's arms transformed into busters, his right red with the left blue, and with that, he tucked down and rolled to the right, lining himself up to the metool. He took a moment to examine them, taking various details of their appearance, capabilities and habits in. He saw them on a different scale; he examined them through the very binary that coded them. But more than just the metool, Nac found particular interest in the bunnies, but kept focus for the moment.

"Try this, you wannabe miners!" He yelled, firing off a blazing shot from the red buster, then pulling his other arm ahead, unleashing a sharp burst as it came parallel to the general direction of the virii.

After dealing his blows, Nac's attention returned to the bunny he noticed earlier. Its simplicity seemed to have a profound effect upon him. A simple pink orb, with wire wrapped around it; basic, circular eyes; cute little yellow feet, and finally, its ears...simple bent rods. Upon deeper examination, things begin to make more sense for him.

Ah...electricity. That would explain the appearance. Well, anything it can do I can do BETTER! He thought, taking a low stance.

Nac's form began to change a bit. While still maintaining the basic appearance of Kenji, what appeared to be coils began to emerge, wound around his arms and legs, tying into the center of his chest, near his emblem. Further, the coils sprouted from his back, thickened, and stretched out before bending back down and into him. Upon this strange transformation, Nachahmen got on all fours, electricity flowing about him, his mouth being a focal point. He took a deep breath, the electricity around slowly focusing at his gaping mouth. Then, closing his mouth momentarily, Nac's eyes widened as he stared at the bunny. He opened his mouth in a sort of roaring 'BZZZT', launching a stream of electrical energy toward its target.

After the attack, Nac came to a rise, the shield forming around his left arm as the physical traits of the bunny faded away from his person, and he hopped back before holding the shield out ahead in a defensive pose...


Sig: Nature's Embrace: No action to activate. Increases Accuracy of attacks this turn, as well as rp value and mimicry allowance of fallen virii. Can be used with other sigs, but increases its own cooldown by 1 when doing so.

1: Heatshot-40dmg+possible splash-MetoolB
(being Cursor and all)+Snipe: Once per turn, may boost the accuracy of an attack(doesn't use an action)
2: Sniping Shotgun-50Dmg+possible splash, increased accuracy(due to snipe)-MetoolD
3: Lv2: Emulation Check: *Against Virii: Mimics the appearance of one target's attacks, using it's element and dealing the current lv2 sig cap, rounded down to the nearest ten, to a target of choice. In this case, 100dmg-BunnyB
4: Guard-**Dmg-Reflects one attack


Nature's Embrace: 3(2+1)
Emulation Check: 6
Kenji's Vulcan eats through the Canodumb and the met is blown apart by the Cannon. THe Boomerrang cuts through the reamining Canodumb, along with a BUnny. Nac then torches two mets with his Heatshot and pops the final one with his SHotgun. He then blasts the Bunny to smithereins, firing a ring of electric at it.

CannondumbA DELETED!
CannondumbB DELETED!

Kenji 100HP
Nac 160HP
((Also, snipe is once per turn, FZ.))

Rewards: 300z each
((Sorry for the confusion. When I did Snipe, I put it ABOVE the attack I was going to use, then named that attack 'sniping' whatever. For future reference, I'll keep the snipe and it's attack separate from the other actions though use of paragraphing, k?))

"Woah. We were AWESOME! I think I can ditch the coy attitude I had with you though, buddy. Kenji, was it?" He said, his voice deepening to that of an effeminate man. "Making you out to be a chick might have been a bit much, huh?" He asked, wandering around a bit more...
Yawning Kenji walked around a bit aimlessly. Glancing at his digital clock. "Hey, hows about one more battle my pro toge? It's getting late and we got something to... attend to."
He turned his head toward him, smirking a bit.

"But of course..." He said, continuing onward...
Virus Attack!

SeedbatA: 50
SeedbatB: 50
SeedbatC: 50
SpookyA: 50
SpookyB: 50
SpookyC: 50
SpookyD: 50
SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90

Kenji: 100
Nac: 160

Happy Ready Go!
Kenji looked onwards at the oncoming virus and took his stance. Quickly he glanced at a glowing hologram floating above his head. He opened up a comm link with Keito.

"Crap, theres a lot of them... We gotta finish this quick! We're running out of time."

"Right, no fooling around, let's hit them with our strongest attacks!"

Keito reached into his bag and slid out his stash of chips, twirling them in his fingers he slid three into his laptop with a satisfying click. Kenji's arm began to warp and transform into a large double barrelled shotgun, as he lifted it and took aim. Grinning, he pulled the trigger, and released a wave of energy towards a floating viri, cocked his gun, then released another blast. As smoke began to fizzle out of his barrel, his arm transformed back, to normal.

"Damn, if only there was a chainsaw chip, then i could go evil dead on these guys..."

"Stay focused Kenji, we have to finish this quickly if we're gonna make it on time!"

Kenji quickly reached back behind him and snatched a floating boomerang that just materialized behind him, and flicked it towards the virus horde.

"Don't worry, I got it covered."

1. Shotgun-50dmg+possible splash to SpookyB-SpookyA
2. Shotgun-50dmg+possible splash to SpookyA-SpookyB
3. Boomerang1-60dmg-SpookyC
Upon spotting the group, Nac quickly finds that these virii are even more exotic than the last. Most notably, the ghostlike navis. Upon thorough examination of them, he begins to assimilate their appearance unto his rendition of Kenji.

Hm...No elemental nature, but soo intriguing in appearance. I must...I simply must... He thought.

Quickly, yet casually, light purple, almost creamy in color, began to form around Nachamen's face, eventually forming into a skull-like mask, with voids visible through the spaces normally affixed to allow the eyes to be seen. Upon taking this new form, Nac silently turned his attention to what appeared to be bats. Noticing their leaf-like wings, he snaps to get Zanzo's attention.

"Hm?" Zanzo said. "Oh...leaves? Alright then. Guns comin your way..." Zanzo said, slotting in the heatshot and shotgun chips.

Nachahmen then rushed toward the virii, seeming to float off the ground as he did so, his arms transformed into busters; the right, blue; the left, red. Upon lining up with them, crosshairs seemed to appear out of the voids that were once his eyes, locking the center bat into perspective. He took aim with the red buster, gliding the arm foward, as though a puppet being led by its strings, then launching forth the firey explosion. Next, he raised his right arm, strafing it to the right at roughly a 30-degree angle, and let the buckshot flow from the cold blue buster.

Afterward, he paused for a moment, and suddenly, something odd began to happen: limbs began to pull their way out of Nachahmen. First legs, then arms, torsos, and finally, heads. At a speed of roughly two by two, Nachahmens began to pull themselves out of the original, until a small brigade of 12 was formed. Upon finishing, they all began to float, huddling in for a bit before shuffling about, then spreading apart. Upon this finishing of formation, the group then began to float around erratically, turning and stopping and backtracking at random intervals....


0: Sig: Nature's Embrace: Increased accuracy and RP values for turn, ability to mimic targets better(used on spooky). Can be used with other sigs for +1 CD.

0: +Snipe: Once per turn, buff accuracy of one attack.
1: Sniping Heatshot-80dmg(due to weakness)+possible splash, increased accuracy-SeedBatB

2: Shotgun-50dmg+possible splash-SeedBatC
3: Sig: Elmer's Grace: Creates clones to reduce accuracy against Nac. Lasts until he is hit twice or three turns pass. Cooldown begins when effect ends.
4: Dodge


Nature's Embrace: 3 (2+1)
Elmer's Grace: Turn 1
The first Shotgun manages to find its mark, but after that, the other Spooky evades the weapon. Kenji's boomerrang then launched, missing it intended target but hitting a nearby Spooky and a Spikey as well. Nac then begins to shift his appearance and then fires a mighty ball of flame, which torches two bats! He then finishes off the last flling foe with a shotgun. A few dopplegangers then form. A SPikey blasts one of them, while a Spooky warps forward to lick Kenji.

SeedbatA: DELETED!
SeedbatB: DELETED!
SeedbatC: DELETED!
SpookyB: 50
SpookyC: 50
SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 30

Kenji: 85
Nac: 160(clone: 1/3)
Nac continued in his silent assault, floating about seemingly aimlessly, awaiting Zanzo for chips.

"Hm. He's just floating around...I guess the busters aren't going to cut it then? whatever..." Zanzo commented, slotting in thunder and cannon chips. the brigade 'equipped' the new chips, all appearing to have a cannon on their left, and a charger for the thunderball on thier right. Hopefully unbeknownest to the ghosts, Nac silently tagged behind a the other clones as he took aim toward them. Using his crosshairs once more, he examined the one to the right from various angles before launching off the thunderball to the side.

Afterward, he raised his left arm, and mutely called for his clones to do the same. Taking aim at the initial spooky's buddy, Nac continued to make attempts to hide his location. After moving around more, offsetting his position to the right, he maintained his line of fire, charged the cannon, and let the shell fly onward at its ferocious speed toward the spirit.

Finally, using the data captured from the fallen bats, the brigage, sprouted leaf-like blades upon their arms. They reeled back their arms, then pulled foward, all apparing to lauch the leaves, but only four or so actually launching. Upon mid-flight toward the ghouls, the surplus leaves faded away, revealing only two solid projectiles, each aimed toward a respective spooky...


0: Snipe: Add accuracy to attack
1: Sniping Thunder: 40Elec+stun, slow movement, 'homing', increased accuracy-SpookyC

2: Cannon-40dmg-SpookyB
3: Attack-11dmg-SpookyC
4: Attack-11dmg-SpookyB


Nature's Embrace: 2
Elmer's Grace: 2nd turn