What a Horrible Day!!!

Aida awoke with a groan. The first thing she noticed that this wasn't her room, let alone her house. The room was practically white and made her even more confused. She managed to sit up in the bed though it stung a bit as she did so. It wasn't long untill she remembered what happened. She fell down into a pit from the construction site and passed out. "Wh-what a bad day..." She said as she rubbed her eyes. "How are you doing Ca-Capuchin....Capuchin?" There was no answer though. It was dead silence. "CAPUCHIN?" Aida began to worry now.

'NO! Capuchin is lost!' she screamed in her head, 'Where could she be?!'

She began to picture the PET being swept away from the water or stolen or even smashed under rubble. It all made her quite panicky.
"She's fine," Shin said, suddenly appearing in a chair next to her. Well, it might seem like that, but Shin had really been there for the past hour after her injuries were mended with.
"Don't move so much, you might hurt yourself," Shin said, putting a hand on Aida's shoulder and pushing her back on the bed. He had already re-established the link between him and Red in the current battle, but from when he last checked, there hadn't been much movement.
"Anyway, Capuchin should be with Wes right now," Shin explained, pouring a pot of tea into a cup near her bedside. "The doctor said for you to drink this when you woke up, don't drink it too fast though," Shin said, holding the teacup gingerly towards Aida.
Aida gave a nod and slowly took the cup. "I-Ive been n-nothing but tr-trouble. I p-put you all thr-through this....I-I'm sorry." She then took a sip from it drinking a bit of the liquid.
Wes walked into the hospital lobby and checked in at the desk, "Hello. My friend should've just checked in here. Aida Ambridge on the list of patients? Also, could you tell me about her current condition? I have her navi and she's a bit woried..." Wes pulled out the PET containing Capuchin, figuring she'd increase the chances of them getting info.

The receptionist looked down the list, muttering, "Aida... Ambridge..." to herself. Her finger landed on the name and called over a doctor.
"Ah, my name is Dr. Tsubasa," greeted the man just slightly taller than Wes, had short brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses on. "You'll be happy to know that Aida-san just woke up, one of her friends is with her right now," Tsubasa said, briskly leading Wes up the stairs and down a corridor. He knocked on the room labeled, "207"

"Come in," came a voice from inside. Dr. Tsubasa opened the door and Shin was with Aida, who was sipping on a drink of some sort.
"Yo Wes, got my message?" Shin asked, then turning to Aida, "Hey, it really isn't your fault, but you should watch where you're going next time." Shin gave her a wink at the end of this comment.

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"That still doesn't tell me much about her condition..." Wes mumbled, following. He gave a wave as he entered the room. He walked up beside the bed and placed a black and white device on the table beside her, "Well, she hasn't said much, but her data's intact. Try to heed warning signs in the future." He yawned, "So, anyway, how you holding up?"

Junior stayed silent. Capuchin's quietness had him a bit nervous, too nervous to speak.
"It really wasn't as bad as it looked to be which was a relief." The doctor stated, "No internal bleeding or damage to vital organs. A few broken ribs though and some minor bleeding. Also you suffered a minor concussion from the fall." He pointed to Aida telling her the news.

"W-well that's good." She said happily. "And I'm glad C-Capuchin's safe."

Capuchin said nothing.

"I was really worried about you. I thought you were taken when I saw that your PET wasn't here. I was so relieved to see that your fine."


"...? Capuchi-chin?" Aida began as she took the PET, "A-Are you cr-crying?"

The tearful primate looked up at her in embarrasment, "Gyuh...N-No. J-just had something in my eye that's all. I was really worried about you too Aida. I didn't want to loose you."

Aida gave a smile. "Thank y-you Capuchin. You saved me."

"Well...It wasn't only me, Soulman Jr helped out...and some peopel managed to get teh pillar off of you. Also..." SHe turned at the others, "AIDA IS NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO GO THROUGH PLACES OF DANGER!!! A PILLAR FROM A CRANE SLIPPED AND BROKE THE WODDEN PLANKS! IT FELL!!!!"

Aida quickly grabbed the PET and stuffed it under a pillow, "N-Now now Capu-uchin. Its alright! Tha-thank you all. I m-may have drowned d-down there."
"A construction site is kind of a place of danger... I only caution out of concern, Capuchin." Wes said, closing his eyes in thought, "So, Ambridge, can I get you or assist you with anything?"

"Umm... Capuchin-chan, want me to come over to your PET for a second?" Junior asked, "I kind of wanted to make sure you weren't damaged from our mission earlier."
"Meh, have a nice day guys," Shin said, standing up, bowing to the doctor. He looked at Wes.
"I'll finish up with something first before I come back to the Colloseum," Shin said to Majin, "I'll make sure Polonius gets there too," Shin said, as he walked down to the waiting room, his eyes focused on the battle.
Aida gave a wake farwell to Shin as he departed and then turned to Wes, "Oh...I-I'm fine." She then picked up her PET from the pillow, "How are y-you feeling Capuchin?"

"Alright, I guess." She said, "Though if you want to make sure Jr. You can come on over."
"All right, then. I'll just stick around in case you do, at least until Shin tells me that those two are ready." Wes took a seat. He then put his PET next to Aida's, allowing his navi to transfer over.

Junior appeared inside of Capuchin small, portable abode. He looked around nervously, then approached the sullen navi, "Capuchin-chan.... are you all right? With the incident with.... that one navi and what's happened with Aida-san, you've had a taxing day, both physically and mentally. I just wanted to make sure you were all right." He looked away, head down. then gathering up his courage, he stepped forward, "Though we haven't known each other too long, we've been through a lot together. I care about you a lot and just want you to know I'm here for you."
"Thanks Jr but I'm fine." Capuchin assured. "I just....have a lot on my mind."
"Well... once again, I'm here for you if you need anything. I really would like to get to know you better since..." Junior stopped. Confessions wouldn't do any good now. She had just said she had a lot on her mind. No need to pile up more, "Well, anyway, if you need some time alone, I understand. But if you want to clear your mind and want some company, I'll be taking a walk in Yoka Net. I'll talk to you later." Junior then transferred back to his PET, "Send me to Yoka. We never finished our business there."

With a nod, Wes found something to jack into. Junior entered the net and traced a link to Yoka.
Aida looked at the PET worried. "C-Capuchin...ar-are you sure you d-don't want to j-join j-jr?"

"Yeah." Capuchin replied. "I'm not in the mood."
Wes glanced up from his PET screen and looked towards Aida, "Something wrong, Ambridge? I'm not bothering you by being here, am I?"
It was a bit too late to say it though. Aida had dosed off. All this was not good for a person. It was a bit nerve racking as well. Sleep was teh best thing for her probably.

Capuchin gave a smile as she looked at Aida, "Heh, you were pretty beat anyway."
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