Missions and Meetings

Aida jumped off the metro and was about to head down the street when she noticed something on her PET.

"Oh....a l-link!" She exclaimed.

"A link? What is it for?" Capuchin asked all excited.

"Ummm....i-its for th-that research event......the l-link will s-send you to netfrica!"

"ALRIGHT! LETS HEAD OUT NOW!" Capuchin cried and with a single nod from her netop, she was sent into the net.
As soon as Capuchin materialized into the PET, Aida immediatley made a dash for the meeting spot. "CAPUCHIN!!!! HOW LATE AM I?!"

"About 2 hours..." Said a voice.

"OH NO SHE'LL BE....WAI-Wait!!! Th-that wasn't C-capuchin...." Aida slowly turned to see an aged woman behind her looking at her with a stern face. "Oh....h-hello Gr-grandma."

"Stuttering as usual I see. Come along now, we have much to discuss." Grandmother sighed and gestured her to the spot which was a cafe table. "You seem to be doing a bit better than I thought. You can go out in the open without hiding. Thats better. I remember when you just hid behind your father. You've improved so much."

"Imp-proved enough to f-forget this whole thing?"

"...don't press your luck my dear." She then pulled out from her bag a manila envelope and gently laid it on the table.


"Inside is some info about your fiancee."

Aida slowly opened the envelope to see...a lone paper, "Gr-grandmother...sh-shouldn't there be more?"

"Well there was. There was a picture in there as well and some other info...but...."

Aida stred at her grandmother wide eyed, "but?"


Capuchin leaned over to...

"But I forgot to stuff that in and left it at home."

WHAM! Aida fell over at this. "Gr-grandmother! How wi-will I learn anything about him i-if you don't bring in a-any info!!!?!"

"Oh come now Aida." Her grandmother assured, "I will make sure to e-mail you about him."

"Feh. If she cant remember bringing teh info, will she even remember to email it?" Capuchin sighed only to gain attention to the elderly woman.

"What was that?"


Aida's grandmother then packed her purse and began to walk off. "I'm heading back now. I need to work out a few things between the families."

"W-wait! GRANDMOTHER!!!" Aida cried, "I D-DON't Want th-th-this!"

"Give it a chance!" Her grandmother called out as she disappeared into the crowd, "I believe you may enjoy it!"

Aida just stood there for a brief moment as she realized that her grandmother had just signed her life over. She slowly turned to the envelope.

"SO....." Capuchin began, "What are you going to do? Are we going to do what I suggest? Moving away to Netfrica for a while till she forgets?! She's old and her age must be fading too."

"Cap-puchin! Grandmother i-s not loosing me-memory!" Aida scolded, "She means w-well but does-sn't think I can sur-rvive on my own...."

"SO...are we moving?"

"Wha? N-no! I'm going to find out ab-bit more about my f-fiancee. Th-there maybe only one paper in that envelope but it must at least tell his name..."

As she reached for the envelope, doom soon struck. A huge gust of wind suddenly picked up and swept it away. Aida watched it with petrified eyes...then screamed....


"EEP EEP! CATCH IT AIDA!!!!" Capuchin hollered, "If we don't theres no telling where it will go!!!"

"R-RIGHT!!!!!" With that, Capuchin and Aida began to chase it down.
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Shin walked out of Suitachi's Navi store, took a couple steps out while programming his new upgrades, and was soundly blinded when an envelope landed on his face.
"MMPHOR!" Shin muffled as he waved his arms around like a madman at his sudden blindness. Apparently, the envelope has excellent face-sticking properties.
((no clue what ya mean))

Aida immediately rushes over calling out to Shin. "Wait! WAIT! I-I'm so so-sorry that happened! Please! D-Don't throw that paper away!!!"
((I was making random suffocating sounds, don't worry about it.))

"GUFAW!" Shin yelled as he tore the manila envelope off his face. Suprisingly enough, it wasn't damaged at all.
"Oh, hey Aida," Shin greeted as he blinked, sunglasses off, at the young woman. He was holding the envelope in his right hand. "This belong to you?" Shin asked, holding the envelope out in front of him towards Aida.
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"Oh th-thank goodness!" Aida gasped as she went to take the paper, "Th-thank you Sh-Shin! I appreciate it!"
((It was a parody off of "I'm in your base, killing your doods."))

"You're welcome," Shin promptly stated.
"Hey Shin? Who's that?" Red asked, popping up in a lef-sized hologram.
"Oh, this is Aida, a friend of mine, would you like to say hi?" Shin asked his navi.
"I sure would! HI! AIDA!" Red said, trying to shake Aida's hand, but being a hologram, could not.
"Say, what's in that envelope anyway?" Shin asked.
"U-Umm...w-well it's a pr-pretty strange thing...." Aida said, quite embarrassed she then finished her statement softly and quick. "Information on my Fiance"
"I see, arranged marriage huh?" Shin commented. "So let's find out who this guy is, shall we?" Shin declared, slamming his hand on a randomly generated table in front of him. How did that get there?
Aida hesitantly nodded and slowly opened the envelope. "I...I..." Her hands shook as she tried to grip the paper.

"Don't give up now Aida." Capuchin announced, "We need to find out who this guy is."

"R-right." Aida managed to pull it out and read the paper. She remained silent.
Shin waited for a few moments, and then asked, "Well, what's he like?"
"Ah, I have something to do Aida, hold on a minute," Shin stated as he directed the two of them to a bench and a public jack-in booth.
"Alright, let's use the property of the Netsquare! Plug-in to Yoka! Go Red_Riding_Hood.exe!" Shin yelled as he linked his navi to Yoka's Net through the Internet City Netsquare connection.
Aida still remained silent as she looked at the paper. Capuchin waited anothe rminute then asked, "Heyhey! What's wrong? What does it say???"

"?....Oh r-right! Uh-hhh...." Aida re-read the paper again..."All it says.....i-is..."




"....the conduct of these notes are addressed to the fiancee, Aida Ambridge, and should not be opened or looked at by any person out of family....GRANDMAAAAAA!!!!!" Aida sunk to the floor, "WH-WHY DO THAT T-TO ME!!!?!"
"I see..." Shin sweatdropped, as he saw his friend wallow in dismay for only receiving a disclaimer notice.
"Also, you remember Requiem right?" Shin asked Aida.
"Y-yes..." Aida looked still a bit in dismay but was a bit brightened by her fond memories, "I e-enjoyed being a p-pa-art of the team. I c-can still r-remember our b-battles...I m-made so many fr-iends."
"Yeah," Shin commented, remembering those good time together in that group.
"So, you wanna rejoin it?" Shin asked.
"???..." Aida looked at him in confusion, "R-rejoin it??"

"Wasn't Requiem disbanded years ago?" Capuchin reminded them, "There's no way to join a group that's long gone."
"True, but what would happen if it were going to be revived?" Shin asked. "Wouldn't you like to join it, this Neo Requiem?"
Aida looked at Shin with joyful eyes, "Y-you mean....R-requiem's b-back?! Oh! I-id love to j-join again!!!!"
"Sure, I'll contact the new leader and make him meet us here, sound okay?" Shin asked Aida.