The Fujiwara House

The sun rose up on this fine morning and shined through the second floor window, and onto a young man's bed. Suddenly an alarm clock started ringing, well not that suddenly, more like 2 hours after the sun rose up, well anyway, the young man hit the alarm and woke up with a yawn. He did his daily routine of brushing his teeth, combing his hari down, taking a shower, getting dressed, which included putting his sunglasses on, and then eating breakfast. This man's name was FujiwaraShin, he was new to Electopia, well if you can say being in Electopia for the past month is new, but new anyway. After eating breakfast, he got his PET from his computer and started talking to his netnavi, Shuilong.exe
"Morning, Shuilong." Shin greeted.
"Same to you," his navi replied, apparently bored.
"So, what's on the schedule for today." Shin asked, while walking down the stairs.
"Well, we've got groceries to shop for, but no money." Shuilong replied, checking through the young man's calendar.
"Okay then, virus busting it is!" Shin replied as he ran to the park.

When he got to the park, Shin looked around and found the center of the area, a pink squirrel statue.
"Okay, let's go! Plug-in! Shuilong.exe! Transmission!" Shin yelled, executing a variety of unnecessary posing, before jacking Shuilong into the net.
"Oh well.. time for that sale eh?" Shin asked his navi sheepishly.
"Fine fine, just go already. I kind of wanted to get back into the onsen anyway." Shuilong replied as Shin headed to the metro bound for Yoka.
Shin blasted into ACDC town through the metro and walked along with his navi at his side.
"So what do you want to do Red?" Shin asked, but suddenly, a popcorn machine next to him malfuntcioned and started spraying popcorn everywhere!
"Fixing the machine would be a good start." Red said, pointing to the machine.
"Okay then! Plug-in! Red Riding Hood.exe! Transmission!" Shin yelled, jacking Red into the popcorn machine.
Shin plugged Red out. The popcorn machine has finally stopped, so he tried to find a public jack-in point. His first instinct was the pink squirrel in the park. So he ran there and transmitted Red Riding Hood.exe into ACDC Net.
Shin jacked Red out of the net, pocketed his PET and ran to the chip shop.
Shin arrived in ACDC. Man it felt good to be back. Shin rolled up his sleeves as he plopped down on a bench next to a public jack and sent Red into the net.
Shin sighed as he jacked Red out.
"So, to SciLabs then?" Shin asked his navi.
"Alright!" Red replied cheerfully.
Shin got back into his house, for the first time in what seems like months. Well, 2 months probably. He stomped up his stairs, turned his computer on, and jacked Red into the netsquare.
"Let's see how everyone's doing," Shin commented as Red was sent in, he then ran to SciLabs.
Shin arrived at home. It was late. He felt like falling asleep.

And so he did.
After x number of days, Shin had reworked some of Red's sigs, fixed Myun all better, and had completed some trades.

And his stock investment came in. Good times.

"With all this money, I better upgrade you more, Red. Navishop time," Shin commented, taking his PET and walking out.
Shin came back home, threw his bag at the couch, and started brewing some coffee. He set his PET on the counter far away from the sink, and smiled.
Shin woke up with really messy hair, but then he got ready and dressed.

"Morning Red," Shin commented to his navi, unplugging her from his home terminal.

"Good morning, Shin! Ready to kick some butt?" his navi replied excitedly.

"Hehe, well I hope so. I'm all fired up fighting against all these opponents!" the ace exclaimed, pumping his fist into the air.

"Yeah! You stayed up really late making all these strategies! We'll win for sure!" the fairy-tale fighter giggled.

"Nothing's for sure, but I'll be damned if I don't do my best. Let's go! To the tournament!" Shin said, pointing dramatically forward.

"Yeah! To the Tournament!" Red and Myun cried out in unison, copying their operator's pose.

Then Shin ate breakfast, before heading out.
Returning home, Shin plopped onto the bed after switching into his pajamas, and fell asleep, leaving his PET in its charger.

Today, the two dreamed of great buffets won with prize money and epic battles against more navis.


A while later, the two woke up, yawned and stretched.

"So Shin," Red inquired, as the ace spread strawberry jelly on a piece of toast, "where are we going today?"

"Today," Shin started, taking a bite of his toast, chewing, then swallowing it, "We're busting at Yumland."

"Oh boy! I can't wait!" Red cheered.

"Alright, then, let's gooooo!" Shin announced, jacking his navi into the net through the port in the oven.
"Whew, what a rush, huh Red?" Shin inquired as Red and Myun returned to the PET.

"Yup! Well, what are we waiting for! To the upgrade shop!" Red pointed dramatically into the distance.

"Alright! Let's go!" Shin yelped, grabbing his knapsack and heading out the door.

"Woohoo!" The netop and navi team shouted out in unison.
Shin unlocked the door, walked in, and went straight to his workdesk, accessing the BBSes from the comfort of his home computer.


"We're off," Shin stated abruptly, waking Red up.

"Where to?" the fairy-tale fighter inquired, rubbing her eyes awake.

"Dentech, time for another .GMO," Shin replied, grinning, making Red's eyes widen in horror.

"You're not telling me..." Red started, but the PET was grabbed off the charger and stowed in a carrying case before she could protest.

Turquoise was coming back whether she liked it or not.
After a long while once Shin reached home, programmed stuff, ate dinner, exercised, took a shower, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and changed into his pajamas.

The damn guy finally went to sleep.
A couple of days later, or not so many, Shin could be found at his home, cruising through the internet.

"Pft, what a horrible author. Who does this 'wurm' person think he or she is, spouting nonsense like that? Ugh," Shin grimaced, reading an 'anonymously' posted news article on one discussion board.

"Hm, I'd like the use the chip trader board but I spent all my money on your upgrades," the ace muttered, rubbing his temples in agitation.

"Don't worry! We can always bust for more!" Red advised cheerfully, popping out of the PET in her life-size holographic form.

"Yeah, I guess. We should try somewhere new, huh?" the Asian grumbled, pondering hard when activity on another board caught his eye.

"It... can't be..." Shin stuttered, his mouth curving into a wry grin. "Duke you weirdo..."

"So, it's coming up again, huh?" Red commented, reading the new activity on the Neo Requiem BBS.
"Ok, no one's replying, let's go," Shin growled, picking Red's PET off the charge port and docking it in his belt holster.

"Where to?" Red inquired.

"Netfrica. We're going to go on a safari," Shin replied, dressing for the warm weather.

And then Shin went on a Safari.
Returning home, Shin thought about going to the beach, but then decided that he didn't really have enough money.

"Why don't we take a mission?" Red suggested.

"Good idea," Shin replied, accessing his computer and going onto the BBS.

And so he took a mission.


"Alright Red, it's time to go to NetVegas! Fair or foul, we will make these navis go down!" Shin said, cracking his knuckles and swiveling in his office chair while downloading the coordinates into his PET.

"Alrighty! Let's go beat those suckers up!" Red giggled, jumping up and down in the air, excitedly.

"Here we go! Jack In! Red_Riding_Hood.EXE! Transmission!" Shin yelled, slamming down his PET on the charge slot, connecting it to his home computer, then through the internet.

"Ugh...." Red grumbled, completely worn out from her last battle. She looked super exhausted.

"You haven't gone to sleep mode yet? We need to go shopping tomorrow you know?" Shin reminded, scrubbing his hair with a towel. Dressed in dark-and-light blue striped pajamas, the Yumlander sighed as he plopped down on his bed.

"Mm... I was just thinking about stuff," the crimson crusader mumbled, making a big yawn. She had been cuddling with Myun the entire rest of the time since she got back from the fight.

"Is that so?" Shin commented, zoning out a bit before heading back to the bathroom to brush his teeth.


"Hey Shin?" the red-caped wonder called out, cuddling the sleeping Myun while resting on a bed in the homepage.

"Nn? W-*aaaawn* wat is it?" the operator replied groggily.

"I.... want my code changed...." the wind mistress requested, blushing a bit.

"Hrm? 'kay," Shin replied nonchalantly.

"What a quick response!" the red-caped wonder thought, facefaulting. "You're ok with it?"

"No prob. I'll get dad to help with it tomorrow, so go to sleep," Shin replied.

"Really!? Alright! Thanks, Shin!" Red yelped in joy, releasing her grip on Myun and jumping for the sky before the rabbit woke up with a crash on the homepage floor.

"Oops," Red commented, giggling as Myun unamusedly lifted herself off the ground, slightly awake, before crawling back into bed.

Red giggled before Shin told her to shut up and go to bed again.

"Good night, Red."

"Yeah... Good night, Shin"