Sprite fight! [December 2007]

Seeing artbattle and remembering the old sprite contests from the RE:CN days...

I'm re-making the sprite contest, yes I am. The only prize you get is a sprite-itized trophy and a congratulations! (ima try to get Corey to make one, or I will). Please remember to stay on theme and take your timez. The sprites will be judged by forum members in a poll.

our theme is Navis

You dont have to make your own, just add stuff. I don't want to see JUST re-colors. Contest ends at the end of this month or if I get a lot of entries REALLY fast.

*sings* Sprite fight! You gonna fight for your life!
Sprite fight! And it's a reall-*shot*

I'll probably give this a try ... maybe ...
*looks smug*

My time has come again! My pixelated wrath will grow with the addition of DataMan's army!

>: D
This ought to be fun, but I need a Template Sprite of a Navi,

Do I need the Whole Sprite or just one sprite?
Just one sprite is the minimum, but you can amek more

Also: I've changed it to FORUM MEMBER VOTING POLL like the good-old times. Mainly because my judges yelled at me.
Eh... noone else?
I'll compete. My sprites are made from Microsoft Paint but I don't think I do too badly with it...
(Just some examples of my work)
Possible .GMO

Gundam for my character in the Penn State Manga (who happens to be a catboy)
(Sorry about the double post)
When exactly is the contest over?
at December 27th, entires will no longer be accepted and voting will begin.

At January 1st, voting ends and the winner is announced.

EDIT: also, use the edit button

EDIT P.S: GMO sprite accepted.
Just us 5?
I'll join, and fail miserably! : D

Alright, although I don't find myself to be good at spriting, I shall enter as well.

With my Navi, Mokusei

Like I said, it's not all that good, and I don't expect to win, but, whatever, I made it so I might as well submit it.

Quote (Legoroy)

Just us 5?

Anyone who enterz is allowed in
Damn! When my computer died, I lost the kickass Cyclone sprite I was gonna enter! Ah well, I'll remake it when I get da chance.
Is there a maximum amount of Navis per contestant? I'm asking cus I just finished a small picture (309 x 621 pixels) with 7 custom Navi sprites.
Is pixel art allowed?

If so, then I'm tossing my hoodie into the rink. Enjoy, and IGNORE WHERE HE CONNECTS WITH THE GROUND.

Sorry, no pixel art

also, Try to limit yourself to one entry
So one entry (image file) with multiple sprites is okay? The .GMO I showed a while ago was just an example. (though it is in the picture I made)
5 days until the entry box is closed off
Guess CollossusMan is for another day. Take my NebulaBass Cross instead.